Week 133 – Principle, Discipline And Lactic Acid

Before I begin, I would like to welcome Nik back from his holiday. He was in Wales doing all things Welsh. As is my understanding he would be eating really, really, roasting, hot loaves, taming a roaming dragon, drinking Merlyn, seeking out a Max Boyce CD and trying to win a chair. They are a mystical race the Welsh.

It is great to have you back my friend!!

Onto this weeks post. Well, the inspiration wasn’t one of my greatest of ideas!

I jacked my job in last week. I have just walked out of the best paid job that I have ever had. I did it on pure principle. I am an idiot man!

In my life there are a few things that I spit out the dummy for. I don’t like being called stupid, (Insecurities, I know!) I never want to feel like a charity case (unless the donation is over twenty grand! OK, I lie…Twenty pounds) and I find it totally unacceptable if anyone states that I don’t pull my weight. (That is where my pride denting took the hit that I mentioned the other week. My fucked hip, back and stomach tell me I have worked!!)

I’ve grafted all my life and I totted up the hours. I should be 12 years further on in my working life due to the fecking salaried hours that I have done. (Salaries are a legal way that your employers can shag you up the arse, when being shagged up the arse isn’t enjoyable to you!) So when my gaffer heard that I was going for an interview she told me to make sure that all the work was done. I lost it a wee bit, I got angrier and then wrote two lines for my notice. It was my fifth attempt. It worked better when I took out the adjectives and suggestions!

And that brings me to ‘principle’ which is a discipline we really shouldn’t have when writing. You can’t write anything on principle, you should only write due to experience and more importantly curiosity. If this coincides with your principles then that is a happy coincidence, but the message shouldn’t be the catalyst.

The problem with this is that it comes across as preaching. If that comes from the character, there isn’t a problem but if it comes solely from the writer then it doesn’t read well.

I probably on principle shouldn’t have sat with a friend who has only one kidney and tanned a bottle of Talisker the other night, it would have been more sensible to write about it than doing it! Mind you, it’s probably more his liver that he needs to worry about.

It’s a difficult discipline to get right and I don’t think any of us can fully explain the difference of ideals from character or writer.

I will admit to a tad of hypocrisy. On principle I would never write a romance as it is all a pile of fairy dust unrealistic shite. But if someone decided to pay me to do it, then I would be the first one describing her heaving heart filled bosom and his manly fore-arms and their golden haired angelic children who he can seen in her eyes!

Principle like ‘thanks’ doesn’t jingle! I’ve mentioned pride in my last couple of posts and I would be proud to be a sell-out whore if the opportunity arose!!!

OK guys, onto this weeks stories. We had two new authors, two old friends and me.

The subjects that were covered this week included kisses, dead birds, execution, a rivalry and a dying trade.

As always our initial comments follow.

Matthew Lyons was first up on Monday. This writer is on his third story and I really do hope that we get more from him. His inventiveness puts him up there with Ashlie Allen. If you want something different, those two authors should be sought out and read. (I love the word sought!)

This Goddamn Place began the week.

‘Matthew doesn’t do subtle – Brilliant!’

‘I think this author has a genre all of his own.’

‘The final line was genius.’

On Tuesday we had our first new author. We welcome both Jay Hagen and Rebecca Young to the site. We hope that they enjoy the experience and that they send us more of their work.

Jay was next up with ‘God on The Gallows.’

‘This was very moving.’

‘I was left with strength of belief from the boy.’

‘I was knocked for six.’

We had a sixth time author on Wednesday. Martyn Clayton added to his wonderful back catalogue with ‘A Hero Of Sorts.’

‘A great rhythm and realness to this.’

‘Sad with no hope but honest and truthful.’

‘The bleakness was all about the place and the circumstance and the life.’

Rebecca Young has been a pleasure to work with. She is open and shows a professionalism that is a delight. Rebecca’s first story for us on Thursday was ‘Thirteen.’

‘Lots of torment and angst.’

‘I felt for the tormented soul.’

‘Very sad! A waste of life and a love.’

And that brings us to me on Friday. I finished off the week with a wee dip into horror with ‘A Murder Of Crows.’

There are some of you out there who can do this very easily. Ashlie Allen and Fred Foote spring to mind.

I have to admit I had a bit of help with this. I have always believed that Diane can write this type of story for fun. She has maybe not showcased as much as she has in her locker on this site, but I know that they are there! Diane can write a ‘Creepshow’ or a ‘Tales From The Crypt’ and she doesn’t need the illustration. I need help with description as I am total shite at it!! So I need to thank my lovely fellow editor for the pointers that she gave me with this!!!

This may be my last post guys. I am starting my new job and I have already done a trial. It nearly fucking killed me. Unless you have ever done this job, you don’t realise how fecking sore it is! I was a baker twenty years ago when I was thirty. I am now a baker again at fifty and after that ten hour trial shift, I couldn’t fucking move for three days!! I was actually amazed at the shapes my hands cramped into. I now know what gnarled means!

But to tie everything in…The reason I got the job was due to the amount of work that I did.

So in principle I was right to leave my old job…For health, prospect and money issues, I’m fucked. As I said, I am an idiot man!!! (With his pride intact – Shame about his body!!!!!)



Banner Image: Pixabay.com


15 thoughts on “Week 133 – Principle, Discipline And Lactic Acid

  1. Sounds like you’ve wrestled with some difficult decisions, Hugh. I hope everything works out for the best. And, being a little selfish, I hope you were kidding about this being your last post.


    • Hi Dave,
      Thanks so much!!
      As long as I am alive I will offer to post.
      Oh and decisions aren’t difficult. Living with them is!
      All the very best my friend.


  2. Writers seldom win day-jobs that aren’t soul sink-holes. Sometimes a writer will bite the hand that feeds her by stealing office supplies. Anyone need a pen or a ten-thousand unit pad of Post-it notes?


    • Hi Irene,
      If you ever get a chance at the owners safety deposit box, I would be interested.
      I think all jobs whether menial or meaningful just become shit!
      Thinking about not doing them is the only way for us to get them done. (I hate people who are happy at work! – Well maybe hate should be replaced for jealous.)
      Thanks as always for your comments. I love to see your name(s) on our inbox!


  3. Personal note – I’ve declared that I would never write a zombie, vampire or young adult series – without at least a multi-million advance.
    Lots of foreign sounding “English” English in this post to this American’s ears.
    To quote Neil Young “Keep On Rocking In The Free World”.


    • Hi Doug,
      Now that i look back and see words like ‘grafted’, ‘totted’ and ‘tanned’ I can see that isn’t as reader friendly as it should be. Sorry for that. I think when you write, whenever there is a bit of a rant you go back to your feral phrases!
      And I am with you with the advances!
      Thanks as always my friend.


  4. I work for an all knowing global coporation whose home office is located in Hell (Atlanta, close enough). So by “stealing office supplies” I really mean that I reclassify them and then donate them to a non profit organization—mainly, Leila Allison LLC


  5. Come now, Hugh. Don’t look at this as all or muffin.The yeast you can do is stick around. The writing world is a better place with you as a participant.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks Fred!
      Doughnut get meringue, I was happy to get a ‘tart.
      As long as my aches and pains are finally scone, I’ll Bakewell.
      (You can probably see that I don’t do puns!!)


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