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Literally Reruns – Post by Jenny Morton Potts

And now – we are pleased to introduce our reruns – as chosen by you. We are thrilled to have this story suggested by David Henson, a stalwart of the site, as our first Rerun.

If you have a story that you really believe needs to be brought out, dusted off and given another airing, write a little introduction, send us an email and we’ll do the rest.

David said:

I suggest Post by Jenny Morton Potts for one of your Sunday posts. I was interested in seeing the first story published on Literally Stories, without knowing what the story was. Turns out to be a real doozy — extremely well written, creative structure, and a moving story. It appears to have been not only the first, but the only, LS story by Jenny Morton Potts.  I’d love to see more.


Post by Jenny Morton Potts

3 thoughts on “Literally Reruns – Post by Jenny Morton Potts”

  1. Thanks for the suggestion Dave. I think it is a cracking choice as it shows that we have stuck with quality.
    And to you Jenny, it was great to see your story back up. It took us all back to the mystery, excitement and fear of setting up the site!
    Hope you are well and still writing.


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