Week 127 – Insignificance, Velvet Jackets And John Lennon.

Before I begin this weeks round-up we have a couple of comments that we wish to make.

Our thoughts go out to our wonderful friend and fellow editor Tobias who sadly lost his father recently.

We all send Tobias our love and condolences.

And unfortunately, we yet again have to say that our prayers are with all those innocents who were caught up in the despicable events in London.

I find it rather difficult to be in a humorous mood today whilst writing this post for Week 127.

I also feel guilty for my own moans, they are insignificant to the extreme!

I’m going on holiday this week. I’m not going anywhere but I have places to be and people to see. This is all good but even now my thoughts are hinting towards going back to work on the 21st. There’s nothing like having to return to your job for spoiling your holiday!

I really do take stock of my life at times and I sometimes wonder what is the point? Why should we have to do anything that makes us so miserable? I’d be happy to half my earnings for double my happiness. And to tell you the truth, that wouldn’t cost much money or smiles!

I’ve never been materialistic and I am no fashion icon. (I’m still hoping for the return of cheese-cloth, velvet jackets and flares.) I don’t bother with technology (Steam was very underrated) and travelling is something that I had to give up on years ago. (Again, steam was underrated!) So I can function with very little money. But unfortunately not that little that I could walk from my job. I’ve got to admit, all my happy memories regarding my work life involved me handing in my notice!

I just wish after 34 years of shit employment, it would all just sod off and leave me alone!

And I also wish that all these terrorist freaks would sod off and leave us all alone!

Why can’t we simply be considered as humans first. Everything else doesn’t really matter.


OK peoples, onto happier subjects and our five cracking stories.

Topics this week included a breakdown, unusual friendships, an old tup, character building and ghosts.

We had four new folks and one very talented lady for your reading enjoyment!

To all our débutantes; Rachel Moffat, Z.S. Diamanti, Paul Strong and Olivia Young, we wish them well, welcome them and hope that they have a long and happy association with Literally Stories.

First up on Monday was a fellow South Ayrshire writer. Us Scots are doing ‘no bad’ with our numbers!

Rachel Moffat’s ‘The Afternoon Walk‘ started off the week.

‘By not stating what the argument was about just emphasises the thought that any negativity destroys something beautiful.’

‘Good development and I enjoyed the chaos.’

‘This is a clever and very skilled piece of writing.’


Tuesday was next, so no change there.

Playing In The Dirt‘ was published and this was the first story for Z.S Diamanti.

‘A consistent voice throughout the piece.’

‘I enjoyed the uneasy tone.’

‘This was a bit like a darker and more sinister ‘Forrest Gump’.


On Wednesday we were delighted to publish an old friend from a past life. Paul Strong is a superb addition to the site. The wonderfully titled ‘Posterior Rugae‘ broke the back of the week.

‘This is an unusual look on life.’

‘The tone and pace are good and the hopelessness of a life draining away is really well done.’

‘I’ve always enjoyed Paul’s writing. His perception on a lot of work issues is acute.


Our fourth newbie was published on Thursday. ‘The Good Waifu‘ was Olivia Young’s first offering for us.

‘Well now! Yes!!’

‘The revenge from the world that he had created was clever.’

‘The OTT violence fitted in with those types of games.’


I think we have worn out terms for excellence regarding this very talented lady. JC Freeman finished off the week with ‘The Long Second Chance.

‘The birth of ‘The Dow Lady’ and the mystery of ‘The Keeper’, we just need to keep reading!’

‘We have been very lucky to attract a talent like Irene.’

‘An unhesitating YES! I love ‘The Keeper’.

That’s us for another week. I just hope that there are no more incidents that need comment on. The sad thing is, Ladbrooks would never take a bet on this!

I think I’ll go and listen to John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ and Queen’s ‘Is This The World We Created?’

These are sentiments and thoughts that we all should live to!



Banner Image: Pixabay.com

10 thoughts on “Week 127 – Insignificance, Velvet Jackets And John Lennon.

    • Hi David,
      Unfortunately that didn’t happen.
      Sad thing is when we all get out of our beds in the morning, there is a feeling of dread when we switch on the news!
      Thanks for the comments and continual interest.
      All the very best my friend.


  1. There are those lucky few people who can fill the holes that the hard private and public tragedies leave in their souls with the appreation and creation of art. A sense if humor, as Tobias has displayed plenty of in his writing is also essential. These are obvious, but they beg the question: Has anyone ever heard of a funny and creative terrorist ?


  2. Please forgive my interpretation of the word appreciation, I had hoped that it might catch on like clear Pepsi and beta max. But as far as my typos go, there’s something interesting in a sense if humor.
    Liea Llaisno (all the letters are here; arrange them as you may)


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