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Week 259 – Hobbies, Crusty Wounds And Miss Anderson’s Wasted Wednesdays.

Here we are at week 259. This is seemingly a momentous and historic week for Britain as we’re now out of The European Union.

I thought this would be a good topic for today’s posting. I could explore cause, economics, identities, the effect for future story writers and much more. But here’s the thing. I don’t give a cats cock!

I had a look to see if there was anything interesting that happened 259 years ago.

Well 1761 was a blast. I think there was a plague somewhere, there was a war somewhere and there were arguments over borders. So fuck all has really changed in all those years.

An insurance policy was sold in Philadelphia for the first time. If that was a life assurance I take it that six years later they refused to pay out due to death not being covered. It’s always in the small ink.

Ah – Insurance Firms, that’s a tie into last weeks post. If anyone was paying attention and know where that fits in I’ll be impressed you noticed and a little sad. (It’s like spotting a continuity error in a film and proudly telling someone or worst still posting it on Facewhogivesafuck!)

That got me thinking on the saddest hobbies. Now to be truthful, if you get anything out of anything, be proud and happy, just watch who you tell.

We have our own Nik who loves nothing more on a Saturday morning to run the coastline of South Africa. Some would say he is mad, but his car is fucked and he needs to get the rolls in.

Diane has an illegal still and enjoys smoking on a corn pipe. She does love her moonshine and evading duties.

I’m a wall starer, I take after my grandfather who took up wall staring late on in life. Well we thought he had but it turns out my granny roofied him. Not for sex I might add, she just wanted some peace to knit – another hobby. She also used him as a Winter Dyke.

I don’t think I’ve been roofied, it’s just that my life is shite. It used to be pish but got worse as I’ve now noticed that the walls need painting.

My point, which has been well lost, is writing about your hobbies can be very interesting. But be careful folks, not all that you find interesting transfers to others.

If you are a serial killer, collect rock memorabilia, or are a Peeping Tom, folks may judge you but they will be interested (live and let live I say but I personally would judge you to hell and back if you had anything from Coldplay in your rock collection.)

On the other hand; Collecting teabags, moss spotting and Hansard reading are only interesting to those dozen other like minded individuals.

It’s maybe best not to write your story around these. Enthusiasm is good and can be infectious but so can picking a scab.

Onto this weeks stories.

We had one new writer, two returning authors and two of our most prolific contributors with around 160 stories between them.

Our topics this week included; Horsemen, a haranguing, coping, an escape and a journey.


First up on Monday was the legend that is Tom Sheehan.

Yakima Escapades‘ began the week.

‘Enthralling, sad and captivating.’

‘The tone was excellent.’

‘The end scene in the water was very well done.’


Matt Hobbs is our first returning author.

We hope that Matt will add more to his back catalogue very soon.

On Tuesday we published his second story, ‘The Sense Of Something More.

‘The reveal at the end of the colourless, pointless world was perfectly timed.’

‘Very well written, the story is clear and concise.’

‘The world he created was believable.’


I was very pleased to see another story in from Jenny Boyes. I remembered her name as soon as I saw it.

Wishbone‘ broke the back of the week.

‘I wish I had the imagination to have thought of this.’

‘This sort of stuff is normally poorly done. Not this, I was enthralled.’

‘Wonderful. I loved the images it left you with.’


Fancy Goodnight‘ was the brilliant Fred Foote’s offering for us on Thursday.

‘Very visible and rather scary.’

‘The section about the first days in The Air Force was harrowing and believable.’

‘Excellent dialogue.’


And on Friday we had our new writer.

We welcome Dominic Dayta, hope he has fun on the site and as always, we want to see more of his work.

Mean, Median, Mode‘ finished off the week.

‘The premise of ‘If I can make a formula for it, it exists’ is actually so sad.’

‘This is an excellent angle on the normal story of this type.’

‘The story was well put together and the data aspect never took over.’


So that’s us for another week.

Usual reminders folks.

Please keep the comments coming.

And have a go at the Sunday Re-Run. Just pick an older story that you’ve enjoyed, write a spiel or an introduction and throw in a couple of questions for the author. We’ll print exactly what you send us.

I’ve never copied and pasted that reminder. It is my sort of punishment. I feel that if I bore the regular few readers with the repetition, I need to type it.

‘Scripture Union meets on Wednesday!’

I’ve been known to say that if I have to repeat myself.

You see, when I was at Secondary School, every Monday at the end of Assembly, the announcements were read out and no matter what, that was always included.

The teacher who took it was called Miss Anderson and she was a nice soul. Unfortunately the pupils at the school I went to weren’t that interested. One wee guy went once but got beat up with a bible the next day for being a ‘Discipled’.

That poor lady gave up her lunch every Wednesday to sit in her class and listen as kids ran by shouting, ‘Jesus was a dobber.’



Image by Christian Dorn from Pixabay

4 thoughts on “Week 259 – Hobbies, Crusty Wounds And Miss Anderson’s Wasted Wednesdays.”

  1. The closest thing I have to a hobby is peeling the labels off liquor bottles and slapping them over whatever cheesey picture is on my free calendar. Sometimes this causes confusion in regards to which fifth is the Popov’s and which is the Gordon’s. So I have to have a taste or two. My life is a rich pageant indeed.


    1. Thanks as always Leila.
      I used to have a few hobbies then wee annoyances got in the way like work, time, money. Now I hate to say it but all I have is listening to Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Glory Days’. And I am being very inventive / liberal with the word ‘Glory’!!


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