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Week 172 – Fad Whores, Status Whores And Fuckers Who Want To Dictate.

I’ve been enjoying the snooker this week.

I’m hoping that John Higgins gets his fifth world title on the twentieth anniversary of his first.

I wonder why the sport has never taken off in America? But the same could be said of Cricket and Bowls.

I wish that we didn’t have Cricket or Bowls, they are incredibly boring. But I suppose that is only a matter of preference as there are many people who enjoy these pass-times. If these people want to soften the blow of death by watching or playing then who am I to comment.

Snooker is becoming huge in China. So are pandas. I’ve mentioned them before, I don’t really understand what the attraction is. Many people say that they are cute and fall down which makes us laugh. I could have said that about my gran but I think comparing your elderly relative to a Panda is maybe a bit wrong. And even when the old soul was senile, she didn’t like bamboo. That pissed off a few of the family as they thought they could save money and get rid of the patio furniture at the same time.

My local football team actually won their league and were promoted. There was much celebration. I didn’t really bother. I don’t follow them when they are losing so I won’t follow them when they are winning.

There’s a difference between a genuine supporter and a success whore. Fads are the same. A genuine interest should never be scorned but someone who just joins the band-wagon because they reckon that it is hip is just a twat.

Books also have their reading arseholes. Something will come out that the populous believes to be the dogs bollocks and then you get so many numpties walking about with it on their kindle. I just believe in enjoying what you enjoy. If it’s Mills And Boon, don’t be ashamed. (Although you may want to consult with a mental health professional) Splatter novels have their place, so does porn.

If you enjoy it, read it. If it doesn’t do anything for you, then say so!

Have the balls to read 1984 and state in a loud and happy voice, ‘This may be a classic, but I wanted to open a fucking vein!’

The other thing that no-one wants to admit is, not understanding. Fuck that! Life is too short, just say ‘I am being Mr Thicky and what the bloody hell was all that about!?’

I can guarantee that not many would be able to explain. They would try and bullshit with the bullshitters ‘Get Out Of Jail Card’ and say, well ‘To me’ it is a rather clever metaphor for…

‘To me’ normally means they are just making shit up.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for anyone getting out what they want from a story, just as long as they are honest and aren’t condescending with their imaginary reasoning. The title and the author means more to these folks than any plot. They wear their reading list like a status symbol. They remind me of a symbol…

…Crudely drawn genitalia!! (Go on Diane – I dare you!!!!)

Now onto this weeks stories.

We had one new writer, a returning author, two old friends and a legend.

Our topics this week included; self analysis, past friendships, a tribute, remembering and a father daughter relationship.

As always our initial comments follow.

We began the week on Monday with Martyn Clayton.

Trains, Ale And The Poet‘ was his ninth story for us.

‘There are so many underlying elements throughout.’

‘Great characters. Martyn is also very comfortable with the settings he chooses.’

‘The little touches like the fancy dress and the names of the beer adds to the richness.’

RLM Cooper was next up. This was her second story. ‘The Cleaner‘ was our offering on Tuesday.

‘His loneliness was heartbreaking and even more so was his acceptance of this.’

‘This was a really moving story.’

‘In a strange way, there was a contentment about Frank.’

L’Erin Ogle has become a regular over the last few weeks. ‘I’ll Tell You Your History‘ was the seventh time she has graced the site.

‘Well constructed and some really good lines.’

‘I found this quite powerful.’

‘This will be personal and recognisable especially to those who have experience of these issues.’

On Thursday we had our only new writer.

We welcome Zoe Nelms and hope that she has a long association with us.

Storms Like These‘ nearly finished off the week.

‘The characters and situation are very believable.’

‘Great atmosphere.’

‘The ending tied perfectly back to the title.’

Tom Sheehan is now on his 52nd story for the site. And as far as I am concerned, his best is yet to come! (A heads up for you folks)

In saying that, the brilliant ‘The Shoe In The Wall Or Viola’s Place‘ finished us off on Friday.

‘Only Tom could submerge you into a story about cabinet making!’

‘This is a lesson on how to make a historical piece interesting.’

‘Just lovely!!’

As an end note. I have expressed my hatred of politicians on many occasion. I don’t give a toss what country they are from. But our first minister (I refuse to capitalise that title) in her wisdom has campaigned and supported the minimum unit price for alcohol.

Getting pished and damaging ourself was all we were really good at. Unfortunately, that, ‘I’m so wise I know what’s best for you’ bitch has got this through the scottish parliament (Nope! No capitals either)

The professional alkies have been hit hard. Their tipple of choice (3 litres of White Lightning or Frosty Jack Cider) has gone from around five pounds to twelve.

On the plus side, they will be joining Sturgeon and her mutants in their drinking habits. It might only be one bottle of Chablis but there is an argument for quality over quantity.

…Especially when you are one of the pricks who can always afford the quality!


Banner Image:  In trying to rise to the challenge I searched for ‘funny Willies’ this is all I could find!!!!! Pixabay said this was what I was looking for. By the way some nice policemen let me finish this before they took away my machine – Not sure why they wanted it though!!!

5 thoughts on “Week 172 – Fad Whores, Status Whores And Fuckers Who Want To Dictate.”

  1. Hi Diane!!
    I really had to have a look!
    I’m glad that you explained the funny Willie (Or Wullie if Scottish) reference.
    It’s interesting that you only considered one genitalia!
    And I think we need to worry about Pixabay!!!

    Thanks as always.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmmm yes, now you mention it, that is interesting that nothing else sprung to mind – I suppose funny shaped balls would have taken me down a totally different route!! and as for any other naughty bits – well lets just not think about it – oh too late you thought about it didn’t you!!


  2. Then there are language fads. Stateside “lit” and “woke” are the “groovey” of today. At some point it was decided that affect and effect were dead and only impact exists. “At the end of the day” became all day long. No one admitted to mistakes or lies anymore, they “walked it back”.

    End of irrelevant rant transmission.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. If Seattle isn’t the center of the Fad Whore Universe, I don’t know where the foci is. Even though I was born there, work there and have affection for it, a great amount of people there are soooo pretentious that I swear they will soon ressurect the Mid-Atlantic accent. The trouble is they want to be Europeans. At least the type you see in the old movies. I
    I tried snooker once, but I was so blasted that I not only could not remember which end of the stick was which, but I couldn’t even make the distinction between the stick and the ball. And Cricket looks like an excellent way to end up in the hospital if struck by that thing they throw.


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