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Week 147 – Snooker, Dalmatians And Dead Frogs

We have now reached week 147. I have sometimes used the number as an inspiration and this was one of the more obvious ones.

Years back, there was a sketch with the late great Rikki Fulton propping up a bar completely pished. His pal said that he had told him that he was only drinking low alcohol lager. Rikki stated that this was correct. The friend then asked how many he’d drunk.

He answered, ‘One hundred and forty sshheven’.

No, that wasn’t obvious, it just made me smile in remembering!

On to the real reference. I can’t write this weeks post without mentioning snooker.

I remember watching Cliff Thorburn make the first televised 147. He took around eleven minutes. This was eleven minutes of wonderful exciting TV. Years later, Ronnie O’Sullivan did it in only five minutes and twenty seconds. Strangely, when considering using balls, quicker was better.

The best frame I ever saw was Alex Higgins against Jimmy White in 1982 to make it 16-16. This was the year that Higgins won it. He made a sixty nine, the best sixty nine ever! And that would have included any activity with any super model of anytime!

I miss snooker and would like to go back to it. I was never any good but I enjoyed playing. There was an old snooker hall in Ayr called Danny Stricklands. We used to go in there every Friday night at 6.00pm since we were around thirteen. We would play until 10.00pm, then go to the chippie and then head home. After a couple of years we then realised that we’d get served in a pub (The legend that was ‘The Plough’) so we’d then play to 9.00pm and have an hour in the pub and then to the chippie. Eventually we ignored the snooker and the chippie and simply went to the pub. There were women there. There were none at the snooker hall and the ladies at the chippie were still working. To be fair, a lot that were in the pub were also working but they charged more than a fish supper.

Now my fellow editors are just about to throw something at their computer screens –

Talking about snooker, at the beginning the balls are put on their spots and that has brought us to Dalmatians. (Honestly folks, don’t dignify that link by even considering it!)

I was wondering about these dogs in literature and I didn’t want to go down the obvious road. I couldn’t really find many references.

I did know that they worked with old time fire fighters as they got on well with horses. Maybe it is because they resemble a polo mint. Bits of them are white and they have a noticeable hole. Straws folks! I’m clutching here!!

I find that their soothing influence is quite weird as any Dalmatians I have come across have been a bit bonkers so the thought of them calming down a half tonne animal is a bit worrying. How stressed must a horse be? Mind you if you were heading into a burning street, I reckon you would also be a tad apprehensive.

Animals working together or becoming pals is touching and we could learn a lesson from them.

The best animal collaboration I ever saw was in a comic strip. (I would quote the name and writer but I can’t for the life of me remember.) Bogart the cat wore a T-shirt proclaiming his friendship. It said ‘Just because your frog is dead, doesn’t mean he can’t be your buddy.’


OK, onto this weeks stories.

I’m not sure the last time that this happened. Every one of our authors were submitting their first story for us.

How good is that??

We have all our wonderful well established authors and we are still managing to attract new folks. This makes us all very happy!

We welcome all of them and hope they have a long association with us.

Our topics this week include The Great War, robots, the love of music and a loss.

As always our initial thoughts follow.


On Monday Barbara Buckley Ristine started off the week with ‘Shooting Stars Over The Somme, August 1916‘.

‘Tragic with a hint of hope.’

‘I love this genre and was gripped by this.’

‘The ending was well written and I could feel his panic.’


Next up on Tuesday was Gigi Papoulias’s short ‘Lessons.

‘This has been written with love.’

‘I enjoyed the message of music needing love to make it work.’

‘A well written musing.’


The One With The Limp‘ broke the back of the week.  This was the first time outing for R. C. Capasso.

‘This is written from an excellent angle and is quite gripping.’

‘I was enthralled with the story.’

‘A very well thought out piece of work.’


Christopher Stanley was next up with ‘Snakes And Lasses‘. This was our penultimate story of the week.

‘Not a wasted word.’

‘Quirky, sad and well edited.’

‘Weird and poignant. I smiled as I read this and that’s always a good sign.’


And to finish off on Friday, we had Andrew Schley with ‘A World Of Wars.’

‘All the situations were harrowing. Andrew has done a brilliant job on moving on but still having the essence.’

‘It’s very brave to jump from story to story as that can be a difficult discipline and interruptive but this worked.’

‘This topic always stirs emotion.’


That’s us for another week.

So I reckon I’ll go and find something dead to be my friend.

I’ll keep away from the morgue though. Being friendly with a corpse is now dodgy and I am no establishment friendly DJ! (I am so predictable I loathe myself!)

That reference is a bit old hat but I just had to dig it up?? (Fuck! I can’t help myself!!)



Banner image:

Okay Hugh – there were Dalmations  I’ll give you that – but, in fairness – snooker – spots – dogs – it was a bit dodgy wasn’t it. Anyway it made the search for an image easy!!!! x

2 thoughts on “Week 147 – Snooker, Dalmatians And Dead Frogs”

  1. I admire this week’s collection, today’s post and people who are skilled at games and sports. First time I played pool I knocked out the table light with the cue and put a six inch gash in the felt. I tipped the bartender twenty bucks and skulked away. First time golfing I caught another player’s drive on the fly before it hit me in the head. She wasn’t pleased.


    1. Hi Leila,
      Thanks as always!
      Snooker and golf are two pastimes that I would love to go back to…Unfortunately work fucks me up in soooo many ways. (Why is that pronounced ‘so’ only longer…You would think it should be pronounced ‘Sue’ but only longer)
      All the very best.

      Liked by 1 person

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