Week 170 – Comfort, Pride And A Rebellious Pish.

Hi folks, another week has came and went.

There’s a lot going on in the world but to be truthful it’s all so depressing that it’s hardly worth mentioning.

If you are worried, don’t be.

As simple punters or plebs or the insignificant, we can all be very comforted in the fact that our safety relies on inbred, over privileged, megalomaniacs with all sorts of perversion and PD issues. And rest assured, most of them will be safe when the missiles fly. It makes you so happy that you voted for them in the first place. Happy days folks, happy days. And absolutely nothing to worry about. (It’s obvious that we are a fiction site!)

But that’s by the by, (I just checked where that phrase came from and it could be from a ‘byway’ as in a secondary road. – Makes sense! Not very interesting though.) and not my inspiration for this week.

I’ve been proud in my life three times but I am too shy to share. There are a few moments that came close. The first time I drank a bottle of booze, swearing six times before I landed on my arse after slipping on ice and being called a sarcastic bastard from a sarcastic bastard.

I made a Samaritan cry once, which I was very proud of but I had to remove it from my list when they hunted me down and punched me. To be fair, the reek of lavender from her perfume had me already dizzy.

You can probably guess that my top three have very little to live up to.

I’ve thought of some other proud moments and I don’t mean the shite ‘I’ve produced a kid’ type of pride. I mean, there are six billion people in the world, so it’s hardly unique or difficult.

I think all moments in sport could be mentioned except anything to do with cricket or synchronised swimming.

Grandpa Simpson was proud that Homer wasn’t a short man.

Jamsie Cotter from Rab C. Nesbitt was proud at making a clear imprint from his wet trainer.

Lloyd’s twenty year ‘joke’ was something that he was pleased with in ‘Dumb And Dumber Two’

Jackson ‘Two Bears’ first scalp in Cat Baloo made him dance. (If you haven’t seen it, it was a wig)

And if he isn’t already, Justin Bieber should be proud of being the most irritating, over-rated, ungracious, talentless, vain, conceited, ugly, stupid looking little prick in the world…Ever!

Women don’t have insular pride, they have too much sense.

The reason that I mention this is the site is very healthy. We are a few weeks in advance with our stories. We continue to attract new writers and we have many well established authors.

We are so proud and that was what made me think of the posting for this week.

We had three new folks and two old friends. We welcome the newbies and thank the others for their continual support.

The stories were as brilliant as always. Topics include; infatuation, a P.I, pharmacies, school band members and a post apocalyptic fantasy.

As always our initial comments follow.


On Monday ‘Lilly-Ann‘ was James McEwan’s fifth outing for us.

James is very astute and perceptive with his comments, but you may not realise that he is also a very skilled writer.

‘A thoughtful and well constructed piece of work.’

‘This kept me engaged all the way through.’

‘It was ironic that her eventual intervention caused the downfall.’


Donald V Zagardo was our first new writer of the week. His debute, ‘West Beyond Bar And Grill‘ was published on Tuesday.

‘Sad, scary and chilling.’

‘This is a different perspective of a dystopian story.’

‘I am sure that this will have appeal to our readers.’


I think we may have had one of our longer titles on Wednesday.

Nic Knuckles The Futilitarian Private Eye – Marcy Maria‘ was William Ade’s first story for us.

‘OTT and brilliant.’

‘Superb wry humour.’

‘The twist about it being a nun was clever.’


On Thursday Michael Grant Smith was next up with his fourth story for us.

The Knowing of Which Way To Turn‘ nearly finished off the week.

‘The cynical, dry, matter-of-fact humour appealed to me.’

‘Very quirky construction.’

‘This made you want to have a look back to make sure you hadn’t missed anything. Very interesting.’


Allen X Davis finished off the week. He was our final new writer. We hope to see all our new folks sending us more of their work.

Drug Store Blues‘ was published on Friday.

‘The point that was made, was very relevant.’

‘The cab driver was a very visible character.’

‘Well written and the construction was good.’


That’s us for another week folks and all is good for the foreseeable future.

I actually lied so before I sign off, I’m happy to tell you what my proudest moment was.

I was asked to leave a British Legion when the national anthem was played. It wasn’t that I refused to stand, I was standing and I had already pointed this out. I wasn’t even in the same room, I was in the toilet. I think what really peeved was that I also explained what was in my hand and what I was doing at the time.

Seemingly urinating and being happy about it isn’t acceptable protocol whilst that dreadful dirge is playing.

The ironic thing is I am very respectful to what those who are members stand for. I’m just not very respectful to what they will stand up for!



Banner Image:  Reading through these posts I am constantly coming up with ideas for the image. Then he throws in a curve ball like that penulitmate paragraph and the temptation to be very wicked is overwhelming – then I remember that a)I’m supposed to be a lady and b) we don’t want closing down!! So –  Pierre-Yves Beaudouin / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0 and his rather peculiar synchronized swimming image. Something I am sure he was proud of!

4 thoughts on “Week 170 – Comfort, Pride And A Rebellious Pish.

  1. Of all the 13.7 billion years the Universe has been in business, I had to enter this mayfly life coexistent with synchronized mincing . Imagine what Attila the Hun would have done if he caught the lesser Huns doing such in a river.
    Looking back, I can see where the usage of such useful verbs like mince, frolic and caper might put me at risk of getting #MeTooed a new one by the gay community. No such offense is intended. I’m just saying if you remove the mincing, frolicking and capering from synchronized swimming, all would be left is synchronized drowning.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Leila,
      I don’t care who anyone is or what they do…But mincing is very wrong!!!
      There are many a sport or pass-time that you can appreciate the skill. But you wouldn’t want to watch it for any length of never!
      Thanks for the laugh!!


    • Thanks for the read Dave.
      I keep tempting Diane, but the banner images are all very tasteful!!
      The lady has some self-control!!!
      Maybe one of these days we will see the dark side of Diane.


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