Week 129 – Territory, Boundaries And A Bruised Penis.

I have to thank Nik for his exemplary job in standing in for me last week. He was witty, intelligent and articulate. I hate him! I bet he doesn’t even hold grudges!!

Now folks, I want to explain something, we don’t have any hierarchy at Literally Stories, we all have our roles which to be truthful, we have just sort of fallen into.

I’ve never been territorial, ask anyone who has met me and Gwen and I’ve offered them to take her off my hands. The Saturday Post is the same, anyone who wants to do it is welcome to go for it. I think the reason that I have done it for so long is that I have an unending supply of pish that I talk.

I come from a long line of quiet people, I think that is why I don’t shut up. I’m also related to folks who have all said the wrong things once in their lives and regretted it. I don’t regret any of the many, many, many upsets that I’ve caused. (‘I do’ being the one that I am still slated for!)

In my time I have upset everyone I have spoken to. But to be fair, they were all at fault. Someone called me a sociopath once and I cried inside and I skinned them inside out.

This is my subject for this week even though I have touched on it before…’Boundaries’

We all have to have them and they are all very personal. There are just some things that we wouldn’t write about. I think for any readers of this post will know that mine is ‘Romance’. I am happy to do a chicken molesting, child killing, royal bashing, self-harming, scatting story any-time but I draw the line at romance.

I do have to admit, there is not much that I wouldn’t write about. I just think that the sick thing is never the story, it is the realism that is there that allows us to experience the inspiration. I will say that there is one ‘joke’ that I’ve heard that I would never repeat. But the devil in me enjoys telling folks that there is a ‘joke’ that I’d never repeat. No matter what a lovely person they are, they want to know. That says more about them than me!

Sorry for being a bit graphic here but I always love to hear peoples revulsion to porn, especially men. (There is a visual reason that I have chosen men!) Any church going puritanical twat who is disgusted by porn, well all I would say is strip, watch and don’t react! Oh and this doesn’t mean I have any thoughts either way, I am just saying, leave folks to choose and don’t preach.

I knew a very staunch teetotaller couple who despised the demon drink. I pished myself laughing at my wedding when I noticed them with four empty glasses of Advocaat. They really liked Advocaat and loved the fact that it was made from eggs. If they had taken their noses out of the bible and had a read at the label, they would have noticed that it is also made from brandy. Oh how I wish I had been sober enough to call the cops when they drove home.

This brings us to the point on hypocrisy. If you get an erection whilst watching porn, you are not disgusted by it. If you like an Advocaat, you don’t hate alcohol but this is in life not fiction. It is perfectly acceptable to write something that disgusts you, this is unlike those examples. Writing beyond your boundaries is you exploring and facing and has nothing to do with narrow-minded real life hypocrisy.

So guys, if you have that line that you dared not write, use it! That’s the catalyst for your next story.

I myself wanted to branch into musical theatre and re-make a classic. I wanted to write a religious story but bring it up to date with a sex reassignment twist. The story is set the next day from the operation. Sadly I couldn’t get any backers for ‘Josephine’s Coke Of Many Colours’!!

Enough of this nonsense and onto this weeks stories. Three new folks the very talented Mr Foote and me.

The subjects this week were bulimia, a walk around a night-club, an interrogation, a man with issues and a father and son relationship.

As always our initial comments follow.

I began the week with ‘Four Bars‘. This was a trip down memory inspired lane. I’ll leave it as that and you can all try and work out where the fantasy ended and the truth began.

On Tuesday we had the wonderful Fred Foote with ‘The Interrogator‘.

‘Fred turned this on its head – It got wonderfully weird!’

‘This was a spooky old story.’

‘There was an awful lot unsaid and so many ways to take it in your own head.’

Our first new author was Nick Sweeney with ‘Famine Fingers‘ He broke the back of the week on Wednesday.

We wish all our new writers a hearty welcome!

‘There are more layers to this than first thought.’

‘A very powerful read.’

‘The bulimia aspect of this sort of crept up on you and punched you on the face.’

Another new person with a dark pen was Collin Brown. His story ‘Going Places‘ was next up on Thursday. We hope that all our débutantes enjoy their experience on the site.

‘This one stays with you!’

‘I loved the sad hopelessness – Great tone!!’

‘There was a weird undercurrent that I couldn’t put my finger on and not in a bad way!’

On Friday we had another newbie but someone we have all come to respect. The tenacious gentleman that is Jim Freeze finished off the week with ‘The World’s Greatest Painting‘. It is a privilege to have him on site!!!

‘This is a motivational, reminiscing, relationship type piece.’

‘There is life and charm to this.’

‘The fact that the situation is not irredeemable is a good note to finish on.’

That’s us for another week. There are a few of you that we haven’t heard from for a while, you know who you are. We are always delighted to receive work from old friends and new writers so please send us your stories!

It may just be the ruining a moment mood I am in but I will keep at my musicals.

How about:

A chat show host who bores their audience into unconsciousness by continually talking about dieting – ‘Oprahcoma’ ‘

An Eastern lady who had an addiction and had to have her leg amputated due to a DVT – ‘Miss Thighgone.’

And my favourite, the story of a man who liked looking at his chronic piles – ‘The Ring And Eye.’


Banner Image: By Tulane Public Relations [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

6 thoughts on “Week 129 – Territory, Boundaries And A Bruised Penis.

  1. I owe God a good deed in exchange for the last item in the title not appearing in the heading pic. I guess I won’t take his feckless name in vain till the Sabbath. For some peculiar reason I have always equating writing and all other forms of production to the famous line uttered by Lauren B in To Have and Have Not: “You know how to whistle, don’t you… Just put your lips together and blow.” Also, glad to see Hugh has been sprung from the Tower. Some unsavory character has been spreading rumors of such nearly all June.


    • Temptation was presented and overcome.
      i was proud of myself, but of course searching for images under that heading would have added yet another suspicious layer to my already embarrassing search history. I reckon some people are deliberately leading me along byways of self destruction – not naming anyone of course, Hugh.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Dave.
      Another off shoot from writing is inspiring. I am always very happy for someone to use a line or give me a nod when they have thought of something off the back of what I have written.
      Thanks as always.


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