Week 131 – Pride, Cathedrals And 100 % Proof Gin.

Hi folks, here we are at Week 131.

In the words of the legend that is Ed O’Neill as ‘Al Bundy’, ‘I just wish the world would curl up and die!!’

I have had a shit few days! My pride took a dent this week and that got me thinking.

Many Scottish people really do only have pride in being proud and it serves no purpose except to be very destructive when something chips away at it.

What I don’t understand is why I worry about pride when as a writer, my pride gets decimated with every refusal. I suppose when I think on it, it’s different. Once you have went through the first few rejections you need to realise that this is part of it, it is a process and nothing else.

Pride is more damaging. There are times in your life that you really don’t want to think on. For example, the first time you soil yourself. It helps if you are unwell but carelessness is unacceptable. And unforgettable if this happens in front of so-called friends! They will call you subtle nicknames for the rest of your life like ‘Shitey’ and ‘Skid.’

Liquid bowels are bad, sex is worse! The first time you get naked in front of a woman and she says in a voice that can’t hide her disgust, “Is that it?” does irk somewhat. And if she follows the disgust thirty seconds later with,“Was that it?” it affects you. You are then even more shattered when she goes on to explain that she hasn’t even felt you move never mind the earth. She can complain about your organ being small but if you are playing in a cathedral, it may be understandable.

It’s made even worse if she speaks to your mates.

“Do you know Shitey?”

“Shitey? Don’t you mean Flash?”

Unrealistic expectations can also cause your pride to take a beating.

I had an uncle who really was a twat. He was legend in his own mind. He came round to our house one night and stated that he would just have to drink whisky for the rest of the evening as he had finished the hundred proof gin that he had been drinking. (He really was a walloper!) I laughed as after his first drink he just had to sit on the stairs of our yard and be sick down his leg. What was even funnier was that he was my Uncle Huey. This is a slang term we use for being sick as it is the sound one makes when one retches as in HUUUE…EEEEE!

I am now wondering if I should tell you what happened to me as I wouldn’t want you to think that any of those examples were in any way relevant to me!!?

Self-indulgence is the sin of the writer and NO, that irony is not lost on me so I will leave my pride denting tale for another day!! (Double negatives and their continual misuse should be another topic one of these days!!!)

OK enough of this nonsense and onto some authors who can be truly proud!

We only had one new author and four old friends.

Our topics this week included help from an unlikely source, a tribute, dreams, infatuation and a friendship. As always our initial comments follow.


Carey Head was our only first timer this week. We welcome him, hope he has fun on site and we ask him to send more of his work. On Monday his short story, ‘De-Bloem‘ was published.

‘This message is still very relevant.’

‘A short that stays with you is always a good thing.’

‘This was quite simply a super story.’


Larry Lefkowitz is adding to his back catalogue quite regularly. We published ‘The Garden Of Allah‘ on Tuesday.

‘The light of the story fell squarely on the brief but meaningful relationship of the two men.’

‘The ‘Shrouds have no pockets’ and the ‘Squirrel in a new tree’ were wonderful lines.

‘There was just enough said for the reader to draw their own conclusion.’


Wednesday was next and Mr Tom Sheehan continues to give us excellent work. ‘Retaliation’s Soft Reply‘ broke the back of the week.

‘This was an emotional ride.’

‘The association between the band of brothers and the band of friends was brilliant.’

‘The swapping pants to hide their poverty really caught me.’


Legend Dipping‘ was our story for Thursday. The amazing Leila Allison added to her ever growing list of stories and we are privileged to have every one of them!

‘What a lovely gentle tone.’

‘I loved the stubbed toe line.’

‘Yep- You just want to keep reading.’


Last up, which was a Friday, we had the inventive Mr Jack Coey with his third story for us. ‘Mustache‘ completed the week.

‘The characters could be out of a bar scene from a Bukowski novel – Excellent!’

‘There was a raw poignancy that I liked.’

‘Richard came across as pathetic and the under-writing complimented this superbly.’


That is the weeks round up and hopefully we’ll do the same within the next seven days!

I was thinking on some songs that had ‘pride’ as some part of the title and the three that sprung to mind were:

‘Proud Mary’ – Tina Turner

‘Swallow My Pride’ – Ramones

‘Pride In The Name Of Love’ – U2

They are all amazing pieces of music.

But I am going to wind up with my most un-proud choices ever!

I preferred:

‘A Fool In Love’

‘Baby I Love You’


‘The Sweetest Thing’



Banner Image: Pixabay.com

13 thoughts on “Week 131 – Pride, Cathedrals And 100 % Proof Gin.

  1. Here is a real dent to one’s pride. Hospitalized with flu and bronchitis from a recently concluded cruise. Hospital robe, continuous monitoring, loose bowels from anti-biotics, tethered to an IV, limited to room, couldn’t sleep. I’m leaving the really gross. If this makes no sense, it is because of the billions of brain cells killed by the fever.


  2. I like a Pride of Liars, in which the females do all the killing and child rearing, while the dudes get fatter and hairier and swap unlikely tales of sexual prowess in the sparse steppe shade. This goes on until the ladies have seen enough and run off with fast talking “Cheat-tuhs” never to be seen again. Moral: A lazy prick in the bush will soon be a lonesome prick in the paw.


  3. Poor Hawley. His plight gives legs to a worry I have when I see the huge Alaskan cruise ships depart Seattle: That looks fun…but what if someone has brought ameobic disentary (no way in hell I have spelled that correctly; yet no red line) or the Phage on board? I mean you’re trapped, right? Still there’s hope: less brain cells free up space for creative ideas, right?


    • Thanks David.
      I write a lot of lies with some truth…Or is it a lot of truth with some lies?
      It’s always great to see you around the site.


  4. I have noticed that my symbol (the one which takes the place of the camera bashful) is less intricate than those of Henson and Hawley. Their symbols are obvious acts of love on the part of the symbol maker; while what I have is oh so red-headed stepchild. I know LS has nothing to do with this, I just feel the need to share my struggle, and give courage to others.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sometimes, less is more – perchance your symbol is perceived as sophisticated whereas the others are merely cartoonish or could it be that it is work in progress, indeed an unfortunate duckling with glory in its future – Sigh – we don’t know, it is our lot to merely stand and wonder.

      Liked by 2 people

      • I have always considered Diane The Voice of Reason, here in the blue fields of LS. Surprise, I have a thing about having my pic took, always have. There are maybe six images of my magnificence in existence. But in an effort to combat my lackluster icon, I will snap a pic of an oppossum who’s been hanging around my hedgerow. She is quite enchanting, as ‘possums go. I will make her a star.


  5. I avoid getting my photo taken. It took me about thirty attempts to get one that even looked human for this website.


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