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Week 395 – The Great Wall Of China Isn’t The Only One, ‘I’m Still Standing’ Isn’t Appropriate And Thomas Dolby Isn’t Anonymous!

The Mighty Clan Cron

Here we are at Week 395 and let’s be honest there has only been one event that has been covered.

I wonder if the world has ended and no-one has told us. They have been too busy reporting on a long line of … (Insert your own phrasing here)

Only those Brits (I’m a Scottish person and for so many reasons would not include myself with them!) could put the queue in queen. (Please don’t capitalise that word Diane, it will make me cry!!)

This all reminds me of a sketch show that showed Hess writing his diary.

Mon – Got up. Looked at the walls. Went to bed.

Tue – Got up. Looked at the walls. Went to bed.

Wed – You get the idea.

The reporting on the queue was the same.

‘The queue is miles long.

It will be hours before you get to see (what may or may not be) the actual coffin.

Here’s the story of the wait by this person here.’

‘The queue is miles long.

It will be hours before you get to see (what may or may not be) the actual coffin.

Here’s the story of the wait by this person here.’

‘The queue is miles long.

It will be hours before you get to see (what may or may not be) the actual coffin.

Here’s the story of the wait by this person here.’

That went on and on daily for what seemed like the length of the reign!

I wonder if some royalist prick will start a new urban myth – ‘And do you know folks…That queue could be seen from space!’

Diane made me think when she stated that she loved all the ceremonial aspect so I did have a quick look and I have came to a conclusion. The outfits are ridiculous. They look like something you would wear for a party at Elton John’s house.

I’m equally proud and disgusted with myself on holding back all my thoughts on this, this, event. Maybe I’m growing as a person?? What is the saying, ‘Not the time, nor the place’? It’s definitely the time but definitely not the place.

Onto more relevant matters.

We have had many discussions on author’s voice or opinions bleeding into a story. It should never happen DIRECTLY. But say, you use your opinion on abortion and write a story that’s the opposite of those thoughts, you have inspired your story but you have kept your ideals out.

If you write a story with your opinions in mind, you MUST convey this onto and into your character.

This is a very difficult thing to do. If a reader, for a second, thinks that they’re being preached to by you, they will be rather pissed off. If they finish reading and state, ‘See that character Paul, he was a right bastard’, then you have done your job brilliantly.

If you think on it this way:

The best things to debate are those that you don’t believe in. If you can make a case for something that is abhorrent to you, you’ve shown, not so much an understanding of the subject but an acute perception on other opinions.

That was rather deep for what inspired this and that this was our lovely Diane.

Diane corrected a brand name that I’d used and I thought, ‘It could’ve been my character who got that wrong’ (By the way, that is a cracking excuse when writing bad grammar in dialogue!!) But I knew that it wasn’t and that was why I had to correct it. If I’d known the real name and chose to use a close re-name, that would have been fine. But as it was, I didn’t know the name and therefore if I used what could have been an amusing slip of the brain, then that line was about me.

Fuck me! I gave myself a headache reading that back!!

I hope that you see what I was getting at.

Okay, onto this week’s stories.

We had two newbies who we welcome and wish them every success on the site. A returner and two well established writers.

As always our initial comments follow.

First up was one of our more unique writers. Tim Frank is steadily producing a cracking back catalogue. ‘Sanctuary’ was his fourteenth outing for us.

‘Tim specializes (Guess who wrote this!) in unlikeable characters who he puts across quite brilliantly.’

‘Tim is a brave writer who I respect a helluva lot!’

‘I think that Mr Frank is in a category all of his own.’

I’ll keep this brief but say a lot. (I must have been influenced by Adam Kluger!)

Tom Sheehan – Legend! – 186 and counting!

Ray Guns Of The Invaders‘ was next up.

‘I did like the idea that they were going to use the tombstones to save the living.’

‘This is another side of Tom.’

‘The quantity and quality of Tom’s writing is endless!’

On Wednesday we had Paul Kimm returning for the second time. Sometimes this is the hardest story to have accepted as it is the writer who has made their own bench mark with their first.

Before I type the review, all of us want to thank Paul for the amount of commenting he has been doing. We can add him in with Dave, Harrison, Mick and we could never forget Doug as one of our regular commentators. We have others but they sometimes come and go. It would be great to see all of you together!!

Anyhow, story number two from Paul was ‘Our Harbour

‘He captured those Northern Seaside towns very well.’

‘Excellent descriptive writing!’

‘Well written with a clever lilt.’

Next up was our first new writer, Kirk Alex.

A warm welcome to you. Hope we see more of your work very soon.

Aussie Girls‘ was published on Thursday.

‘A very complicated MC!’

‘You can look at this in two ways.’

‘No matter what, this is ‘unsettling’ done very well.’

The same warm welcome and plea to see more of their work goes to Gary Opas.

He completed the week for us with, ‘Dear Survivor.’

‘I dislike Zombie stories, but this was different, it was sad and thoughtful without all the brain eating nonsense.’

‘I loved the tone of this and it had such a sad ending.’

‘The way that he got through to his daughter was done very well.’

That’s us once again.

I hope to be praising more like Paul as soon as possible due to an influx of commenting!!

There is an ember to The Sunday Re-Run as Shawn Eichman threw his hat in the ring. Leila is seeking out a Marshmallow as we speak. It may be after Christmas before it is published but we can’t express how thankful we are to Shawn.

Thanks so much my fine friend. (And for the comments!!)

Just to finish, I think it’s time for a change to yoan song that follows yoan new king thing. Billy Connolly once stated that their anthem should be the theme tune to ‘The Archers’ as it is a bit more upbeat than the dirge that is used.

I’ve thought on another one and I think chuck is on board as he has let his image be used in the video (Around 56 seconds in)

I think the title is also somewhat appropriate, especially if we believe David Icke.

Oh and chuck is now KFC to me…Use your imagination!!


Images; The Cron Tartan – Google Images
The family crest of the Cron family (or one branch of it) google images.
As we see there is grandeur among us and by the way I looked it up and you can’t see the wall of China from space – it’s a lie!!! The Queue on the other hand !!!!

10 thoughts on “Week 395 – The Great Wall Of China Isn’t The Only One, ‘I’m Still Standing’ Isn’t Appropriate And Thomas Dolby Isn’t Anonymous!”

  1. Hugh

    Line dancing Charlies are the future. Wonder if who’s ever still alive in the Pistols will cut a new track.
    Best writing on an opinion one is for is to attack it like a gang of rabid Squirrels. If what you say survives it might be right. Mark Twain excelled at selling the bad side (like slavery) to point out the evil in it. Great post!



    1. Hi Leila,
      Thanks as always.
      I’d like to see that KFC jumping between buildings etc. Maybe young wullie would be there to give him a little push!
      What do those folks who should know better say ‘long live the king’ due to the hundreds of thousands of pounds of medical care yearly to ensure that he lives long.
      Young wullie, better make sure that it is a really good push!!!


  2. Another good Saturday read and recap of the week. Similar to a story taking the opposite side of an argument to what the writer believes can be done with character development. Start with making the character completely unlikeable at the start and have him be sympathetic by the end.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Dave,
      Either that or kill him off and then you have a tale of comeuppance!
      Thanks as always my fine friend, I am humbled at your continual interest in my witterings!!
      All the very best.


    1. Hi Diane,
      That farmyard is a normal one in some of the rurals of Scotland. Well apart from Dolby’s rather cool clothes!!
      Thanks so much for finding me a coat of arms. I feel honoured.
      …Maybe more sullied! I’m not sure how to behave. You read about the privileged but there are a lot of their activities that really don’t appeal to me!
      …I’d enjoy the money though!!
      I’d never drink flat coke in my Bacardi ever again!!!


  3. The commentary on the funeral commentary went on for miles. As usual, a personal anecdote. A rejection of “Transformer” really burned me. The story of a reall obnoxious, offensive narrator was rejected because the narrator was really obnoxious and offensive. Have not gone back to that publisher.

    Roll With It / Keep On Rocking

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Doug,
      I think if you give a specific reason why you have rejected a story (Apart from what is set out on the guidelines) you are asking to be exposed with a lack of understanding just as much as a valid point – It’s best not to go there!!
      Thanks as always my fine friend.


      1. There is a publication called (I think) “Rejection Letters” for which I believe I’ll write a story. I’ve got plenty of experience with things like “A fat cat couldn’t dance”, “He wouldn’t have taken her back”, some mumbo-jumbo about energy.

        Because I know that any rejection of one one my stories is a mistake, I always ignore criticism of my works. My fave “Not right for us at this time”. I wonder if it would be right next Friday.

        Rock and Roll


  4. “A fat cat couldn’t dance.” I’ll be thinking about that all week. And the cat will be wearing a ridiculous ceremonial costume.


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