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Literally Reruns- Hi, I’m Stacy by Nyx-Bean

Quite often a writer will streak across our virtual sky, a word comet, who graces our viewing for a while before moving in. From late 2016 into ’17, Nyx Bean gave us four memorable stories, and it is a shame that they should sit in the vault, alone, neglected.

Hi, I’m Stacy, is a fine representation of Nyx talent (I know there should be possessive work there, but “Nixxez” sounds off in my head). It’s a fun and sharp look at both the perks and disadvantages of the Undead.

Now, if Nyx is out there, we’d love to hear her thoughts on this story. What challenges she faced during its composition; if she is still happy with it after over five years. Either way, I am happy to bring it out for a new audience.



Hi, I’m Stacy

Hello Nyx

I am delighted to inform you that your story Hi, I’m Stacy  has been selected for a Rerun and will be featured on the site on Sunday 3rd July.

Leila has included a question with the selection and if you wish to respond you can reply to this email or in the comments on the site on publication day.

Congratulations on your Rerun



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