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Week 239 – Cat’s Insistence, Hero Worshipping And Inventive Funding.

The weeks are fair flying by, it won’t be long until we’re all fossils with only a few printed pages of our stories to remind the world that we had been here.

As you can read, I’m in a happier mood than normal as I write Week 239!

I’ve looked after a wee hairy hound for a few days this week and that cheered me up. I appreciate dogs more and more and am in awe of cats – They insist that I do that.

My respect for animals is balanced by my disappointment in certain factions of the human race.

For example – I see that the intellectuals of Glasgow were fighting amongst themselves about Ireland – Makes a lot of sense doesn’t it? Then there was an Old Firm Match a few days later so there would be the usual assaults and wife beating from the Neanderthal fringe. When that happens in Glasgow, at least there is a very thin reason on it being geographical. However, there will be pubs all around Scotland where folks will be throwing punches in either celebration or commiseration.

They are all as bad as each other.

The thing about certain Scottish folks is that they will have a drink with anyone and be quite as happy to fight amongst themselves when it comes down to two sides of the same Christian Religion.

I did read a comment in one of the newspapers which stated that this wasn’t a Scottish problem, it was a West Coast Of Scotland Problem – The guy may have a point.

The thought of religion made me want to mention Roddy Doyle. His book ‘The Commitments’ was made into the film of the same name, but within it, there were aspects of his other book ‘The Snapper’. There was a visual image in the film (Obviously) that was described in the book and they really did make me laugh. The MC’s family was Catholic and they had a picture of The Pope on the wall, but the father was a mad Elvis fan and he had a picture of Elvis, also on the wall, but it was above the picture of The Pope. (Doyle’s Trilogy of those two books and ‘The Van’ are well worth a look.)

It makes you think on those famous folks and who they would have pride of place pictures of.

So here’s something to think on. Who would have a picture of whom from this list?

Harvey Goldstein, Gary Glitter, Woody Allen, Prince Andrew, Jeffrey Epstein, Michael Jackson, Lord Mountbatten, Rolf Harris.

Would it be Gary Glitter having a photo of Michael Jackson? Or if we are thinking musical talent, it may be Michael Jackson having a photo of Gary Glitter and so on.

Would we class them as anti-heroes or some sort of sick fuck mutual appreciation society??

*Answer at the end of this posting

Anyhow onto this week’s stories.

We had three new writers, the legend and an author who had his third story on the site.

We’re delighted to showcase all our writers, but it is very uplifting to see that we continue to attract new talent.

Our topics this week include; Loneliness, re-introduction, being kept in the dark, an acceptance and morality. As always our initial comments follow.


There is nothing that we can say about Monday’s writer except – Tom Sheehan – A writing and quality machine of a man!!

Fred Rippon’s Mushroom House‘ started off the week.

‘This is fascinating – It ties in so many of Tom’s inspirations.’

‘So meaningful and full of beautiful imagery.’

‘Enthralling and moving.’


On Tuesday we had our first new writer. We welcome them all, hope they have fun on the site and most importantly, we want to see more of their work.

Jake Kinzie was next up with ‘Everything Is Opposite.’

‘The MC embraced all opposites to allow him to accept one pre-conception about his mother.’

‘I enjoyed this. You need to pay a bit of attention, but it’s worth it.’

‘His acceptance on the idea of opposites allowed him to consider his thoughts about his mother and eventually seek her out.’


Renato Barucco was our second new writer. His first story, ‘Sun Glitter‘ was our story on Wednesday.

‘The loneliness of the man came through very well.’

‘Some excellent writing with beautiful imagery.’

‘If at the end, everything becomes glitter – That’s a bit okay!’


On Thursday we published Harrison Kim’s third story.

He is a very interesting writer and an astute commentator, it is a pleasure to have him around the site.

When Normal Becomes Real‘ nearly finished off the week. (I’m still not using the ‘Oh so pleased with itself’ ‘P’ word!)

‘This showed the MC’s doubt and how overwhelming it was for him.’

‘The events about his crimes were understated and rightly so – It wasn’t about that. This was judged superbly well which balanced the piece perfectly.’

‘We saw things from the other side of the coin, they were interesting to read on.’


And we finished off on Friday with our last new author, ‘Michelle Wilson.’

The Killers‘ completed our stories for the week.’

‘Some superb and very clever social commentary.’

‘I don’t often say this but – WOW!!’

‘I see the child as a personification of the guilt of humankind.’


That’s us for another week folks.

Just the usual comments on commenting – Please keep them coming!

And the Sunday Re-Run is popular, we are getting some excellent reading figures but Leila is still taking the brunt of the suggestions (Brilliantly so I might add!!), but why not keep her company and get involved. Just pick an older story that you have enjoyed, write a spiel or an introduction, throw in a couple of questions for the writer and we will publish exactly what you have written.


Just to finish I want to let you into a little secret.

The British Government is trying to obtain some of Guy Fawkes’s DNA. They are hoping to create another mad mental pyrotechnic. They want him to be responsible for a warehouse full of Semtex and Napalm in the bowels of parliament.

They deny that there is any ulterior motive. And if anything perchance happens, they will rise from the ashes and start again.

With Mr Fawkes, the British Public will have a credible patsy, instead of the usual chinless, over-privileged inbreds.

I don’t know why they are going to such drastic measures as their own ineptitude is destroying the country very competently.

But from that day hence we will be dealing with another form of CRAPP:







The real reason for them doing this is that they are hoping the pay-out from their insurance policies will fund the next ten years of Brexit.



*It’s a trick question – They would all have the same picture of Fly Mary – Nothing to do with religion, it was simply that she got away with what she did.

But now that I think on it – They may have a collage of her with Trump, Simpson and Saville.

Jackson could be debated depending if you think buying folks off is not counted as guilt.


Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay

6 thoughts on “Week 239 – Cat’s Insistence, Hero Worshipping And Inventive Funding.”

  1. I believe that Scotland has a right to be pissed off with England. Lots of reasons there. Didn’t Johnson define oats as a livestock grain in England and food for the Scottish people? And just how did the Scots’ “tightness” with money get into so many classic British films?


    1. Hi Leila,
      Yep, the history between Scotland and England is tempetious to say the least but I do hate the England Bashers. My answer to that is that I like every English person who I have known but I can’t say that about all the Scottish people that I know!
      Being insulted by an English Politician is just as bad as being patronised by a Scottish one – I despise them all. Whether Scottish or English, the only great politicians are dead – All of them should strive for greatness! (That line has got me into a few arguments from Fuckwits who think an accent pardons incompetence.)
      Thanks as always Leila!!


    1. Hi Renato,
      Thank you so much for your kind words.
      We are delighted to have you as part of the site and we hope to have a long association with you.
      All the very best my friend.


  2. I was in Scotland once. It was really really cold. Now I know why wool is so big there. Didn’t know there were still Catholic/Protestant religious spats though. I just looked up what “an old firm” match is. So now I know the third and likely the most active division. Indeed, everywhere we go we set up dichotomies and conditions for acceptance. To the contrary, dogs love a person unconditionally. Or else they’re very very good at symbiotic relationship skills.


    1. Hi Harrison,
      Thanks so much for your comments.
      Yep Scotland is cold and very wet but that is why we have the countryside that we do.
      I read a line about a dog once that has always stuck with me:
      May I even be half the man my dog thinks me to be.
      All the very best my friend.


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