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Literally Reruns – Do Us Part by Jack Coey

From this end we cannot understand how someone as gifted as Leila could ever be envious of another writer. The fact that she admits to it must make Mr Coey walk a little taller – surely. This is what she said:

As I write this, it was four years ago yesterday when Jack Coey’s Do Us Part appeared at, in or on LS (for some reason I never can find a satisfactory little preposition to use in this situation). For a short form piece Do Us Part is extremely layered and imparts much more than the sum of its parts.

Alas, reading this sort of writing always stirs feelings of envy in me, and  it also opens the door to the other six deadlies I so often engage in. Of course that has more to do with my own personality defects than it does with a sane reaction to good writing; yet envious of this story I remain.

Q: I thought that the use of bold font to highlight the nurse’s thoughts juxtaposed with the italics used to convey Betsy’s story was a brilliant stroke which allowed for little need to provide the reader with “stage directions.” How did you arrive at this decision? Was it planned ahead, or did it rise spontaneously?

Leila Allison

Jack’s response:


Humans interpret reality to the extent of denying it in extreme cases. It is the interaction among people that should keep us in some alignment with the truth – the nurse is trying to get Betsy to accept the fact of Josh’s death. This is why relationships are important because people who care about you will tell you the truth which alleviates further or greater suffering. We all suffer, mate, but hopefully not at the hands of those that love us. I chose italics and bold font to stake out the two realities: Josh is away on a visit and Josh is dead. 


Do Us Part

1 thought on “Literally Reruns – Do Us Part by Jack Coey”

  1. Hi Leila,
    Excellent introduction as always.
    I think when we look at the questions that you set, they emphasise how carefully you consider every story that you review.

    Jack – Very interesting response. Thanks so much for taking the time to give this some consideration.


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