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Week 174 – Avoidance, Rat-Motherfuckers And Ideas You Wished You Had Thought Of.

Here we are at Week 174 and if there was anyway I could eradicate a Saturday, I would!

I honestly wish I was anywhere in the planet other than here in Scotland for the next week. In fact I wish I was on another fecking planet.

I really don’t want to dwell on this but apart from it being Cup Final Day, there is a pile of shite with a bunch of shites celebrating a joining of shites on Saturday.

Our nation is totally retarded. We have politicians stating that there is no class divide and yet that place with the big house will be teaming with sheep who will bow and curtsy and coo at those they believe to be better than themselves.

I honestly can’t say what I would like to or I will get us shut-down. But if someone gives me a commemorative tea-towel, I will stick it up their arse, pull it out their mouth and then strangle them with it.

Anyhow, the point is if anyone is thinking of writing a story about this, you may not get my support.

…I’ve now taken a wee pill and am calm…

So onto a request.

I was wondering if anyone would indulge me this week. (That used to be my line all those years back during the mating season – It never worked.)

So for this, my expectations may be low, I blame that on my age. I sort of stole that but it wasn’t as good as, ‘My expectations may be high, I blame that on my youth’ which is a cracking song line from Fergal Sharkey’s song, ‘A Good Heart’

What I was wondering is, have any of you read any stories on the site and thought ‘I wish I had thought of that’?

This is not so much about the writing or even the story, it is more the concept.

For example, I have four that spring to mind straight away.

Dave Henson’s ‘The Woman Who Married The Man Who Could Throw His Voice‘ is an absolute brilliant take on abuse. When you read it the idea is so obvious but no-one has thought of it.

June Griffin’s ‘Unanimous‘ is again a simple idea but the brilliance is the turn in events. We are thinking one thing and she hits us with the even more obvious.

Fred Foote’s ‘A Roaming Tat‘ is simply inventive within a well trod scenario. To make a horror memorable is quite a feat due to the quantity that is out there.

And lastly, my Fellow Editor Nik Eveleigh’s ‘The Adamant Carbonisation Of Henry Spiller‘ is an acute perception that again gives us an obvious outcome that is exceptional and unique.

Most of these ideas are beautifully simple and that is maybe the point. Simple is easily explained, it’s easily remembered and when done superbly well like these examples, the stories are unforgettable.

You may remember some details from a story with a complicated plot, but you remember the whole story when you wish you had thought of it!

Hopefully some of this weeks stories will also stay with you! Yep, another pish link!!!

We had two new writers, one returning and two old hands.

Our topics this week included; hamsters, an end note, a restaurant, changing attitudes and evolving.

As always our initial comments follow.


On Monday we had our first new author showcased.

We welcome DC Diamondopolous and hope that she sends us more of her work.

Taps‘ was our first of the week.

‘The descriptive work isn’t overdone.’

‘There is a great sense of place.’

‘Neat little story.’


Our returning writer was next up.

Fernando Meisenhalter had ‘Progress Not Perfection‘ published on Tuesday.

‘There are some really good lines throughout.’

‘This has that undefinable something that simply makes it work.’

‘An interesting snippet.’


Monica Strina was our second newbie of the week.

We extend her the same welcome and we hope she has fun on site as well as sending us more of her work.

Table 6‘ broke the back of the week.

‘Solid and accomplished writing.’

This is a really charming story.’

‘The characters are very visible.’


Now we come to two writers who between them have contributed over eighty stories. The enigmatic Leila Allison was next up on Thursday with her 37th story for us.

The Woodpecker Telegram System‘ nearly finished off the week.

‘Brilliant!! What else needs said?’

‘I’m very fond of these characters.’

‘Another lovely story.’


The equally enigmatic Mr Adam Kluger finished off the week with his 34th story, ‘Sure.’

‘No matter how many times you go back to this, you find something else to think on.’

‘It’s an odd piece but it works in a way that only Adam can make it work.’

‘There is one thing about Adam’s work – It’s always interesting!’


That’s us for another week folks.

I’d like to share what I will be doing from Saturday after work.

I’m going to darken my living room, listen to Rob Zombie’s ‘House Of A Thousand Corpses’ and ‘Rat Motherfucker’ on repeat and get very drunk on Laphroaig for the next few days. (I think those two songs are very appropriate!)

Hopefully my avoidance will keep me calm.

So is anyone willing to give us a wee bit of input and let us know what stories you wish you had thought of??

The last time we asked for some participation from our readers and contributors the response was excellent, so here’s hoping!!

Looking forward to what you have for us!


Banner Image: I am now leaving – I am probably going to apply for the first trip to Mars. In the meantime I will be hiding in a bunker and don’t anybody tell Hugh where it is. It wasn’t my fault anyway – Pixabay made me do it.!!


12 thoughts on “Week 174 – Avoidance, Rat-Motherfuckers And Ideas You Wished You Had Thought Of.”

  1. There’ve been several stories I’ve read on the LS site and wished I’d thought of the concept, key imagery and/or basic story line. Four of them are Don’t Feed The Goat by Vanessa Gonzales, The Cleaner by R.L.M. Cooper, Dead People on Facebook by Roger Ley, and Learning to Fall by Leila Allison.


    1. Hi Dave,
      That is a cracking line up of stories!!
      If I had thought longer or looked back, the list would have continued to grow!
      There is a difference between appreciating a story and appreciating an idea. I think all stories have their merit but the ideas are more unique.

      Thanks as always.


  2. Diane,
    You made me laugh as I reckon I deserved that.
    But I still feel violated!!!!!
    Thanks as always!


  3. I’m greedy, I would steal them all. Confession, not real good recalling names, but recent story about the dude who goes from a bit actor on up to effectively impersonating people well enough to land in jail appeals. I ran it through my head and wondered if it could end with that person imitating his ceator, thus write his own story.


  4. Like the stuff by people we don’t hear much from, yes you Henson, Diane and Hagland… Hawley too. Can hardly steal from silence, can I? Gotta pillage Mr. Sheehan and Ms. Ogle…Did I say steal? I meant inspired by. As in inspired to steal.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Leila,
      I’m flattered whether it be character based or just me!!
      ‘Nice’ and ‘normal’ are two words that should only be used to describe uninspired foods.
      We all need a bit of rebellion and lack of restraint every now and then. It saves us getting ulcers.
      Give the fur hats a tickle!


  5. Selecting a proper banner image must be thankless work. I’d love to see a display of Diane’s selections that she wish she had chose but thought better of. It will toughen up the contributors; for there are many dark creatures lurking about the public domain tundra in cyberspace. A backed off pic and the title it would have the right effect. It might wound the more sensitive among us, but if you’re aren’t looking for a bit of humiliation now and then, why do you write?


    1. It’s a constant torment and Hugh doesn’t help – I swear he finds it sport and since he gave up haggis strangling he gets bored.


      1. I cannot thank you enough. “Haggis strangling” is my new profanity of choice. “I say enough with all this haggis strangling, let’s approve my department’s new budget and move forward.”


  6. I think that’s a cracking idea Leila.
    C’moan Diane, show us your debauchery!!!
    Oh and as for Haggis wrestling, I did have to give that up due to a buttock biting injury.
    I lost my licence and the Haggis had to be humanely destroyed. (It was delicious!)


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