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The Ten Commandments by Hugh Cron – Warning – Adult Content

“Right Israelites…Where are they?”

“Only me boss. Do you like my frock?”

“It’s very fetching. And who are you?”

“I’m Charlton, the rest of them seen the smoke in the distance and thought there was a fire heading this way. I mean they’ve just got dried from the sea thingy, miracle, whatever the fuck.”

“The sea parted, it never touched them.”

“I know but they’d all pissed themselves. They’re not very brave. Anyway they fucked off home, wherever that is.”

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My Brother Jesus by Larry Lefkowitz

Jesus was ever the apple of his mother’s eye. Me – the lemon of her tongue. Was it my fault that I was a clumsy brute, poor with words, while my brother Jesus was skilled of tongue and handsome of face? My father Joseph had more patience for me than did my mother – but then he, like me, was taciturn of character.

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