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Literally Reruns – The Last Lost Eye by Marco Etheridge

Leila has braved the darkness, the dankness, the drippiness for us – down in the nether regions where the scary stories go to plot and plan. She pushed this one into a bag and brought it into the light. This is what she said:

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Luisa by Tim Gorichanaz

Every day Luisa left a new piece of art at the foot of his bed. They were washcloths shaped like animals, a different one each day. She was very talented.

He knew it was Luisa because she signed her work. She left a card that said Your Room Was Cleaned By ____________. It’s my pleasure, and Luisa wrote her name on the line. He suspected she left those cards in all the rooms she cleaned, but maybe she was reaching out. She’d written her name there, by hand, just for him. She dotted the i with a circle.

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