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Saunders House by Tobias Haglund


I remember sneaking into the old Saunders house with my older sister. The trees twisted into positions which during the night cast shadows, which still haunt me in my dreams. It was silly, but great fun. We were discoverers of occult. Patrons of good, as Father Hope called us. I miss him. Father Geary is stern and never lets anything go. He forced Jane to grow up too fast. Twenty years old and already mother of two and married to Hank. Hank ‘wooden-face’ Edison.

I still visit the Saunders house. I won’t get in trouble for going into the yard any more, but I still sneak, pretend that the shadows are moving in the moonlight. When Will and Joey are older we can play there. Hopefully I won’t be too old.

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Fat Tuesday by Adam West



For Jonas Ericsson, a junior prosecutor with the Swedish Prosecution Authority, the story began in Stockholm on Valentines Day, 2012, and ended a week later in New Orleans, USA, on the twenty-first day of February.

Fat Tuesday.

At short notice Ericsson asked his secretary to cancel a number of upcoming appointments. He then booked two weeks leave.

Five days later he landed in the United States.

The day before Mardi Gras.

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Disneyland by Hugh Cron – Adult Content


“We’re all going to Disneyland in the summer! That is six months from now! So I want you to mark each day off so we know how close it’s getting.”

The three children screamed with delight. They ran up to their bedrooms to look out some calendars and to chat and get excited as little children do.

She sat. Never said a word. Asking about how they were going to afford this was a bad idea.

He smiled at her.

“Well, you can tell everyone what I am doing for the kids. That’ll shut your mother up.”

She nodded, trying to hide the swallow that relieved the lump of dread in her throat.


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Future Imperfect by Des Kelly



The near future…

“Don’t talk about God or the worthwhile causes. I won’t believe what anyone says. They’re in it for themselves; they have to be. Survival is the only strategy. Take it from me. I know what I’m talking about, and bollocks to the rest.” Edwards paused. “Are you paying attention?”

Panoni wasn’t listening, and to prove the point scratched his balls.

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Holding Hostage by Tobias Haglund


A young man or an old boy depending on your view point, called Vernon, was in his last year of high school when something out of the ordinary happened, but to fully explain the situation one needs to understand the back story.

Vernon went to an IT-oriented high school even though he had never been interested in computers. Since most of the classmates were geeks, Vernon knew he had to become the cool guy in the class; it was and still is Swedish law. However Vernon had no experience in being cool.

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Literally Stories Week 19


Literally Stories began and ended the week with concise short stories, on the theme of loss. There wasn’t a great deal of cheer on offer in between either and yet we trust all the stories – as they say –struck a chord.


We have five more lined up for next week but first here is what you had to say about this week’s specially selected tales.

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Ella’s Ghost by Nik Eveleigh


“Please. Can you stay just a little longer?”

Ella holds my palm to her cheek and smiles. Her radiance pushes through the withered dilution of her past glory and warms me as her skin no longer can.

“I’m lost without you.”

“Hush.” She lays light against me.

“I’m sorry. You should have had so much more. So much more than I…”

Ella raises her head and grips my hand in hers. “You were always enough for me Charlie. Always. Don’t ever think that.” She is crying now. “Promise me.”

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Margaret’s Mementos by June Griffin


Margaret Dawson had sold linens at Macy’s for fifteen years, hating every day of it, every customer she served, and every other sales clerk, when she met her husband, Donald, a kind-hearted Manhattan policeman who patrolled West Harlem.

Marriage did not change her discontent and the birth of a premature and severely disabled baby named Bertie brought her to a simmering rage.

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Icarus by Tobias Haglund


”Another one, Mickey.” Mickey raised his eyebrows. “Yea I’m sure. Throw on another one. It needs to support the weight and account for winds, so throw on another one.”

“I’ll never get the speed high enough to take flight.”

“Sure you will. You’ve been practicing?”

“Yes. I’m fast. How are your motors coming along?”

“Don’t worry about them. You just keep focusing on staying on track at that velocity.”

Althea walked out from the cabin, kissed James on the cheek and placed a tray on the table. “How are you boys doing?”

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The Swallow (For Matty) by Todd Levin


Matty wasn’t a very good friend. We’d sit up late and watch these old movies in black and white and sometimes all-new colour and even though I sat right in front of him, he’d throw popcorn and pillows at my head and the feathers would fly everywhere. My mother couldn’t deal with the mess and I always took the blame for him.

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