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Week 226 – Trump And The Prince, No Knighthood For Me And Leila Regretting That Her 50th Story Is Part Of This Title Nonsense!

Well here we are at Week 226.

As I’m writing this, there are only two main events in Britain and these have given me my inspiration for this post.

I watched Liverpool winning The European Cup on Saturday. It wasn’t the best of games but there was no way that it could have lived up to the semi-finals. It was brilliant to see two English teams grace such a stage. (We won’t go down the, ‘How many British players were there in the final’ question, as the answer is a bit of an embarrassment. Think of a number less than the fingers on your hand if you don’t count a thumb as a finger)

Even if I live to be two hundred, I’ll never watch two Scottish teams in the European Cup Final so fair play to all those involved from South of our border. (Let’s be truthful, even if I was immortal, there’s still no chance!)

I see that President Trump is here for a State Visit. I honestly didn’t realise that not every president received this invite. A lot of people are getting a bit hot under the collar regarding this. Personally, I don’t give a fuck. I couldn’t think of anything worse than setting foot in that place after being ordered on how to behave ‘correctly’ towards another human being.

(Human Being??


….See David Icke for a counter argument!)

I would say to all our American friends, I find the hypocrisy of this country hysterical. Our press and protesters mention Mr Trump and use language such as ignorant, elitist, racist, sexist, opinionated, chauvinistic and arrogant. Their memories are so selective. Consider the similar behaviour of Prince Philip. He has been insulting people all around the world about their looks and their culture.

He asked a Driving Instructor here in Scotland how they kept the natives off the sauce.

He has made stereotyping an art-form and used ignorance as observation.

Have a look on the web, there are many documented examples that should make the protesters think about looking closer to home.

Maybe Trump is here for pointers and the old twat’s autograph!

Ah! I now understand who invited him and why…It was the ‘bad people’.

My disregard for royalty is why I am determined to make it to a hundred years of age as I want to send back the telegram that our citizens get from our figurehead. If I wanted some major falseness, I would have joined Facebook years ago or believed sincerity.

I just hope I don’t go mad and accept it. Losing it and doing something depraved with it would be fair. So if I’m sane, my plan is to pretend that I’m away with the birds and write a ‘Fuck Off’ using whatever fluid that had oozed from my body that morning.

I also don’t think that I will ever need to worry about becoming a ‘Sir’.

I think we’d better move on before I am invited to ‘The Tower’ or even worse, Paris.

Onto the stories.

We had one new writer, two returning authors, me and the wonderful Leila Allison who had her 50th story published. I will have more to say about Leila at the end of this posting.

Our topics this week include; Suffragettes, a fledgeling, a favour, release and a grandmother.

As always our initial comments follow.


On Monday we had our first returning author.

DC Diamondopolous began the week with ‘1920‘.

‘This made me look up the song reference. The lyrics were powerful.’

‘This is a superb topic that is always worthwhile exploring.’

‘This raises strong emotion in me.’


Donald V Zagardo was our second returning author. His story ‘Darwin’s First Day‘ was our next offering.

‘The ‘Parent Blinkers’ were done very well.

‘This was held back perfectly. It was beautifully judged.’

‘Sinister and dark.’


Lily Daly was our new writer on Wednesday.

We welcome her, hope she has fun on the site and continues to send us more of her work.

Hooves‘ broke the back of the week.

‘Very hypnotic and strange – That’s just what I like.’

‘Superb tone.’

‘I wasn’t sure what was going on but it didn’t matter.’


And on Thursday…

Many congratulation Leila!!!!

You’ve made a club of three, four!

All These Dreams And Tomorrow Too‘ was her fiftieth.

If you want an impossible challenge folks, read through them all and see if you can pick the best.

‘Very deep and passionate.’

‘Enjoying the moment is sometimes worth the punishment.’

‘Inner suffering can explode towards those who are loud.’


We finished off on Friday with my story ‘Laura‘.

I wrote this with her reasoning and motive clearly in my mind but I think that can change depending on what you focus on.

As always it is a pleasure being part of this site and getting anything published is a bonus.

Thanks to all of you.


That’s us for another week folks.

The usual reminders.

Please keep those comments coming. It keeps the site alive. It’s always brilliant to see new names and the old faithful.

And if you fancy a go at the Sunday Re-Run feature, pick an older story that you have enjoyed and write a spiel. Throw in a couple of questions for the writer. We’ll publish exactly what you write.

It is appropriate that we go from that to Leila.

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with this lady. She is witty, intelligent has more than a bit of devilment in her and mores to the point, is a fantastic writer.

The stories that she’s had published are only a part of who she is to us. Leila’s emails, comments, Re-Run introductions and continual involvement is a total pleasure. She brightens up our day, makes us appreciate this discipline and she educates us in some very obscure references and ways of thinking.

Oh and one thing that we have never let be known until now, Leila has had over forty acceptances in a row.

That will never be done again!

So to the total individual that is Leila Allison, we say congratulations and a




I second everything that Hugh has said about the wonderful Leila – right from the first submission she has been a delight to work with and so very entertaining and I am in total awe of her imagination and the skill she has at putting the most poignant, the most obscure and sometimes the funniest thoughts into wonderfully crafted literary pieces.

Thank you Leila



It takes a lot for the guards at LS towers to allow me out of my spreadsheet-filled dungeon these days but on such an auspicious occasion they took exception and granted me three minutes of breathable air. I don’t think any other writer in the LS community so consistently makes me want to give up writing forever while inspiring me to work harder at my craft. Leila has an extraordinary knack for delivering characters that are unusual but familiar and the consistency of her writing is unmatched. I didn’t think I’d ever find someone who rivaled Hugh in terms of commenting on, and supporting other people’s work but Leila has also risen to that challenge. LS would be a much poorer place without her involvement.

Thanks Leila – here’s to the next 50 and the 50 after that…



Image by Alexander Lesnitsky from Pixabay

8 thoughts on “Week 226 – Trump And The Prince, No Knighthood For Me And Leila Regretting That Her 50th Story Is Part Of This Title Nonsense!”

  1. Thank you Hugh, Diane and Nik. It brings me pleasure to see my work on this site, and I hope the relationship carries on for keeps. Fifty in a row is my new goal; it’s always good to have goals.
    Goal: I’d like to see the Donald and Prince Charles go at it in a MMA fight. The loser has to exit the public consciousness for good. Here, we throw in some pro wrestling. Just as the Donald cold cocks Charles with an incomprehensibly inane Tweet, and is ready to go for the ol’ 1,2,3…Phillip distracts the ref and Camilla slips in and KO’s the Gross Grapefruit with a folding throne. The Queen sees all this nonsense and banishes the parties involved, proves to all that Charles is the bastard son of Phillip and Liberace and then retires and hands over the crown to both of Diana’s kids and attractive young families. Dazed, the Rotund Radish wanders the world until his term expires and is replaced by the Ghost of George Carlin. The world instantly becomes, if not happy, at least a more acceptable place, and beginning in 2022, Scotland goes on to take the World Cup for the first of ten in a row,

    Always aim high is my motto–or be high when you aim. It’s all pretty much the same around here.

    All my appreciation and affection,
    Leila Allison

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Leila,
      re-Story / Wish
      If you add in a few lines of dialogue and a lot of swear words for that twat (Enter character of your choice here) I think you would have a winner!


  2. Well done Leila, most deserving of an award.
    I was awarded a picture/print of the ‘Writers Museum” in Edinburgh. In recognition of completing my first novel, I smiled and said thank you. I am still wondering if this was sincere, sarcastic or else a real piss take.
    It is not in my nature to accept accolades and I get suspicious. Perhaps its growing up in a damp wet climate.
    Nevertheless, well done Leila.


  3. It has come to this – which country has the worst representative? I’d say we all lose.

    I’ll just mentioned that the person that &^*% ran against, gave the evil Bush cover to go to war in Iraq. Two really rotten choices in the US. Some don’t care about killing thousands as long as they aren’t at risk.


    1. Hi Doug,
      I just wonder about us being represented by Royalty. We didn’t ask for the leeches, we have inherited them!
      I think that’s worse than the minority of supporters being pissed off about the winning majority.
      But you are 100% right, there is an argument for how bad they all are!!
      Thanks as always my friend.


  4. Donald Trump should not have been elected president. But no one can blame him for winning the election. Whatever blame there is rests on WE the PEOPLE. Specifically those persons who pick party before quality and those who could but do not vote. For democracy to work effectively, you have to lay aside the goddam phone once in a while.


    1. Hi Leila,
      I’ve never known who to vote for when my choice is a lying bastard, a thieving bastard, a paedophile bastard, or a lying, thieving, paedophile bastard??
      And I can’t just choose the best looking as they are all ugly bastards!!

      Liked by 1 person

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