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Literally Rerun – Unanimous by June Griffin

An excellent friend of this site, David Henson, selected this piece by one of Literally Stories first excellent friends, June Griffin, for a rerun in 2018. I have chosen to bring it back again because, to quote the author in the comments section when it came out, “this is, hands down my favorite of my short stories.”

June retired from the site a few years ago, but way back when it was still up in the air whether the site would survive at all, let alone for years, LS had no better friend. You should always remember your friends, no matter how long it has been since you have seen them. This week we do just that.



Unanimous! by June Griffin

5 thoughts on “Literally Rerun – Unanimous by June Griffin”

  1. Hi June,
    Out of the thousands of stories we have read, there are only a very few that we don’t need to read too much to remember, for me, this is one of those elite!
    A revenge story is always well received but the way that you set this up was quite brilliant.
    I don’t normally get caught out as I see a plot twist a mile away, but this one caught me!!
    I still say that this is one of my absolute favourites that we have had the privilege to publish!!
    Oh and once again – I must thank you for the interest you took on my own stories – I appreciate every single comment that you gave me in the time that you were with us!!
    Stay happy and healthy my lovely friend!!!

    If you read my comments you will realise how much I appreciate your choice this week!


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