Week 140 – Double Standards, Method Acting And ‘Do You Want To See Some Puppies?’

That’s another week in folks, they are flying by! Week 140 is now upon us.

It’s weird where I get inspiration to bore the be-Jesus out of you all. (Is that how you spell that word? And should ‘be’ not be capitalised as it is part of Jesus Our Lord and concept or should I say con??)

Anyway, I saw that ’50 Shades Of Grey’ was coming (I know, I couldn’t help myself!) to Sky. That got me thinking on double standards. Many women have read this book and been titillated by it. But for some reason if they find their partners porn stash then that’s a different matter. He’s classed as a perverted deviant but she is just getting into the mood.

Women have a few glaring double standards. Especially the mad, mental libbers. When you think on it they have just become what they confess to hate. They are female chauvinist pigs who are just as bad as their male counterparts. Both of them have no interest in equality, it is all about superiority! Surely we should be people first. When you argue intolerance with the intolerant you all end up looking like arses.

Again with the fairer sex, the moans about the toilet seat being left up is surely the same argument as leaving it down. Does it really matter, it only takes a second to put the piece of plastic into the axis you require. Just don’t pish over it, that is wrong from both sitting and standing positions.

There are a couple of double standards that I despise. You get some ugly over-weight bastard moan about his partner because, according to ‘him’, she is fat. The prick is either in need of a Labrador to find a mirror or he should just be shot. (Answers on a postcard as to what is wrong with that scenario?)

The other example that I have never got my head around is calling a woman a whore when a guy putting it about is just a bit of a lad. If they are both enjoying being sociable, I have no problems with that and have never used a term for either of them except to call them lucky! (And let’s not go down the self esteem analysis bullshit! If someone enjoys having their bell rung, best of luck to them no matter who they are!)

Talking about sex, well this can be a loaded one. If there was a march down our city streets with huge signs stating that we enjoy heterosexual sex we would be branded homophobes and at the very least we’d be booed! Now I have no aversion to a march, I don’t understand the need and I especially don’t understand a protest regarding a particular march. Just don’t go anywhere near it if you don’t agree. All you are doing is fuelling their ideals with your protest. (Check out the 12th of July in Scotland and Ireland or watch ‘Just Another Saturday’)

Sorry I digress, again, it is the double standard that I find strange.

I also saw a report about black actors playing white roles and I wondered what the problem was. Then I thought about it either way round and we get a double standard with no method acting in sight!

How would it be received if a white person played Ali, Rosa Parks, Marley, Billie Holiday or Dr King? It can get weirder if you think of a few black actors portraying The Grand Cyclops and his minions of the KKK?? Or weirder still, John Wayne playing Genghis Khan…Wait a minute, that already happened. I had tried to block it out but it is there, I saw it!

Onto this weeks stories. Two new writers and three old friends. We had ghosts, brain injuries, an overbearing parent, sorrow producing and a final act.

As always our initial comments follow.


Monday is a good place to start and the enigma that is Leila Allison began our week with ‘A New Book Of Numbers‘. This is a two-parter but to be truthful that doesn’t matter as Leila takes you along and skilfully re-tells only what she needs to!

‘Wonderful, intriguing and charming.’

‘I can get totally lost in Leila’s words.’

‘I don’t really care about anything else whilst reading this.’


A brace of tremendous word-smiths in a row. Tom Sheehan was next up with ‘Two Characters Caught Up In Shantytown.

‘This was heart-breaking all the way through.’


‘There were so many great lines in this piece of work.’


On Wednesday we had our first new writer. As always we extend both of them a hearty welcome, we hope they have fun on the site and we ask that they continue to send us their work.

Bob Thurber’s first story for us was ‘The Manufacture Of Sorrow.

‘I enjoyed the melancholy, the misery and hopelessness.’

‘I found this to be deeply sad.’

‘I thought that the images were excellent and very moving.’


And to follow on, we had our second new writer on Thursday. ‘Martyr‘ by Paul Beckman was our penultimate story.

‘I sort of liked his madness.’

‘The guilt leading to irrational anger was very well done.’

‘I found this very believable and enjoyed it.’


And as always we finished off the week on Friday. We were delighted to publish an old friend of the site for the third time. Fred Vogel is a tenacious writer and a pleasure to work with. ‘Down For The Count‘ is an excellent addition to his back catalogue!

‘So sad and very realistic.’

‘The last line was an absolute belter!!’

‘The beauty here is the simplicity, a poignant and tragic story told very well.’


That’s us now rounding up the round-up.

I have another double standard that I really don’t understand. If a wee plooky fifteen year old boy asks a fifteen year old girl if she likes swimming, puppies, and offers her a burger, he is taking an interest and being nice.

If I did that I would be on some sort of register!!!!



Hugh – I get the feeling you are just ever so slightly ‘grumpy’ this week! and the options for an image are really rather disturbing! –  🙂 Diane p.s. I usually use ‘bejasus’

Banner Image: Pixabay.com


10 thoughts on “Week 140 – Double Standards, Method Acting And ‘Do You Want To See Some Puppies?’

  1. Bejeezus with its Beelzebubian influence is standard here. The double standard lies in sucking up to both sides of Heaven’s grace, which is the same as prison sex for fair faced newcomers. Excellent insight. I think I want the ghost of Moms Mably to star in my bio-pic.


    • Prison sex doesn’t matter.
      If you are male…You’ll never see who you are having sex with!!
      Come on Leila, give us an actress who could play you???
      Bette Davis, Helen Mirren, Cathy Burke, Faye Wray, Elizabeth Hurley…Come on give us an idea!!!


    • Thanks as always Dave.
      I was wondering about putting our rejection remarks up…But I think the site would crash and burn!
      You are a star Dave!!


  2. Oh, and a word about the ferocious beasts heading this fine article. They’re up to something. The cuteness is a ploy. Experience has taught me the more attractive the object the more misery it is able to inflict. My attitude gives me wings. I look forward to dying alone.


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