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Literally Reruns – Educated Fishwives by Adam West.

Ah now – Lelia has brought out an old story by one of the founding editors and it is great to see this on again. This is what she said:

“I decided to check again.” That is the opening sentence in Adam West’s Educated Fishwives; it also serves to explain the mission of the Sunday rerun.

In the usually sparsely attended section which follows all LS pieces, Mr. West replied to a comment by another LS mainstay, June Griffin. In this he explained the meaning of the story. You see, it’s not the sort of thing that you can scan and immediately say to yourself “I’ve lost count of how many times has this happened to me,” or “Didn’t I see something just like this in Clarkesworld last month?” 


I’m afraid you actually must go in clean when you read this; by that I mean just read it with your mind open and its gates unguarded by the little prosaic men who do not like it when things are not laid out in a plain and obvious manner.

Q: The piece is from 2015. Do you still feel good about it, or is there anything you would change if given a second whack? (I think it’s fine as is, but I ask this anyway).

Q: There’s a lot going on in Educated Fishwives. It challenges the reader to think. Do you believe that high writing can elevate the lazy reader? Or is a moron a moron and never be a twit retrained? (Sorry about the last part. Not really, but it’s polite to apologize).

Leila Allison


Educated Fishwives


Adam’s response:

Hi Leila
Thank you for choosing my story. I feel humbled when anything I have written is appreciated.
Q1. I still feel good about the piece though I would change the punctuation. However that done I would change it again and again and again. You get the point. The full stop and comma I suspect, semi-colon too!
Q2. Most readers make a progression. But sticking with a genre not considered typically ‘high writing’ such as crime is fine. The old adage reading broadens the mind (or helps keep the synapses unblocked) applies whether you read Dostoevsky or David Walliams. Or both.
all the best
Adam West

3 thoughts on “Literally Reruns – Educated Fishwives by Adam West.”

  1. (Hopefully I haven’t doubled this remark)
    Excellent answers to mediocre questions, Sir West. We want to see more of you, sir, unless, of course, you are still in the Writer Relocation Program, on account of the bruised egos of self proclaimed “defamed” fictional characters of your own creation. If so, I commiserate.


  2. Hi Leila,
    Excellent choice. Mr West should be showcased more.
    It is a shame to think that the older stories can be forgotten about so this feature resurrects them.
    The questions add another level and it allows us to read some more from you (Mainly) in the form of the excellent introductions.
    Adam – I hope one day that seeing something of yours on the site may make your fingers itch once again!
    All the very best to both of you.


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