Week 181 – Retro Words, Poor Parenting And Curvature Of The Spine.

Here we are at week 181.

There is no way that number 181 is anywhere near as groovy as 180.

‘Groovy’ is a criminally underused word. It works even better if you use it ironically. A few words from the sixties and seventies do raise their heads every now and then. ‘Hip’, ‘happening’ ‘fab’ and ‘peace’ are examples. But there is one that I think was only used in Scotland and it was terrible. *’Gallus’ meant better than great. But when you say it, it just sounds as if you have a mouthful of something nasty.

One phrase I heard a youngster using and it made me smile was when she was being insulting to members of the public and she referred to them as ‘fucking randoms’. I’ve now used that a few times myself.

Sorry I was off in a bit of a tangent.

I was talking to someone this week and they told me that the kids from her grand-sons class were not allowed to go to school unattended until they are in Primary Six (Around twelve years old) I was astounded. No wonder we have wee fat bastards if they are relying on mummy and daddy to run them everywhere. (That’s the only run they will ever partake in.)

Their fat-bastardness continues when they get home. They don’t actually do anything bar be groomed or cyber-bully. Gone are the days when they were outside playing, doing sport or climbing trees.

Parents are horrified in a Health and Safety way at that thought. But they allow their kids to stay in their own room and bully or be groomed. I find this world a very strange place.

Our government has put a tax on sugar to stop the wee fat bastards becoming fatter bastards. Food isn’t the problem. When our age group were young, we would eat whatever we could but we weren’t fat and that was because we burnt everything off. If there was a dubious guy wanting you to look at his puppies, you were fit enough to run away from him. Nobody ever saved the experience and returned for a look. Well apart from ‘Vinny The Man Hoor’ but it didn’t count as he only looked like a boy by choice. He’d been held back at school and was actually 26. He is now a Conservative MP. Stereotypes! Who would write about them!?

You may realise from my total disregard from all things child-like, that I haven’t a parental bone in my body, I take after my mother and father.

Anyhow onto this weeks stories.

We are so happy to introduce four new writers. And again, we have a legend of this site to finish off the week.

Our topics include: an Egyptian Fable, a potential killer, a maid, knowing and finding solace. As always our initial comments follow.


On Monday we welcome Dorian Sinnott, he began our week with ‘Control‘.

‘A great sense of underlying menace.’

‘I found this quite disturbing.’

‘The fury behind this was palpable and you knew that it was going somewhere dark.’


Tuesday was next and we had the very interesting title ‘A Small Succulent and an Octopus Pot‘ by Anna Lewis. Another new writer who we are privileged to showcase.

‘There was some deep feeling in this.’

‘The parallels between humans and the plants were well drawn.’

‘Very well written!!’


And our newbies just keep coming! We hope they all have fun on the site!

Will Cordeiro was next with ‘Trash Music.’

‘The language was very entertaining.’

‘The narrator was very visible.’

‘I’m not sure why I enjoyed this, I just knew that I did!’


Our last débutante was Timothy Yam. We hope that all these new writers continue to send us their work.

The Stranger‘ was published on Thursday.

‘I found the style to be very hypnotic.’

‘We all need to realise that maids can be invisible in many a country.’

‘This was very sad and heartbreaking.’


It’s been an absolute pleasure to have regularly published Tom Sheehan over the past few weeks and there’s more to come.

The man is a writing machine!

Brisling’s Code‘ finished us off on Friday.

‘The ending made me giggle. He knew he had a chance with the secretary but didn’t tell his wife.’

‘What can you say about Tom? Great writing as always!’

‘There was something about the setting that I really liked.’


I’ve slagged off our youngsters and their parents so I would like to add the grandparents.

I saw four women of a certain age who had their twin-sets on, their pimped up walking aids and their blue hair. (I don’t know if that’s only a British thing but we’ve many an antique lady with blue hair. I think they do this the same time that their husbands begin to wear mustard trousers.)

They did make me smile as I thought, ‘Not so much ladies who lunch, but ladies who hunch.’

I actually don’t mean to be disrespectful, they looked as if they would be fun to talk to.

But then I saw them comparing mobiles and I really do worry that they were starting an ageing trend. Surely they were too old to be groomed?




*I do need to mention that there is a Scottish rock band who guested with ‘The Rolling Stones’ at Hampden Park in Glasgow in 1990. This was the old Hampden Park just before it got knocked down and it was maybe one of the last concerts that Bill Wyman played. The band was called ‘Gun’ and the reason I mention this is that you really should check out their albums ‘Swagger’ and ‘Gallus’. ‘Welcome To The Real World’ is a stonker of a song!!!!!

I was privileged to be there.

I mention this because I do not have many happy memories of the Scottish Football team but that concert was a cracker.


Banner Image:  Peace and love and all that – Yes I know it not a VW 1 with a lovely split windscreen but it’s got pretty rainbows and stuff. Hiya Bob!!! Oh yes, Pixabay man – Pixabay.

4 thoughts on “Week 181 – Retro Words, Poor Parenting And Curvature Of The Spine.

  1. I have curvy spine, but it doesn’t groove. Gallus is a fine word. Waiting in line for late goddam ferry. My hate for humanity will soon bloom. Wonder what’s on the menu in jail? Maybe me.


    • Hi Leila,
      I’m quite sure you are beyond Groovy!
      Try and stay out of prison, the blankets are itchy!
      Thanks as always!


  2. I wonder if those who use “woke” and “lit” know that it will be as “with it” as groovey is now. That is, not at all. I propose that there is a five use limit on things like “at the end of the day” and those guilty of exceeding the limit will be forced to read and write summaries of Victorian novels.

    There are blue haired women in the US. Can’t complain, I’m elderly and wear shorts in the summer.


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