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Week 365 – Mr Popularity Getting Over It, Mr And Mrs Hilarity Sharing It And No Sweat For Mr Windsor Paying It.

I read that one of my old gaffers had died a few weeks back and something that happened to me last week tied the two in.

Nothing to do with my gaffer but it reminded me of a works night out. We went into a pub and I saw that one of our customers was standing with my workmates. I didn’t understand what my workmates were giggling at. As usual I checked my fly but it was fine. I asked them what they wanted to drink and also offered the customer a pint. He said that he had to go and left. My workmates went from subdued giggles to absolutely pishing themselves. I asked what was wrong and they told me that the customer had said to them that he got on with everyone in the sawmill (About one hundred and fifty workers) but the only person he couldn’t stand was me – And I had just walked in at that very declaration. I was only a kid, but I must admit, I’ve been thick skinned for a long time, so I can’t say that I was heartbroken as it’s just one of those things.

I didn’t pursue this, I gave the guy his space and only did what I needed to when he came in. (That wasn’t me being respectful or dignified, he was a big bloke and if he had punched me, he would have taken my head clean off!)

Where I tie this in is that phrase, ‘I didn’t pursue this’. Last week I was questioned on my integrity after sending out a rejection. None of us have any problem if someone asks for a wee bit of feedback on why the story didn’t make it. But if you just want to fang and doubt a decision, trust me…There is no point in pursuing this.

Sometimes just accepting and getting on with it is the only thing to do.

We have never changed our minds due to someone thinking, sorry voicing, that we were wrong. We have always said, try another site as they may feel differently.

Like my old work – I know that of the thousands of customers we had, at least two liked me. (One I bought hookey booze off of and the other was his brother who undercut him on lager!)

Completely off topic…But not really as this is also something that I’ve seen – There are times when we think that we’ve got the best idea in the world that no-one has ever thought of only to find that it had been thought on but deemed so shite it wasn’t worth pursuing.

This came to me this week when I ended up watching the second Suicide Squad film. To be fair, I hate most of these Super-Hero / Marvel / DC whatever the fucks. I have enjoyed a very few – The first Batman Movie. (Adam West) The second first Batman Movie (Michael Keaton). The third first Batman Movie (Christian Bale) and the first ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ (The soundtrack was brilliant!)– The rest that I’ve seen I hate in an escalating degree of hateness.

Gwen loves them (I judge her) She also loves Rom-Coms (I judge her more) and Christmas Films (I judge myself for staying with her!) It is so weird that she will list ‘Midnight Express’, ‘Sleepers’, ‘The Deer Hunter’ and ‘Once Upon A Time In America’ amongst her favourites but she also enjoys ‘Iron Man’ and ‘Spiderman’

Anyhow, I couldn’t believe what I was watching – Stallone’s dialogue was clear and meaningful. But the thing that spoiled (What should have been an Oscar worthy performance from Sly) was one of the character’s powers – This guy threw Polka Dots at you. I mean, really!

I have a problem with Polka Dots as I have history!

I was lying steam-boats one night and one of my sister’s pals Polka Dot trousers were staring at me and I couldn’t get the circles to stop spinning. I was sick.

Also, the first time I heard the Timmy Mallet version of ‘She Wore An Itsy Bitsy Teensy Weensy Yellow Polka Dot Bikini’, I was sick. I wasn’t pished that day, it was just the reaction that Timmy Mallet had on me!

We get so many bad ideas as stories that it makes me think that certain folks don’t get out much and never talk to real people.

Weirdly a lot of these ideas are based on real events. I would give you all a tip – If you think that you and your wife’s exploits are hilarious, they probably aren’t.

If you think that your kid is hilarious, it probably isn’t.

And if you think anyone would love to read about your mix up in a foreign country, they probably don’t.

Knowing a person can make the situation. Pity laughs can make you think you are a damn sight more funny than you are.

My point is when you let anyone see your stories – Ask them to be brutally honest. And be willing to take it with good grace and use it as an opportunity to learn and improve and sometimes throw the work to one side in a file marked – ‘Shite that needs re-worked and re-thought!!’

…Oh and don’t think of a Super-Hero who throws Polka Dots. It has been done and should have been filed as just ‘Shite’.

Okay onto this week’s stories.

We had four new writers (A E, David, Jeffrey and Crispen) and a man who has more stories than 90% of our writers have put together.

To all our new writers, we welcome them, hope that they have fun on the site and of course, we want to see more of their work.

As always our initial comments follow.

On Monday, A E Rocher got us up and running.

Veil‘ was first of the week.

‘I like the mean bitter voice.’

‘It’s a bit mysterious.’

‘I like the wrongness of the MC.’

David Sebesta was next up.

At The End Of The World‘ was published on Tuesday.

‘Very lyrical.’

‘What a weird little story.’

‘Strange but well done.’

On Wednesday we had ‘The Impeccable Diver‘ by the legend that is Tom Sheehan.

‘I can’t define this but it had charm.’

‘Tom is so clever with his words.’

‘This left me with a smile on my face.’

Jeffrey Hill is a tenacious writer.

His first story for the site was ‘Aunt Sarah‘ which was showcased on Thursday.

‘A rather unique idea on a unique attitude.’

‘A cracking dark story.’

‘Jeff has worked hard at this.’

And we finished off with Crispen Lish’s ‘The Ancient Wisdom.


‘It’s obscure but it works.’

‘This has given me something to think on.’

That’s us for another week guys.

Please comment!

Get involved with the Sunday Re-Run.

And why not say thanks if someone comments. A thumbs up can be interesting but you probably need to be in the same room!

Just to finish:

I see that RandyAndyPandy is still claiming his innocence to the tune of more than a few million. (Good on that girl for accepting it – That just proves what the British Establishment is!!)

Of course it would spend that kind of money on a settlement instead of proving innocence – It was the only sensible thing to do. I think it was looking at the Michael Jackson Playbook.

The British idea is that this has been for the best as no-one would have wanted a court case whilst the 70th anniversary celebrations of the Paedo’s Mother was going on.

Ahh – More protection!

He was protected by wealth and her from London is protected by status and misjudged loyalty.

Money proves your guilt but saves you doing time!!

We can be so proud!!


Image by Prawny from Pixabay 

Sorry Hugh – couldn’t help it!!! dd

8 thoughts on “Week 365 – Mr Popularity Getting Over It, Mr And Mrs Hilarity Sharing It And No Sweat For Mr Windsor Paying It.”

  1. No one should ever impugn your integrity! I mean that to the degree that has caused me to actually use impugn in a sentence ( I hope I got the meaning right). I think it’s wise to note that no writer resources book recommends bellicose replies to rejection emails. I did that once, when I was young and angry, and I regret it now that I am only angry.

    I have to wonder how many millions was seeing that guy naked worth? I bet it drove the price higher. Thing is, doesn’t all this money actually come from the public? Or is Chuck’s Honors business turning a healthy profit enough to help out a relative?

    Excellent post!



    1. Hi Leila,
      I think we all have one misguided answer to a rejection in us, but you need to learn very quickly that there is no point and at a certain age you should know better.
      There was one MP who has demanded that the details of where the money comes from is published as there shouldn’t be one penny from the public purse. But that’s a laugh as all royal money originated from the public. (Originated – Maybe that should be taken!!)
      Thanks as always!!


      1. I looked up the Queen’s net worth. About a half billion smackers. I was shocked to see 42.8 million pound tax free”sovereign grant.” Now, I don’t think she should be on relief, but maybe she should forgo further compensation.


    1. Hi Dave,
      Thanks my fine friend for your continual commenting – It is much appreciated!!
      Life is all a learning curve and writing is no different. And you are so right about rejection giving thought to re-working. But it’s difficult to judge as not everything that is rejected needs re-thought!
      Dead simple this writing lark!!
      In the same sort of thinking – I have never asked for feedback after an unsuccessful interview. That has nothing to do with arrogance, I think you know yourself how an interview has went. The way that I look at it is, it may not matter what I had done if someone is ear-marked for the job. So to argue the firms case, it will be stated that the interviewee was ‘Too confident’, ‘Too withdrawn’, ‘Not knowledgeable enough’ etc, etc. And all that does is give you something to worry about at your next interview when there wasn’t anything wrong in the first place.
      Cheers again!!


  2. I recently noted to someone that out of more than six hundred subs, I’ve used critiques twice, but it might be fewer. Where many, maybe most value criticism, If I had wanted to write as the critique suggested, I would have done it. I won’t sub to a pub (woo-hoo rhyme) that foists explicitly unwanted criticism on me. I’m happy with “Not right for us at this time”, but I ask myself would it be OK next week?

    Obscure criticism that sounds like something a professor would put on homework is the worst for me. I don’t know nothin’ about riting, but I do it anyhow and frequently get away with it. Recently got something like “This brings up big subjects, but doesn’t explore them” from one pub and “This is so good I read it to my family” from another. Which is to say I don’t believe anyone’s judgement including my own.

    I have been stupid enough to question publishers which may be dumber than fighting city hall.

    Some of this rant may be accurate. It has not been audited.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Doug,
      I totally agree with the long winded explanations that when you think on it, you realise the person is saying a lot but saying nothing.
      We only feedback if we are asked. However if there is maybe a wee overlook / continuity problem, things like that which are the only reasons that are stopping us publish, we would then let the writer know our thoughts. We do this hoping that if the problems are sorted then we have a potential story.
      All the very best my fine friend.


      1. Hugh – If I got something about “Make this small change and we’ll publish it”, I’d do that. I was talking about “The cadence in rhythm of the asilmile of the elephants impacts the flow issue and you used two adverbs” as the irritating critique. After a bit of investigation I found that I was rejected for a damn. I was happy to change to gram as in I don’t give a gram. Altarred (sic) States published somewhere.


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