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Week 264 – Thanks And No Thanks, A Solution That Isn’t Alcohol And Looking After Number One And Two.

Well here we are at Week 264.

First off I need to thank Diane for her excellent post of last week. She did a grand job. And you may not know this, but she removed three thousand and forty two profanities from her original draft. I thank her on behalf of all you sensitive souls.

I’m finding it very hard to ignore the plague that has taken over from Brexit as being the most over-exposed news item ever.

I have a solution that would give us a solution here in Britain. I can’t speak for any other country as I don’t know the intricacies, selfishness and incompetence of their individual governments. But here in my homeland we could get this sorted. All we need to do is jag all those fuckers in Parliament with the virus, have them self-isolate for a month and put them on a zero hour contract with no sick pay. When they returned (Or if – We can always be hopeful) they wouldn’t be long in sorting out the problem.

And it is a win-win as we would have four weeks of not watching them every time they are out in public washing their hands – Condescending bastards who take a world wide issue as an excuse for a photo-shoot.

On a writing topic, please don’t be working on any stories about this, we’ve read enough in the newspapers. (Or for those of you under forty on WashyourFaceaswellasyourhandsBook)

I personally don’t really give a cats cock about this – Death is the only leveller we have left so why shouldn’t those who have a lovely life not be anxious!

One other thing I’d like to mention; A couple of weeks ago, Gwen decided to send my story ‘At The End Of The Night’ to a ‘Remembering Old Ayr’ site as the subject matter was based on a well known fast-food establishment that everyone of our age group has fond memories. It was censored and removed.

I’ve now been censored by Mainholm Academy, (That was my very first attempt at poetry when I was thirteen) South Ayrshire Council, (For a business we once had and tried to promote) and now that Ayr Website. I would just like to thank my home town for absolutely Fuck All!!

And talking about my home town, it’s ironic that there’s a Monopoly Board being based on Ayr. For the number of businesses that are empty, this shouldn’t be so much a game as an indicator of potential regeneration. But be warned, if you play the game, the Council is considering making the ‘Pay Tax’ card a real thing.

I’m actually surprised that the game wasn’t canned by the council. They have banned and decimated everything that they’ve touched. I exaggerate – They never have a problem with their wage increases or their expenses – They are very competent with those.

I apologise for the national focused self-indulgence this week. I’m sure that you could all write similar!

Okay onto this weeks stories.

We have two new writers, a returning author, a man with many, many words to his name and me.

Our topics include; A choice, a quarry, art, acceptance and friendship.

As always our initial comments follow.


I kicked us off on Monday.

Speak No Evil‘ started off as a simple exploration of conscience with the line, ‘Live with this and live…’ It evolved by itself into something darker.

As always I thank Nik and Diane for putting up with my nonsense.


On Tuesday we were delighted to see the return of Martin Toman. His story ‘Bluestone‘ was next up.

‘Martin gets quite a bit of menace into this.’

‘Great build up of tension.’

‘Brilliant tone, this is very well done.’


Next up was Tom Sheehan.

There was a note somewhere in my notes that reminded me that this is Mr Sheehan’s 111th story for us. That is simply staggering!

Recall And Reveille‘ broke the back of the week.

‘The revelations on each character shows why they had a relationship with words.’

‘I said yes to the shorter version of this. I would add to that for the extra words!’

‘As with a lot of Tom’s stories, the camaraderie is done beautifully.’


We had our two newsters over the next two days.

We welcome both of them, hope they have fun on the site and most importantly, we want to see more of their work.


Chrissie Rohram was next up on Thursday with, ‘We Are The Waiting.’

‘It takes bravery to write brutal honesty. Good on Chrissie’

‘The barriers she tries to build and the realisation are all heart-breaking.’

‘The line about the bit of relief mixed in with the hurt is spot on.’


And on Friday our second new writer was Cathleen Davies.

Cathleen finished off the week for us with, ‘Arthur Rimbaund In New York.’

‘An interesting piece of observation on ‘Heroin Chic.’

‘No matter the recognisable references, this is an entertaining story with its own merit.’

‘It doesn’t matter what you think about the pictures or those appreciating them, Cathleen has got quite a story out of this.’


That’s us for another week.

The usual reminders folks.

Keep the comments coming. We’ve seen a couple of new contributors and that can only be good.

And as always, why not have a go at the Sunday Re-Run. Simply pick an older story that you have enjoyed and write an introduction or a spiel about it, throw in a couple of questions for the author and we’ll publish exactly what you send us.

Last couple of points on the plague.

Isn’t the word ‘plague’ much more dramatic than virus? Virus sounds nerdy – Must have to do with those computer infecting geeks who think they are bringing down society.

Let’s hope they get the plague!!

I read somewhere that those masks some folks are wearing are now available as disposable. My tip would be to keep them. They may come in handy because of those other wallopers who keep buying bog-roll!

Oh and I enjoyed a posting regarding that. I read somewhere about those amazing human beings who are bulk buying should also stock up on condoms. This is not to give them something to do if they need to quarantine themselves, this is so they don’t produce any more more selfish bastards.


Image by Shutterbug75 from Pixabay  – sorry but I just had to put this up – I think I’m brainwashed – can’t think of anything but these empty roll things. Doo di Doos we used to call them. Course you couldn’t doo di doo now because of the risk. I hope everyone stays well and keeps sane. dd

4 thoughts on “Week 264 – Thanks And No Thanks, A Solution That Isn’t Alcohol And Looking After Number One And Two.”

  1. I dread the coming literary refuse on the topic of the disease. Many dimwits refer to The Stand as the Bible for this sort of thing. The dimwits do not understand that the book wasn’t about the flu at all, but was an examination of Good, Evil and Free Will–hell, King could have had a comet drop out of the sky as the plot device and with very little change could have set up the same thing.

    Steinbeck’s Jim Casey said: “All that lives is holy.” Thus, by definition, even the assholes who find it funny to purposely sneeze on heads of cabbages at the supermarket are holy. At the risk of being obscure, I say write about the sneezers and let the dead bury the dead.


    1. Hi Leila,
      Thanks as always.
      I remember enjoying ‘The Stand’ many years ago. But ‘It’ is my favourite King book. The whole premise of around 1200 words is the line, ‘For every adult who thinks up the legend of the vampire, there is a kid who will believe in the stake to kill it.’ (Or something like that)
      ‘Bag Of Bones’ is excellent too, really brutal, sad and with a revenge that you can sympathise with.
      I have worked many a year in supermarkets and the ignorance of the public doesn’t surprise me. They can be total bastards when things are going well never mind what is happening today.
      Regarding the cabbage sneezers, well I always say to those folks who eat the loose grapes – You would never do that when you have seen what some of the customer have scratched and picked and then picked up and put down to choose their perfect grape!
      Stay happy and well!!


  2. Indeed, I think “At the End of the Night” would have shaken up the folks at “Remembering old Ayr.” For one thing, it’s about young folk trying to form relationships and connections in a time of fear.. not overly nostalgic he he. Speaking of times of fear this virus has rattled the whole world practically overnight. It’s the unexpected monster dropping out of the sky, in this case inside returning airplane travellers who have no symptoms at first. The cure is apparently to stay eight feet away from all people … social disconnection, because anyone could be a carrier. Sounds wise to me, even at the best of times.


    1. Hi Harrison,
      I agree about the travellers and when you think on it, it is the folks who could afford to travel at this time of the year who have been one of the problems.
      These are probably the same folks who have the money to spend bulk buying.
      The folks who only have the income to buy week to week are the ones who are struggling to get their usual supplies.
      We have seen a lot of kindness of humanity but let’s not be fooled, there is just as much selfishness.
      Thanks as always – Much appreciated!!
      All the very best my friend.


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