Week 164 – Lots Of Words, Lots Of Stories And All Tom Sheehan

We had a cracking conversation, well type, over the last week or so and it was regarding drying up. Now I am not talking about ladies of a certain age. But when I think on it, since they most likely put up with gentlemen of a certain age, no wonder sandpaper can form where you would least expect it. That was nice of me for the ladies, so here’s a balance. *Being semi-erect when you see her is not a compliment if you were fully erect before…

…Couples of a certain age…Discuss!!!

Anyway, I’m talking about words. I wonder if any of you consider that you only have so many in you? There’s a wonderful Scottish phrase that states,

‘That’s it, we’re aw oot ae patter.’

Which translated means, ‘That we are all out of subjects to talk about.’

Personally I find it more and more difficult to think on something new. And I don’t mean topics, we repeat them like radishes. But there needs to be a slant. Something that we think we haven’t explored before. That can be anything from a different point of view to a rather twisted outcome.

I did say personally and maybe it’s just me.

I watched a documentary the other day about a British script writer / comedian / actor / novelist and cartoonist. His name was Bob Monkhouse and no matter what anyone thought of him, the volume of work that he produced was beyond phenomenal.

He also wrote jokes for Jack Benny and Bob Hope. I don’t think this man’s mind ever stopped, it only created. I’m sure I read that he wrote three or four ‘Pulp Fictions’ at a time, dictating to separate typists simultaneously.

But for me Mr Monkhouse is in a minority. He is one of those wonderful freaks, and I mean that with awe and respect that come along once in a lifetime.

I will always be able to write a journal…

…Got up today and regretted it.

Got up today and regretted it.

Etc, etc!!

I will also be able to comment on what is around me.

…Social Media is the extinction of individuality.

…Tom Hanks is fucking annoying.

…Foam doesn’t taste of anything.

…Most people who use mobile phones are retarded.

…Social Media is the extinction of individuality.

…Tom Hanks is fucking annoying.

Etc, etc

Bob was credited as ‘the man who wrote a million jokes’, well I only wish I had a tiny percentage of his imagination!

Now onto this weeks stories.

We had two brand new writers, an author who is adding to his back catalogue quickly, me and the legend that is Mr Tom Sheehan with his fiftieth story for us!

The topics this week include; ‘Apocalypse Now’, sexuality, social media, war and dementia.

As always our initial comments follow.


On Monday, David Lohrey had his fifth outing for us with ‘Spam In A Can.’

David hasn’t been with us that long, so five outings is a superb return.


‘The references were thoughtful and the characters interesting.’

‘The parallels are poignant.’

‘There was something about the rhythm of the writing that drew me in.’


Our first new author showcased their story on Tuesday. We hope that Roger Ley enjoys his time on the site. ‘Dead People On Facebook‘ was next up.

‘The idea is tempting. This amused me.’

‘A good topical idea.’

‘It’s nicely done and not overplayed.’


Wednesday was next, it usually is. I had my short story called ‘If…‘ published. This was inspired by seeing the video of ‘Smalltown Boy’ by ‘Bronski Beat’. It is the most stereotypical depiction of parents finding out their son was gay. I wanted to see what I could do with something so recognizable and I came up with this.

As always, I need to thank my fellow editors for their continual support and help.


On Thursday, we had another landmark. Tom Sheehan has had half a century of stories published with us. Weirdly that is in the title. (Honestly, we didn’t plan it that way!)

‘A Half Century Come And Gone’ nearly finished off the week.

‘Tom just picks you up and carries you through the horror and the humanity of war.’

‘There is a lot of reflection in this story.’

‘Stunning. Honest. And real.’


(It was Tom’s 90th birthday on Monday and we send him our kindest regards and respect and hope he has a cracking week of celebrations!)


We finished off with our last new author. We hope that both of them continue to submit and I haven’t mentioned this for a while, we could do with more folks who comment, so new folks, why not put your comments out there as well as your stories.!!

We welcome Michelle Ann King and on Friday we were delighted to publish ‘No Past, No Future, Just Now.’

‘Putting vague dystopia and dementia together is rather unusual and very clever.’

‘Chilling and believable.’

‘There is a lot of skill in structuring this.’


As mentioned Tom Sheehan has now had fifty stories published. Within our deliberations about his work, we continually use words like mesmerising, brilliant, poetic, real, descriptive, wonderful, and human.

There are many, many more

Tom carries you through his stories. His words transport you into the times, places and situations that he is writing about. He is as good as the best at doing this if not better.

For all of the editors, it is a total pleasure and honour sharing a site with such a talent.

Here’s to the next fifty Tom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That’s us for another week. So I’m going to repeat in my journal, hate the world but smile when I think on those who make me smile.


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*Thank you Mr Frankie Boyle for that one!

7 thoughts on “Week 164 – Lots Of Words, Lots Of Stories And All Tom Sheehan

  1. Well done – Tom Sheehan. The truth is if you want to write then stop the self-defeating procrastination and just got on and write. In my humble opinion Tom just gets on with it – again well done.


  2. Deepest thanks to editors and reviewer at Literally Stories, with the kind of get up and go that gets me up and on the move. There is not much more for a writer than being read, accepted, understood, having readers react to his/her writing. and taking time to carry on with their likes and dislikes but always aiming at improvement, added disciplines, more energy. And getting best birthday wishes from others. Thanks you.


  3. Deepest thanks to Literally Stories staff and reviewers for all the acceptances, kind words, suggestions, decisions, always with the goal of better writing, a get-up-and=go challenge for me.


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