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Week 250 – Reflection, Rumination and Making Glue From Horses

According to numerology the energy represented by the number 250 resonates with intuition and introspection.

I was not aware of this.

It also resonates with human relationships and recognizes that relationships are the glue that hold things together.

I can attest to the truth of this statement given that before I met my wife I got stuck in at least one relationship where the idea of rendering my partner down into a Pritt Stick crossed my mind. On reflection her collagen levels were likely not equine-esque enough to accomplish the feat but it was a pleasant daydream nonetheless.

After ruminating long and hard (in reality more like short and soft but that sounds revolting and possibly disappointing) about the number 250 it floats in my mind like a beige, helium-filled balloon triumvirate, reflective in shade of the energy I’d associate with introspection.

I spend large chunks of my day talking about data, and one of the facts that often gets thrown out is that 90% of all the data that’s ever been collected has been generated in the last two years. At face value this is an extraordinary thing. But when you read the Wikipedia entry for the number 250 and it starts with the phrase 250 is the natural number following 249 and preceding 251 then it makes you realize that a vast swathe of this data is Kardashian* in nature.

*entirely pointless

Less pointless, and more to the point, are the stories from this week.

This week sees two newbies, two legends and a stalwart and it’s one of the newbies that kicks us off in the form of Angela Panayotopoulos and her story, Red.

“I do like to see someone taking a fable and returning it to the darkness where it belongs.”

 “I was hooked on this one and the reveal was wound out nice and slowly.”

Welcome Angela – we hope to see many more of your stories on the site.

I hope Lee Conrad doesn’t mind me referring to him as a stalwart or that the title of his story this week – All Are Chosen – does not necessarily reflect his experience of LS. Lee has been sending us stories since 2015 and has often been on the wrong end of split decisions between the editors. He comes across as a man who accepts a positive or a negative outcome with equal grace and it’s a real pleasure to see another story up from a considered and thoughtful writer.

“This was done with his tongue firmly in his cheek and yet there is a lot going on.”

“There is a homage to the old fifties B movies, a nod to Quatermass and some social commentary on organised religion, actual belief and of course the remnants of Trump.”

Roy Dorman might be new to LS but he walked in on Wednesday like he owned the place. Just as if he was Stopping By A Bar. Welcome Roy, and we hope you stop by again often.

“…this had shades of Jack Reacher…”

“Neon signs, craft beer, fish fry and great dialogue. Job done.”

The back end of the week was reserved for the aforementioned LS legends, starting with Adam Kluger. It would be fair to say that no one has posed more challenges to us in terms of pushing the boundaries of WordPress formatting (take a look at his Lost Cause series) and we’ve entirely given up on trying to get him to adhere to our submission guidelines but we love him, we love his characters and we love the way the support he’s always given us. This week He Spoke Of Marionettes y’know.

“…it has feeling – hope and despair and lots of little ones in between.”

“I really enjoyed this – it had a real pathos.”

Friday brought us the singular joy we know simply as Leila Allison. There are people who can write good stories – some can write great stories. As an editing team we can collectively turn our hand to gripping thrillers, gritty slices of life and weak jokes about hobbits. Frankly I suspect that Leila could bring a shopping list to life and I’d pay to read it. Where the woman gets the time to create such magic in between giving encouraging comments to every story we publish, poking around in the forgotten LS archives and (allegedly) holding down gainful employment is anyone’s guess…but we’re glad she does and even gladder (don’t misunderestimate my ability to include clunky words) that she sends them to us. This week’s addition to the LA Legacy is the snappily titled A Feeble Fable of the Fantasmagorical: The Tippleganger and the Barfly.

“An absolute joy – Leila’s imagination is staggering and seemingly boundless”

“I think there should be more ridicule about man / boy buns”

Speaking of buns I’d best vacate Hugh’s writing throne before pins and needles set in (and before he comes back from a well-earned week off from roundup duties to envelop me in another one of those bromance man-hugs he keeps telling me will build my character).

Thanks for writing, commenting and reading to the end…


Image by Ulrike Mai from Pixabay

7 thoughts on “Week 250 – Reflection, Rumination and Making Glue From Horses”

  1. Dear Sir,
    I am appalled at the lack of Christian Content in this posting.
    This is the day before the Sabbath and you could have mentioned this.
    What is here for the children – Haven’t you thought about the children?
    I also believe there is a lack of profanity – If you had included some, then I could have complained about that too!!

    (Excellent post Nik!! Thanks for standing in.)


  2. That is very interesting about data. It appears to be increasing exponentially. It should double in a year now, that would be by Week 302. Week 250, interesting stories, and all very different in style and in subject matter, but all with a certain edginess… excerpts of life in the modern world.


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