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Literally Reruns – The Artists’ Gallery Rerun

Well, this is something different. Leila has unearthed our store of images. Not those ones that Hugh hid in the corner for when he wants to stick pins in politicians – No, the ones scattered through the stacks. This is what she said:

Artists: Adam Kluger, David Palleja, Jen Gallardo, Simon Bloomer, Stephen J. Hipperson, Studioanjou–Illustration and Design. And the Header Selections by Diane M. Dickson

Every Date in LS History

I am ashamed. For months I have scrolled past the names listed above in search of stories best suited for the Sunday Rerun. Then just yesterday, I began to look at the works submitted by the aforementioned contributing artists and a little voice in my head asked, “Aren’t you ashamed for neglecting the artists and their contributions to the site?” My reply was, “Well, not until now. But I will be for some time to come.”

Moreover, the perfectly pitched heading pics which accompany every LS story are usually presented by Diane M. Dickson. She displays an unerring knack to matching specific prose to an image found among millions. Once, and I am still dismayed by this, she located a dilapidated chartreuse Yugo to head some nonsense I had written about such an unlikely object–yet I, like many,  take her work for granted.

Instead of questions, I would like any or all the artists who contribute and have contributed to the site to choose their favorite LS artwork, as well as selections by the editors, for it will be of great interest to all to see what emerges from the blue ether.

Aside from this gibberish,  there’s little to read this week. Instead, open your eyes and take in a thousand words at a time the easy way.

Leila Allison


Adam Kluger

David Palleja

Jen Gallardo

Simon Bloomer

Stephen J. Hipperson

Studioanjou–Illustration and Design


Thank you Leila for the lovely words. Finding the banner images is sometimes challenging and oddly it is quite often the simpler pictures that take the longest time to seek out. I spend hours sometimes, but that’s my fault because I get an image in my mind when I’ve read the story and then I’m like a dog with a bone. We are restricted because we can’t afford to buy images so we are forced to find royalty free ones and we can’t move the black name plate from our header. But, I am really chuffed that you think I do a decent job of it.
As for my favourite images I have to say the ones that Angela at Studio Anjou did for us when we set up the site are among my favourites and she also designed the cover for the anthology – all free – thank you Studio Anjou (okay I confess she is my daughter but hey!!!)



3 thoughts on “Literally Reruns – The Artists’ Gallery Rerun”

  1. Hi Leila,
    There are so many cracking images I can only go with the ones that have stuck with me.
    I enjoy Adam Kluger’s art. It is exactly the same as his stories. The images are simple but there is a depth and complexity to them.
    ‘Larry The Waiter’ has a bit of character about him. I love the bold black line – We see so much toning especially with CG images so it is very retro to see a black line.
    In contrast – I love the colours in his image for ‘What Happened To Milton’ – I am reminded of a stain glass window.
    Oh and I couldn’t do this without mentioning Diane and her choices. She does a brilliant job!!
    The best for total representation of a story is the image she found for L’Erin Ogle’s story ‘Paper Skins’.

    Cheers for that Leila, I enjoyed thinking about this.


  2. Goddam WordPress refused my password. Had to change it three times. Forgot what I was going to say. Still, I admire persons who deal with and create visual images. Also admire Diane for her good taste. Don’t admire WordPress troll for refusing my ID.


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