Week 158 – Profanity, Irony And A Warning Of Profanity

Hello there folks.

Here we are at week 158. This is another shit number that has no interesting facts to it. I looked it up in case there was something that I didn’t know.

On the internet we are given a few doozies like 158 backwards is 851. And 158 seconds is equal to 2 minutes 38 seconds. What twats read this stuff…Oh wait a minute, I just did!

Anyhow, Nik did a sterling job last week. We are sending him a few litres of water as thanks. But that is only for washing in. If he adds it to any alcohol, rest assured my friends, we will hunt him down and have him listen to a Max Boyce CD.

But I have to admit, I was a tad embarrassed with the profanity! I had to go to church and pray for his tortured soul!!

This and a chance meeting gave me my inspiration.

My past life hit me in the face the other day when I met someone who I knew in a past life.

It wasn’t a case of ‘Oh hello Hugh, how are you doing?’ It was more of a ‘A ken you. Can you give me a fiver for a cup of tea?’ (That must be the street name for smack now-a-days!) This guy was there the day I had the funniest conversation about profanity ever.

I will share, hence the warning.

I had someone complain to me once, and I quote:

“I’m no happy, see that wee Gary cunt, he fucking swears at me all the time. It’s no fucking right, his mother should fucking stop it. He’s a wee cunt who swears like a fucking trooper. What fucking age is that wee bastard, seven? I’m no listening to his fucking foul mouth anymore!”

I asked if they knew what irony was and they answered, ‘Of course I fucking do but what the fuck has that to do with that wee fucker swearing at me?”

The fellow that I’m talking about also gave me one of the best one liners ever. He had been, shall we say, romantically (??) involved with a lady who had more years under her belt than him. He said to me:

“Do you know how they say that many a good tune is played on an old fiddle…Well I must be tone death ’cause she was shite.”

My reason in mentioning this is due to something that we do on site. We collect exceptional one lines and publish what we have each year. They need to work out-with context. Unfortunately or fortunately that separates so many. We have seen many superb lines but they need to be within that specific story. The ones that stand out are the ones that can be quoted in many a scenario.

I’m a rather simple soul and most of my stories have been written around one line. And, I might add, that one line is never that special.

So my tip for the day is if you hear one sentence / observation / put down that makes you react, in whatever way, write it down. Don’t think too much about it. A story will eventually whisper to you using that line. Whether or not it is a special one, that doesn’t matter, you will always have the story!!

So that brings me nicely onto our stories this week.

We had three newbies, an old stalwart and a  author returning for the ninth time.

As always we welcome our new folks. We hope that they get a kick out of seeing themselves on the site. And we really do hope that they continue to send us in their work.

Our subjects this week include; acceptance, a residential unit, a continuation, getting it way wrong and a strong character.

As always our initial comments follow.


On Monday we had ‘The Wild Heart Rose of Alaska‘ by the wonderful Leila Allison.

‘I Loved this. I really did!’

‘Wonderful word choices and beautiful phrases’

‘This just shows the skill the writer has.’


Tuesday was next as is its wont. ‘Home‘ was our first story from Nancy Nau Sullivan

‘The flow was great’

‘I felt like this was the kind of thing my mother would do’

‘This is how a lot of people would react’


We broke the back of the week on Wednesday with ‘Old Folks Home‘ by Wim Hylen.

‘A strange and poignant tale’

‘I loved the geriatric junior high line’

‘There are not many writers who would use the phrase ‘spastic movements’


On Thursday we had the tenacious gentleman that is Joe Giordano with ‘Three Girls in a Hut‘.

We are all so happy to see him getting a story on site!

‘Odd and different’

‘Bubonic Clap should be a real ailment!’

‘The oddness is nicely played’


And on Friday, we had an old friend. ‘Redundant Satellites‘ by Martyn Clayton finished off the week.

‘There’s always a great sense of place and I feel he’s writing from the heart’

‘Well written and engaging’

‘Characters to spend a lot of time with’


Last piece of nonsense before I go. Or should that be observation??

We have had a few preachy stories in lately. This is fine if those ideas are all from the character. If the authors opinions leak into the story, then that is a totally different matter.

Transference of regimented ideas is like scented toilet paper. The transference never works out well!!

That’s us for another week. I’ll away and listen to Morgan The Moon.


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4 thoughts on “Week 158 – Profanity, Irony And A Warning Of Profanity

    • Cheers Dave,
      Do you think ‘Auld Nick’ will edit for me.
      …I mean, I’ll probably be there in ten years!
      As always, I can’t thank you enough for your continual support and comments.
      Stay well my friend.


    • Hi Leila,
      14?? Is that due to average age or the amount of years he got??
      Bad taste is what I live for!
      Hope you are on the mend. (Try ‘Rusty Nails’ – 2 Measures of Malt of your choice with 2 Measures of Drambuie. Or ‘Whisky Macs’ – 2 Measures of Malt of your choice with 2 Measures of Crabbes Green Ginger.)
      You’ll be right as rain in no time…Or just pished and you won’t care!!!
      Thanks as always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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