Literally Stories Week 19


Literally Stories began and ended the week with concise short stories, on the theme of loss. There wasn’t a great deal of cheer on offer in between either and yet we trust all the stories – as they say –struck a chord.


We have five more lined up for next week but first here is what you had to say about this week’s specially selected tales.

Chicken Roll by Diane Dickson – Del Nolan said: Didn’t see it coming.

The Swallow (For Matty) by Todd Levin – Vic Smith said: Powerful and moving, Todd. Thank you.

Icarus by Tobias Haglund – June said: A wonderful read, Tobias! You have honored every inventor because the souls of both the success and the failure are made of the same cloth.

Margaret’s Mementos by June Griffin – James McEwan said: Can people really be born mean? Poor Margaret harbored a grudge, an internal devil that drove her to hate. I am sure she was just looking for attention, since her husband was shot and her poor son died… a story of moral guidance for those who care to look.

Ella’s Ghost by Nik Eveleigh – James McEwan said: Mourning is a process that can only be understood through personal experience and can be manifested in a sense of being lost and alone. You captured this helplessness so well.

There was another poll and another runaway winner. In fact it was the same runaway winner; our very own sensational Swede.

The Village by Mr. Tobias Haglund is this week’s Story of the Week. We’d pin a medal on him but he’s invariably out of sight.

Will the Stockholm Scribbler do it yet again? You decide. Vote for your story of the week

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