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Week 245 – Our Plastic’s Destination, Dwindling Science Fiction And The Amazing One Third Of A Million.

Well here we are at Week 245.

I was watching the news this week and there was a report regarding the eventual habitation of Mars.

Great – Another planet to fuck up!

I’m not excited. It just means that any story sites that are about at that time will be inundated with stories about settling on Mars. And let’s be honest, as plots, this will be nothing new as in all Science Fiction, it will only be a re-hashing of our own social / economic / environmental problems or eventualities. And when you think on it, if it is happening then it won’t be Science Fiction, it will just be fiction.

I can just see it:

Dear Literally Stories,

I am excited about submitting my unique 20,000 word Romantic Christian Fiction for children set on the beautiful red planet of Mars.

It’s about a forbidden tempestuous love between the fluid Captain Howarth of the resettlement Spacecraft ‘Scarlett Genesis’ and the AI, green-eyed, android Preacher, Kevin.

They find themselves having to choose between their abstinence beliefs and their love. This is all set against the beautiful back-drop of the planet.

In the end – there is a lesson that everyone WILL learn from.

Signed – Prosecco Love-Island Smith.


The only things I know about Mars is their bars are tasty and Total Recall should never have been re-done. Don’t get me wrong Mr Dick probably said the same sort of thing.

On the news report, there were pictures of red mountains and sand. I couldn’t help thinking that once we get there, even though we can’t go outside, someone will still manage to stick a Tesco trolley and used condom in the sand.

I don’t know if I’ll see this in my lifetime and I honestly couldn’t give a flying fuck. Billy Connolly once did a routine about swimming. He stated that this was a place where we shouldn’t be. We can’t breathe in it, we get cold and are liable to die and there are things in there that want to eat us. I feel the same way about being anywhere where we can’t naturally sustain ourself. If we can’t walk about without dying, I would say that logic dictates that we shouldn’t be there.

So maybe this is something for the next generation as seemingly ‘The children are the future’. This is a bit worrying as this is a generation that can’t even work out if they are a boy or a girl! How the fuck are they going to have the ingenuity to get a Tesco trolley and a used condom into the red sand??

OK onto this week’s stories.

We had our ever-present, a writer out for the fourth time, me and two new writers.

To our first-timers, we welcome them, hope they have fun on the site and we want to see more of their work.

Our topics this week include; A challenge, communal living, a funeral, a passing and a melody.

As always our initial comments follow.


First up on Monday was Tom Sheehan. He is ploughing towards an amazing milestone.

He began the week with ‘ Sly Promotion.’

‘If we don’t count the war stories, this is a bit dark for Tom – And he does this type just as well as all his other writing.’

‘Cleverly painted. We find out quite a lot about each of them.’

‘A cracking mixture of characters who were on the same journey.’


On Tuesday, Dorian J. Sinnott was next up with ‘Concerto.’

‘Even though I know nothing about music, I enjoyed this.’

‘This was lyrical and the musical tone suited the story.’

‘You can read this many times and still find some magic in it.’


I broke the back of the week with ‘Mannie The Moocher‘.

It was fun to write.

I love watching folks in pubs but watching families at funerals can be even more interesting.

I learnt a long time ago, if you are either going to a family wedding or funeral, arrange some bail money before you leave the house.

As always, I thank Nik and Diane for their support of my stories.


We had another new writer on Thursday.

This writer has continually worked at his story and we were delighted to publish, ‘The Beach‘ by Patrick Alton.

‘This catches your attention very quickly.’

‘I’m not normally one for imagery but this was done very well and touched on his fight.’

‘This is inventive and that wee bit different.’


And on Friday we had an author returning for the fourth time.

The Upside Down Push Up Busker‘ by Harrison Kim finished off the week.

‘I think this has some Native American Ideology within it.’

‘This left me with a little bit of hope.’

‘You can understand why the other two became friends.’


Well that’s us for another week.

Please keep commenting and if you haven’t, go on, you know you want to!

And why not have a go at our Sunday Re-Run. Simply pick an older story that you’ve enjoyed, write a spiel or an introduction, throw in a few questions for the writer and we’ll publish what you send us.

I noticed that we passed another land-mark this week as we reached a third of a million visits to the site.

Why is a third of a million so under-used? Everyone is happy to mention a quarter of a million and a third is more than a quarter but it is grossly ignored. This number needs championed.

Thanks to every person who has had a look!!

I think writing this has put me in the notion to watch ‘Mars Attacks’.

There is a line that Jack Nicholson says that isn’t a bad way of thinking:

‘Why can’t we all…just…get along?’

Lovely sentiment.

It didn’t evoke universal peace. It led to him being skewered where they normally, we are lead to believe, probe.

Whilst watching I may have a packet of ‘Space Raiders’ and a ‘Mars Bar’ washed down with Brandy.

I know that Brandy sort of ruins the theme but sod it – I have a notion!



Image by GooKingSword from Pixabay

5 thoughts on “Week 245 – Our Plastic’s Destination, Dwindling Science Fiction And The Amazing One Third Of A Million.”

  1. Mars? I hate f*#@ing Mars. I say send Keith Richards, Marianne Faithful, a case of Mars Bars (look that story up if you want to read something slimy) and all the smack they can shoot to Mars. Nothing in nature can kill Keith or Marianne. In time they’ll have some sort of subhuman culture going up there, and it will be safe for the rest of our debauched numbers to inhabit.


    1. Hi Leila,
      I did read that Keith Richards states that the only reason he is still alive is due to the quality of his heroin. He said that he never chanced it from anyone he didn’t know.
      It’s the same with alcohol, it can be delicious or blinding, depending on what you want to spend / make.
      Marianne and the Mars Bar, well urban myth or a waste?
      I suppose that depends on what way you look at it – And you couldn’t look at it in any way if you had been on the dodgy hooch!
      Thanks as always, you make my day!!


  2. One of my favourite books as a teenager was “The Martian Chronicles” by Ray Bradbury, a series of stories on what humans thought would be a new utopia. It’s really interesting. Humans inadvertently wipe out the actual Martians with diseases that the Martians aren’t accustomed to. I think tickets to Mars are all one way at this point. Bring some board games.


  3. Hi Harrison,
    A lot of folks moan that it isn’t safe in this day and age to go for a walk.
    I take it Mars isn’t something that they’d consider!
    Thanks as always for all your input – Much appreciated!!


  4. Did you know that Mars is red? Well, I didn’t!
    It turns out that the reason Mars is red is because the dust on Mars is red.
    The Spirit rover took Martian soil samples and discovered it had traces of human blood, discoloring the surrounding soil! Cosmic historians believe there was once a great battle on Mars where over 700 billion humans were slaughtered in one day, coincident with the atmosphere being sucked away by Byssel, the Great Interplanetary Vacuum. Apparently, ancient aliens used Mars as a testing site for their cleaning products.


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