Week 117 – Suspicion, A Veal Calf And Too Much Chocolate.

Hi folks, I can’t believe that we are now at the 1st of April with week 116. The year is flying in and I am getting older by the minute.

Now don’t worry, I will have no inane pranks…Just inane writing!!

Aha!! Got you, it is Week 117!! (I continually loathe myself!!)

You will all be thankful that after the worst introduction I have ever done to these postings, I will move on!!

This is a bit of a follow on with the thoughts on madness from last week. I was just wondering how lonely writers are. I mean, let’s be truthful, sitting and typing and making up worlds in your head isn’t the most social thing that you can do. It is up there with Serial Killing and collecting dead hedgehogs.

I also think that people are suspicious of us when they know that we write. They think that we’re using them as material. No matter how much we try to reassure them, they don’t believe us…

…They may have a slight point. In fact, more than a slight point. Let’s be truthful, they are lab rats to us!

Nobody comes near me when I am writing. I sometimes think of myself as a veal calf with halitosis. A lot of that is my own fault. At one time, I did answer anyone who spoke to me while I was writing. But I answered in that ‘Shut your fecking face, sod off and emigrate!!’ sort of insinuation / plea / do it or I will kill you, way.

The problem then becomes when you lift your head from your keyboard and there is no-one there. You want to converse, chat, have a laugh and be charming. But you have burnt your conversation and any human contact bridges.

I bought a ventriloquist’s dummy to try and ease me back from writing mode to being social. I emptied my heart. I explained myself. I told him all my insecurities. The little fuck said nothing to me. But he’ll probably not shut his face when I die.

I then looked at my go to. The voices in my head. They were all in the ‘cream puff’ because I had stolen all their material.

After all this I thought I really had to appease my family and friends. I contacted them and offered an olive branch. I think they have paid someone to beat me with it and hurt me.

So, sod it. I go back to my keyboard and write a romance. I await the hurt. I deserve it, I truly do.

OK, now on to this week’s brilliant stories. We have two new writers for your entertainment, two old campaigners and a returning author.

I know our topics are normally random, (Is there such a thing as normally random? It seems a bit of a contradiction!) but I really do think this weeks stories take the Gypsy Cream!

We have as powerful a story from one of our most successful authors, Australia, infidelity, a floating relation and a talking car with spiders. As always our initial comments follow.

On Monday, the Amazing Mr Tom Sheehan raised the bar. His story ‘ Comes A Prisoner Bound in Rags‘ was as strong as he has ever sent us.

‘I think this realistically touched on the thoughts and disassociation that only the strongest survivors possess. It was quite brilliant’

‘Gripping, terrible, brutal and ultimately heart breaking.’

‘Shutting down would be the easiest option whereas surviving is the most horrendous.’

Matthew Lyons was next up with ‘The Last Time I saw Grampaw‘. This was Matthew’s second story for us and we are sure that he will add to that very soon.

‘There is something for the reader to be left with and ponder, I like that.’

‘Bonkers but compelling.’

‘Tremendous, I loved this.’

Wednesday was our usual midweek conundrum. Is it the first half or the second. I like to consider it as the second.

We had our first new writer who we welcome and ask for more stories. That is now a given! Neil Greybanks had his first story ‘Rust Is Rust, Is A Petal, Is Love‘ break the back of the week.

‘This is very emotional and well observed.’

‘Good characters. The dialogue was great and it didn’t follow a predictable route.’

‘I thought the tryst was a bit unusual as it was more about her control over both men than anything else.’

We don’t need to introduce James Hanna. His many stories are powerful and beautifully written. ‘The Outback‘ was published on Thursday.

‘Wonderfully written, atmospheric, this was almost magical.’

‘It moved the reader effortlessly to a far away place full of chaos and dirt.’

‘I knew James was a cracking story teller. His writing skills are equal to his story telling!’

And last up on Friday was another new author. We welcome Antoinette McCormick. We hope she has fun, enjoys the experience and sends us more work! ‘Planting Cars‘ was our last story of the week.

‘I liked this, the ending was perfect.’

‘Unique and a lot of the imagery stays with you.’

‘The addition of the husband was a bit sinister.’

Well the stories kept me company. Them and two dozen cans of lager and a family sized bag of Maltesers.

I really need to start speaking to folks again but preferably not after the Maltesers and Tennants. Once I’ve drank all that lager I think I’m very sociable but eating that amount of chocolate makes me want to vomit on people!


Banner Image – Pixabay.com


5 thoughts on “Week 117 – Suspicion, A Veal Calf And Too Much Chocolate.

    • Hi Dave,
      There’s nothing wrong with collecting dead hedgehogs as long as that is how you found them!
      Thanks for the interest my friend!
      I still get a kick when I see someone has commented on my nonsense!
      All the very best.


  1. Not had much Jack lately and I’ve never been in a Jacuzzi, but that amount of Jack does sound appealing!! (No ice in my drink though, the nip is then enhanced!)
    It’s a continual pleasure having you comment!


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