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Week 192 – Nik’s Fear, Bikini And His Protruding Jut.

Here we are at Week 192.

We have decided to try something new starting next week. There’s a chance for you to tick off a social / literal must from all of your bucket lists and have even more involvement on the site.

Our resident techno-wizard and self-proclaimed nerd, Nik, will explain at the end of this posting. I am not slagging him by the way, he embraces his nerdiness. You really should see him at all the South African Comi-Cons in his gold bikini. He insists that it’s a homage to Princess Leia but he had it before he saw the film. (He doesn’t dare wear it when he is at home in Wales!)

Not many people know that Nik has a terrible fear of clocks. When he runs marathons, they are all against him. But fair play to him. If I tried to run a marathon it would be calenders that would be against me. Hopefully a defibrillator would be my friend.

I also have to thank Nik for collating a few figures that I wanted to pass on. I emailed Fred Vogel last week to advise that he was up for publication. I mentioned that he was getting close to double figures and I wondered what percentage of our writers had achieved that.

I knew it was low, but if you manage to reach ten stories there are only three percent of writers who have managed this. If you take away all the editors inclusions, (We mainly kept the site going in the early months) you are then in a two percent group. This figure will probably go down before it goes up as we are getting more and more first timers. So be very proud when you reach the ten mark!

So onto this weeks stories. We had two newsters, a returning author and two old friends.

Our topics this week include; a premonition, headaches, parenting, incarceration and respect.

As always our initial comments follow.


On Monday we had one of those authors who is in that three percent.

James Hanna started us off with ‘Crossing The Jordan‘.

‘The voice is consistent and believable.’

‘I found this entertaining and amusing.’

‘The MC’s naivety was brilliantly done.’


On Tuesday we had Steve Sibra with his second story for us.

The Trip Home‘ was next up.

‘Excellent scene setting.’

‘Poignant and touching.’

‘The explanation about him attending a cowboy’s funeral is enough for me.’


Our first new writer was published on Wednesday.

We welcome TD Calvin and hope that he has a long association with us.

Phantom Pain‘ broke the back of the week.

‘I was hooked. The madness was handled very cleverly.’

‘Very unsettling. The tension grew like the headaches.’

‘A great tone and atmosphere all the way through.’


John Brantingham was our second new writer and we extend the same welcome to him.

Fries And Coffee‘ was next up.

‘A shared experience is sometimes mistaken for all sorts of ‘normal’ humanity.

‘He’s not going to help, well, he’ll only help to kill her.’

‘The prose was very good.’


And on Friday we had Fred Foote.

A huge milestone will follow his next publication!

Tempest‘ finished off the week.

‘Mysterious. Unlike most premonition stories which hammer home the point, this leaves you within your own thoughts.’

‘Chilling! Anymore and this would have morphed into something else.’

‘Fred judged what to give us perfectly!’

OK guys, over to Mr Nik for more info!!


Here at LS we like to keep things fresh and interesting. So imagine our surprise when the pungent odour of neglect wafted its way through the back halls of Literally Towers and into our collective noses.

“What’s that funny smell?” we said, but not before a long and heated discussion over the correct collective noun for noses ensued (I’m torn between a protuberance and a jut).

Upon further investigation we realised that the air conditioning unit in Vault 2014/15 was malfunctioning and some of our venerable early stories were thawing and starting to spoil. Fortunately no lasting damage was done and the affected tales have been re-homed in comfortable surroundings, but not before a few of them threw hooks into our collective psyches and demanded an audience.

There’s still a little sweeping up to do in the vault but the first of these hidden gems will be aired in a new Sunday feature at the end of September.

The whole incident has been highly stressful and still requires a lot of liquid healing for us to overcome – but these are the moments we’ve trained for. You never know when a favourite story might be lost so why not have a rummage though the far reaches of LS and drop us a mail at “ about one you believe deserves to be heard once again? It might just be the low buzz of the healing juices fogging our collective brains (a hemisphere of brains?) but we’re prepared to give you carte blanche to introduce the story as you see fit. A critique, the reasons you chose it, the money the author paid you-anything you like. Just send us your notes and we’ll do the rest. We’d love to see this become a regular feature but it needs your input, so get in there and start digging!


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9 thoughts on “Week 192 – Nik’s Fear, Bikini And His Protruding Jut.”

  1. Stephen King claims that he was too drunk all the time to recall writing Cujo. I always thought that to be a bit of a stretch, a show bizzy anecdote. But looking back at my own LS file, I see plenty I don’t recall writing, and I was only partially drunk some of the time. But I do recall some early Tobias Haglund stuff as well as that by Ashley Allen (is that the right surname?) and others I liked. It would be good to have a look at those again.


    1. Hi Leila,
      Yep you got Ashlie’s name right.
      Regarding Tobias. He has actually spoiled us for folks who write English as a second language. He is the bench mark – His translation is excellent.
      Why not have a look through and send us in a few words about a story. You will see your name and critique / comments up in lights on a Sunday Post!
      (Disclaimer – Not actual lights, just, well, just, on the site.)
      Thanks as always.


    2. Thanks for your involvement on the new post Leila!
      Regarding King being drunk when he wrote Cujo, maybe. Being drunk when he okayed the film, definitely!
      I have said to you before and for the benefit of anyone reading this, Tobias Haglund is the bench mark for ESL writers. They need to be worried.
      Speak soon!


    3. I think I have been a bit drunk myself as I have repeated a plug for Tobias! I thought I had said that to you on an email!
      No matter he is worth two plugs!!
      All the very best.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Dave,
      The first story was ‘Post’ by Jenny Potts.
      The same goes for you that I’ve just said to Leila.
      The Sunday Post is totally up to who recommends. If you wish to have a read and email us a spiel, it will be published one Sunday with a link to the story.

      All the very best my friend.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Hi Dave,
      If anyone wants to know the answer to your question, all they need to do is have a look on Sunday!!
      Thanks again my fine friend for you getting this kicked off, hope you have more for us very soon.


    1. Hi Doug,
      Sadly my friend there are a couple more.
      I know! I have constantly thought of myself as ‘Emperor Of The Universe’ but need to live with the disappointment that I am, well, just not!
      It’s always a pleasure to see you around the site!!


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