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Week 230 – So Many Songs, So Many Shit Musicals And Friends Who Are Good People, Gagging For It.

These postings come up quicker every week and here we are at Week 230.

I’ve given up trying to find any interesting facts about numbers as they are mostly pish. If we reach Week 667, that could be entitled ‘The Neighbour Of The Beast’. T-Shirts give me some ideas! I’m looking for a way to work in either, ‘I poke badgers with spoons’ or ‘I’m not mad, ask my invisible camel, Stephen.’

I sometimes look for news reports of historical events that give me some inspiration for this posting. If I can add a wee bit of writing content, I am more than happy. But I suppose if anything gets anyone thinking or cursing, it may be looked at as inspiration. Or more than likely, a chance of me being arrested.

It is pretty depressing when looking at historical events that we drown in wars and conflict. It is ironic that the happy anniversaries are when the suchlike stopped. Makes you think about them being started in the first place.

I found three music references that were of some significance.

Seemingly John Lennon and Paul McCartney met on the 6th July 1957 – Two guys that have influenced music ever since.

PT Barnum was born on 5th July 1810. This was a guy who has inspired one of the most annoying and overrated soundtracks in the world. I may be in a majority of one here but in the name of fuck, ‘Let It Be’ (Lennon and McCartney inspiring as we speak!!)

I really do hate musicals unless you count ‘Cat Baloo’. The ‘Happy Birthday To You’ scene still has me falling off my chair!

Musicals are supposed to be escapism but so is suicide and we are not meant to promote that.

And lastly, Amazon was founded, July 1994. This is the scourge of retail. We should boycott them and not buy books, CDs or Vinyls. But at those prices how can we not help destroy our High Streets and small businesses. Principle is absolutely fine but you need to be able to afford to have it!

News wise I saw that President trump met with Kim Jong Un. It was a love fest. You just know that Trump was thinking, ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’. (Pity that Lennon and McCartney hadn’t went for ‘Penis’!)

They should have got a room and Trump could have got deeper into Un’s border. I reckon that Trump still calls him ‘Rocket Man’ for a whole different reason.

Them becoming a couple would be some coup for the LGBTQI (And whatever other initials I have missed out or may have been added since I wrote this ‘Yesterday’ – I’ll stop with The Beatles reference now or this posting could go on for Eight Days A Week – Sorry!)

Okay, onto this week’s stories.

We only had one new writer but we are still attracting them! There was also a third timer, someone on their 14th story, Tom who is now getting close to his eightieth and me.

Our topics this week include; nakedness, companionship, a musical boundary, alternative hope and a comeuppance.

As always our initial comments follow.


First up we had the writing machine that is Tom Sheehan.

On Monday, his short, ‘The Lost Notes Of A Carpenter’s Song‘ started us off.

‘A lovely fable.’

‘A great example of a classic style.’

When you get something written in such a skilful and imaginative way, story and writing go hand in hand.’


On Tuesday we had one of the best of our darker writers.

L’Erin Ogle was next up with ‘Try, Try Again.’

‘Always the fairy tale when hoping but brutality is our reality.’

‘This brought tears to my eyes.’

‘Sad and horrific but excellent with real depth.’


I was next up on Wednesday with ‘Stripped‘.

I had the first line and last line as an initial idea’ It was difficult to balance this between humour and something a bit darker but it was fun getting there.

As always I thank anyone who looks at my work and of course a huge thanks to Nik and Diane who always question me and make me put out work that is a lot better than it would be!


It was the return of Jon Beight on Thursday.

His short ‘Winter Solstice’ was next up.

‘OTT and pretty darned passionate.’

‘The thought of waiting for someone with a poker in your hand is quite invigorating.’

‘The story builds up beautifully well.’


And last but not least was our new writer of the week.

We welcome Sharon Hajj and hope that she has a long association with us.

‘Distraction’ was her first story and it was published on Friday.

‘I liked the drudgery, falling into the dark place and then brought back by the love of a pet.’

‘Very well observed and some great word play.’

‘There is a sense of hopelessness with only one light.’


Well that’s us for another week folks.

The usual reminders.

Comments keep the site alive, so don’t be shy, tell us what you think of the stories.

And have a look for an older story that you have enjoyed and write a spiel or introduction about it, Throw in a couple of questions for the writer and we will publish exactly what you say.

Leila is thinking of changing her perfume as it has been a while since anyone has shared this feature with her.

I will finish off with a quote from the late great John Lennon. Even if you have heard it, it is worth repeating.

When asked if he thought that Ringo Starr was the best drummer in the world, he replied that he didn’t even think that Ringo was the best drummer in the band.



I would love to agree with you about Amazon Hugh but it’s a hand that’s feeding me and biting seems a little ungrateful. Heigh ho – as you say principle is great but it costs a lot. – dd

Image by Maxssx from Pixabay

10 thoughts on “Week 230 – So Many Songs, So Many Shit Musicals And Friends Who Are Good People, Gagging For It.”

  1. Hi Diane,
    My hypocrisy knows no bounds as I signed up for Amazon Prime due to the savings on the postage from Amazon!!
    But to be truthful, with Ayr having over 150 empty shops, I need to use Amazon. There is a vicious circle there somewhere!
    Thanks as always.
    Oh – I like the image. At least Mr Paul’s hair looks more natural!!


  2. Indeed, Ringo had a great sense of humour. Very modest guy. And Cat Ballou was the first musical I liked, I was a little kid of 9 and wow even then had some inkling of a crush on Jane Fonda. Speaking of musicals and Elton John, that movie Rocketman was exceedingly enjoyable and quite creative.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi there,
      It’s a pleasure having you around the site and thanks for taking the time to read my nonsense and for all your comments on the stories .
      I have yet to see ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and ‘Rocketman’ I hope these films become a trend and more are in the pipeline. Watching films about Marc Bolan, David Bowie, Brian Connolly and Alex Harvey would be very entertaining. But I think we should draw a line at Gary Glitter!
      Please keep being involved, you help keep the site alive.


  3. I have a tee shirt which proudly states: I HATE HAPPINESS. THAT’S WHY I LOVE YOU. Nobody agrees.
    The shadow of the Besos Beast begins not a dozen miles from here. Microflaccid, too. Jeffy and Billy should hire me to write a musical about them. I’m open for kapow title suggestions. Also, Trump and Kim could be in the Mikado together.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Leila,
      Your T-Shirt reminds me of the request from the masochist to the sadist asking to be hurt and the sadist refusing.
      ‘Trump and Kim being in the Mikado’ – Is that a euphemism??
      Thanks as always Leila.
      All your input is much appreciated!


      1. What Trump and Kim need is an arbiter like Groucho Marx. Every word those bozos utter is a straight line that needs cleaning up. Who’d of thunk that Zeppo would be funnier than the president. Only funny thing about Kim is his barber.


    1. Hi David,
      There are two films that Gwen moans at when I watch as I say a lot of the lines, ‘Cat Balou’ is one and ‘Young Frankenstein’ is the other.
      I think I refused maturity when it was offered!
      All the very best my fine friend, thanks so much for your continual support of my witterings and of the site in general!

      Liked by 1 person

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