Literally Reruns, Short Fiction

Literally Reruns – Wingsy by Tom Sheehan

Every day I have submissions to read, stuff to write and books to catch up on. When I get tired I often catch myself skimming along the top of a piece, usually due to the false perception of overload. For I imagine that I am being driven, but that’s not true. I keep telling myself that the world is an increasingly hectic place, with too little time for careful reading. I believe the first person to say that was probably confronted by two wall paintings to review for the Hunter-Gatherer Digest.

So, I must consciously fight back the urge to speed my way across stories. If I had blown through Tom Sheehan’s Wingsy I would never have had time to adequately glean the genuine emotions it summons. It is a beautifully timed piece that carefully sets up a unique character. Bit by bit, the singular Wingsy returns to life through Tom’s careful, caring hand.

So, pour another cup, sit back, avoid damned YouTube for a while, and let yourself be transported to a different time.




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