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One Wish by Frederick K Foote

I’m in the club. In the home of smoke, dope, short, short skirts and low-cut, nipple revealing tops, iron-hard six packs, bulging biceps, desperate dealings, shitty, shady pick-up lines and nine-millimeter lethal put-downs.

My stomping grounds. I embrace my ex. Look over her shoulder for my next ex to be.

I’m bouncing to the beat with a hottie that got potential and a none slip differential – and then I’m not.

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Frivolous by David Henson

“You should’ve just popped in, Mathis,” Mrs. Kelly says opening the door. “You know we’re waiting for you. Come, come.”

“I never like to presume, Mrs. Kelly,” Mathis says entering the small home. “It’s nice to see you again.”

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