Week 116 Short Paragraphs, Alien Slime And Type-Writer Ribbon

I write this as the events in London unfold.

Our world has many sicknesses and all of them are man induced, no matter what their ideals or beliefs. For our world and the innocents I do grieve and all of us at Literally Stories pass on our thoughts to those involved.

This has brought me to the topic of madness. But not the narrow minded madness from a bunch of insignificant bastards who can’t comprehend the common theme of being human first, followed, with no significance, of sex or religion.

Madness is the only connection to this, my weekly posting! I don’t mean it to be crass, only a link.

I have seen at close hand what Dementia does. (Political correctness should make me explain my tie-in between Dementia and madness, but I won’t. I have earned the right.)

My experiences have been with those of generations past who deteriorated after retirement. Work was their purpose and identity. That idea I hate. We are who we are, not a fecking work label. But I am talking about the days where there was very little understanding, prevention or care. It’s obvious now, with what we know, where some of our old folks went within their own minds. In those days we tried to pull them forward into our times when we should have just went with them back into their memories

So where am I going with this?

I worry about us!! I think on all who have contributed to the site. We are all writers, we all consider, we all imagine, we all come up with so many scenarios and characters.

The old folks that I’ve been talking about attended chickens or rivets or coal or whatever and Dementia hit them. What fucking chance have we got? We’ve thought about sex, death, talking animals, sex, destruction, different worlds, different sex, social problems, the deranged, monsters and sexual monsters daily. I hate to put this to you folks but we are fucked!

In our dotage the CMT authors will be climbing the walls imagining the serial killers and weirdos of their mind coming to get them. They will stress about being ripped off, writing an ongoing investigating character, whether a TV series would do the said character justice and whether or not short paragraphs add to tension.

The speculative and science fiction writers will be drooling what they think is alien slime whilst worrying about the world not ending up as a nuclear wasteland, gin, no robots, room 101, no aliens and whether or not George Orwell was any good.

The romance writers may just be morose and comatose as they realise their genre was shit. If not they will be stressing about a misunderstanding, an intervention, waiting for Mr Darcy to save them and what a really good clean metaphor is for a shag.

The horror writers will be mad about not having a padded cell to bend to convention and stereotype. They will wonder where the monsters are and think, ‘Actually…It had all been done before.’

Every writer will have hallucinations that will involve rejections, criticism, no ideas, bad ideas, other writers not having no ideas, other writers having good ideas and their phones having no signal.

If I had written this twenty years ago, our biggest fears would have been the insular problem of us running out of ribbon or ink.

Just to comfort you all, sorry, I mean worry! Think about your sickest character or fantasy that you have either written about or considered writing about. You may end your days acting that out!!!

If you have been effected by anything that you have read and then considered, seek help now. You can’t wait until your dotage!!!!

OK onto our very level headed writers of the week!!

This week we had topics such as a cowboy murder mystery, resistance, a teenage self exploration, some inverted cute and cuddly and a continuation.

As always, our initial comments follow.

The consistency of excellence was apparent on Monday with Tom Sheehan and his story ‘Death In The Shadows.

‘I enjoyed the pace and rhythm.’

‘This flowed.’

‘The night-time scenes were very visible and atmospheric.’

On Tuesday we had a new writer for your entertainment. We welcome Matthew Lyons and we hope that he has more work for us very soon.

Anklebiters Meet God‘ was next up.

‘This was a bit of nasty fun.’

‘Original and weird.’

‘I loved the Osh Kosh reference.’

We had a returning author on Wednesday. Alex Colvin had his ‘The Suburban Vision Quest‘ published mid week.

‘The corner shop feast laxative made me smile.’

‘A wry look at modern kids.’

‘Pretty clever.’

Not much to say about Thursday’s post other than it was me! I think this may only be my third effort with no content warning, I must be slipping!

As always I thank my fellow editors for their continual support and encouragement.

Reflection‘ was our penultimate posting.

And just like Tom on Monday, we had some more class and exquisite writing to complete the week. Leila Allison finished us off with the wonderfully titled ‘A Whistle For The Goatfooted Balloonman.’ on Friday.

‘Lovely and gentle and wistful and beautiful wordplay.’

‘This is all about the ‘say nothing Thursday.’

‘I’m glad there was no dwelling on Fran’s passing.’

That’s us for another week folks.

I’m off to drink lots of Absinthe to encourage my ongoing madness. My dementia will never take me back to happy days or identity as I have none and many.



Banner Image: Pixabay.com

6 thoughts on “Week 116 Short Paragraphs, Alien Slime And Type-Writer Ribbon

    • Thanks Doug,
      I don’t think we need to look! It’s obvious!!!
      Great to see you commenting, you help keep the site alive.
      All the very best my friend.


  1. Neither dementia, misguided fanaticism, nor a hefty dose of the clap present in this week’s roundup. I just got fleeced six times in seven while playing cards. The last by wired effing twos I had forgotten to keep track of. Hope to all at LS that the bad hands be few


    • You need to play to the old saying:
      If getting beat…Cheat!

      Thanks as always for your continual support and interest on my therapy sessions!!


    • Thanks Diane,
      This was a bit difficult to do for a number of reasons.
      Black humour and sarcasm get me through my fears and insecurities!
      Thanks as always for all your help and support


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