Week 153 – Holiday Break, Re-Reads And Crack For The Eyes (Allegedly)

Here we are with another Saturday and another week closer to the dreaded ‘C’ word.

Just to let you all know that we will finish up on Saturday 23rd December and be back in the New Year on the 8th. Now if you are depressed and write the weirdest most deranged story in the world, send it in, we insist!

But if you get engaged, pregnant or anyone tells you that they love you, please, for the love of god, keep it to yourself!!!

We will check the emails etc and will be needing stories so no matter whether or not we are steamin’, (Very drunk) we will get back to you. Just, if it is me, ignore any words that I type!

I don’t know why this came into my head this week but I was thinking of guilty pleasures. This may involve eating square sausage, beetroot and salad cream, listening to ‘Girl’s Aloud’ or drinking half a pint of Advocaat with a bacon sandwich. And of course, none of those refer to me!

But I was thinking more of from a reading perspective.

Apart from when I was a kid, I haven’t read many books more than once. They always had to be very special to me before I would ever consider doing that. I just feel that unread books are a bit like puppies and kids. There are enough out there already and you should get one that needs a home. Remember folks a foetus isn’t just for Christmas, it will rook you and disappoint you until it lets you rot in some Nursing Home drowning in your own pish. Maybe an adopted kid would do the same but at least your social conscience would be intact. And lets be truthful, no-one ever gets fed up of hearing ‘Look what they have done to me…Me! The one who gave them a home! I wish I had re-homed a puppy.’

Sorry, I got a tad off topic. I have only read three books more than once. ‘It’ by Stephen King, ‘Jig’ by Campbell Armstrong and ‘The Devil Rocked Her Cradle’ by David St Claire. I have read bits of books many times and weirdly that was probably all in the years between ages twelve to fifteen.

I’ve other favourites but these, so far, have been the only ones that I wanted to re-read.

Shorts I reckon are a bit different. I have lost count of how many I have gone back to. Due to them getting their point / story / emotion across so much quicker, it may be a bit more understandable to re-read. They hit you quick and give you a buzz. Short stories are the crack cocaine of the literally world and are addictive.

I actually find it difficult to read a novel now. I want the hit. All the foreplay shit can be tedious and anything after the point is like a post coitus cuddle. It is over-rated and only one person gets any enjoyment.

So let us feed our addiction and get to this weeks stories. (Yep – I’m still shite at links!)

Our topics included old age, futuristic control, historical fiction, hell and a presence.

There was only one new author this week.

As always our initial comments follow.


On Monday we had Mary J Breen’s second story in consecutive weeks with ‘Moving Day

‘It was terribly sad how these people were being terrified all over again.’

‘The subject matter is horrific.’

‘Poignant and heartbreaking.’


Annmarie Lockhart is our new writer. We welcome her and hope she enjoys the site. With any luck she will send us in more work.

Blow The Man Down‘ was next up on Tuesday.

‘A very thought provoking and well written piece of work.’

‘Solidly written.’

‘The main character was portrayed with a lot of dignity.’


On Wednesday it was great to see Jane Dougherty return with ‘Whoosh.’

‘Good observations and the atmosphere was done particularly well.’

‘I loved the vivid lines in the penultimate paragraph.’

‘The ending was powerful and visible.’


James Hanna has some excellent stories in his back catalogue. Thursdays offering was no exception. ‘The Hangings‘ was next up.

‘Bleak and worrying. Even in this day and age we can see convention being taken to the extreme and people being shunned for non-conformity.’

‘James had the dialogue and interaction spot on. I thought this was great.’

‘The matter-of-fact way that the old people accepted what was coming was unsettling.’


We all had a great time reading Friday’s story! A. Elizabeth Herting finished off the week with ‘Suspicious Minds.’

‘I loved the slightly deranged gameshow feel of the main theme.

‘This was a gory imaginative piece that I rather enjoyed.’

‘This is when OTT is done in the best way possible.’


OK folks that is us for another week but we will return for a few more.

And please remember, as I have already said, it doesn’t matter if we are closed over the holidays, keep the stories coming!

I think I will now go and indulge myself and partake literally in crack cocaine.

Maybe that should read ‘I think I will indulge myself and partake in some literally crack cocaine.’




Banner Image – scrummy bacon sandwich from Pixabay. No advocaat because we all know that’s naughty – Hugh are you listening?

5 thoughts on “Week 153 – Holiday Break, Re-Reads And Crack For The Eyes (Allegedly)

  1. Sometimes rereading improves the book. I too seldom look at something twice, but I have read Of Mice and Men maybe six times since high school. And I have read The Lottery by Shirley Jackson only God knows how many times, I always find something new in it. Perhaps I should not call God’s attention; although I have attempted to do so plenty of times, I have only read maybe thirty pages of the Bible. Whoever stoked up Revelations was a fiend.


    • I was forced to read ‘Of Mice And Men’ and ‘1984’ at school and because of that I developed a hatred of them.
      The bible, that’s God’s diary is it not?
      And if it’s not then who are we to believe, some sort of ghost writer for a concept??
      Thanks as always Leila, you brighten up my day!!


    • I’m a bit of a simple soul, if I need to think to much my brain stops working!
      So I think I will pass on putting this on my ‘to read’ list!
      Thanks as always Dave, it’s a pleasure to see your name!


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