Literally Reruns, Short Fiction

Literally Reruns – Jim’s Aunts by Hugh Cron.

There’s always something that is both hidden and in plain sight at the same time in Hugh Cron’s stories, and Jim’s Aunts definitely has that quality in abundance. Although it is a short piece, all the words tell and the thing that it causes to form early on in the back of your head comes to light with the final sentence–even though it is also open ended.

Q: The repetition of juniper and cloves is effectively attached to the aunts. The association is made without the expense of many words. Did this come about naturally, or did you make an active decision here?

Q: I believe that Jim’s “attraction” was perfectly normal in having to lug around a penis sort of way. And I could see, in a way, how all those years of fantasizing would lead him to action. What do you think happened? I think they got him drunk and drew on his face with a Sharpie myself. All the while laughing.

Leila Allison


Jim’s Aunts

Hi Leila,

Thanks as always – It was fun thinking on this once again.

Q1. It was a sort of realisation. I think when you smell gin for the first time it is so unique and pungent, the memory of where you came across it will always be clear in your mind.

I think I enjoyed the scent of gin a lot more than I enjoyed the taste. (…To begin with!) I’ve always wanted to be able to enjoy a G&T, but I think tonic tastes like sick. So I stick to my gin, straight up, just like all the characters in the story.

Q.2 That is a cracking question and I’m not really sure. I reckon if I could answer that with any realism and conviction that would tell you more about the inspiration!!

They could just have drunk him under the table and laughed. But there is something at the back of my mind that makes me think of the randy old ladies as per Harry Enfield and the wonderful Kathy Burke. (Look them up)

I’m not exactly sure why he had such a fascination for them. Maybe the twinkle in their eyes did more for him than anything. But let’s be honest most young guys really do read nothing as interest and that is why they end up very disappointed.

No matter what, I hope they all enjoyed each others company in whatever way!!

Thanks again – I can’t tell you how much revisiting this mean to me!!!


5 thoughts on “Literally Reruns – Jim’s Aunts by Hugh Cron.”

  1. Hi Leila,
    Thanks again for picking this.
    I know what I’ll be drinking tonight…Whisky. I’ve ran out of Gin!


    1. I seldom go with gin. I like the taste but there’s something about the odor that seems off to me. Some people like the juniper smell, but it’s not for me. I love the smell of whiskey and whisky–even the cheap stuff probably boiled off last week.
      This is a fun story, I hope plenty of people take a look.


    1. Hi Dave,
      Thanks as always my fine friend!
      The varieties of Gin has went radio-rental!
      I think the next hip drink will be Black Rum. I enjoy a Lambs and Woods Rum especially but my brother-in-law loves different ones and when I see how many are now available, it makes me think the brewers know something about another popularity coming.
      Hope all is well with you and yours!!


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