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Week 225 – Tears, Who Really Cares and Archie Gemmill Was Also In Trainspotting.

Here we are at Week 225. The year is fair flying in.

I didn’t have to look far for inspiration, our papers were full of it. They normally are!

I’ve always been very wary of tears. You really need to look deeply to see the reasons. Most of the time it’s pure selfishness. Even when some poor soul dies and we cry, we aren’t really crying for them, they’ve got fuck all left to worry about, we’re crying because we’re not going to see them again. That is completely understandable and acceptable but there are those whose motives are more disgusting.

Let’s take a drug addict who decides to cook up enough to take her life, we’ll call her Heroin Helen. She is now getting her arse eternally burnt in hell. (Just for argument, let’s say, she was a Catholic) Any tears at her funeral whilst listening to ‘I Will Always Love You’ by Whitney Houston won’t do her much good. All her family have disowned her and are crying because of guilt and her dealer’s emotion is due to a loss of earnings.

This is why I was disgusted to see our soon to be ex-Prime Minister break down in public whilst giving her resignation speech. She had no tears for those who lost their lives in Grenfell. She didn’t cry for those who were blown up in Manchester. She didn’t sob for those who were run down or stabbed on London Bridge.

She cried when she was losing her job because she was shite and arrogant and at the very least couldn’t do simple arithmetic. Her tears were purely selfish and fuck all to do with ‘The country I love’. She can only be classed as being emotional if being self-centred and self-serving are classed as emotion.

Being able to explore this when writing is very powerful. If you simply be true to the situation, the genuine emotion will be felt for those of your characters who are involved. For any of the false showing of grief, that is where you can hint or show in your words what is actually affecting them.

It is a difficult thing to do as most of us can spot insincerity as soon as we see it, but writing about it is a different matter. You don’t want to take the reader by the hand but you want to point out that there are some upset characters who are selfish bastards.

Think Teresa May, Paul Gascoigne, Bill Clinton for insincerity. And a special mention for all those TV Evangelicals who raise their hands whilst their bank managers rub theirs. They roar, ‘I have sinned!!!’ They haven’t sinned, they got caught shagging. But when you think on it, depending on who or what they were shagging, they may have indeed sinned. I’m not one to categorise sin, I don’t give a fuck? One man’s revulsion is another man’s ‘YeeHaw!!’.

I’ll leave that for our saintly religious representatives to judge, they are the experts in sin.

Keep your eyes peeled, insincere tears from lying arseholes is writing gold dust. And when you listen to the total pish that they speak you will be drowning in inspiration.

OK, onto this week’s stories.

We had another four new writers for your reading pleasure and me.

Our topics include; an escape, a teacher, a change, your own character and another escape.

As always our initial comments follow.


First up was me. I had a lot of fun writing this. It was my fellow editors who pointed out that there were a couple of levels to this. None of that was intentional, this story evolved from the last line and took on a life of its own.

It’s good when that happens!

Splash‘ started us off.


On Tuesday we had our first new author.

We need to tip our hats to Norman Solomon and welcome him. He is tenacious and is enjoying the whole process as much as the finished article.

Defiance‘ was his first story for us.

‘Sometimes when we see these stories the violence is revengeful and OTT – This is probably more real.’

‘The smile says so much.’

‘This is condensed into a powerful story.’


Alex Thorne was our next new writer. We welcome all of them and hope to see more of their work.

A Rainy Night In Camden‘ was published on Wednesday.

‘This made me smile – Especially the line about Year 7’

‘The image of a frog in a Ninja Suit will stay with me!’

‘A bit of fun and on the right side of witty.’


And on Thursday we had Thomas Mills with his first story, ‘The Devil’s Disciple

There’s not much else in a way of a welcome, just that they all have fun on the site and a long association with us.

‘This was a bit different from the usual sell your soul type.’

‘The last line was excellent.’

‘I like the idea of the devil and his pal’s thoughts being so literal.’


Ed Kratz was next up.

We extend the same welcome to Ed. It’s great to know that we are still attracting new writers.

Thriller‘ finished us off on Friday.

‘Your plot unfolding as you read is an interesting idea.’

‘The build up never stops!’

‘I wanted to read more of this.’


That’s us for another week.

The usual reminders.

If you’ve ever wanted to comment and never done so, then do so.

And have a think about becoming a reviewer or an introducer of an older story that you’ve enjoyed. We’ll publish your spiel as is on our Sunday Re-Run feature. If you want to throw a couple of questions in, that would be all the better.

And to finish off with some emotion.

The last time I was emotional was at the *1978 World Cup. There has been nothing since. I read somewhere that the reason people get emotional at a sad film is because the part of the brain that deals with emotion can’t distinguish between real life and fiction and that’s why folks get upset.

I think that part of my brain fell off after ’78. It’s gone and what with my Sahara tear ducts and underactive empathy gland, I’m as emotional as a water mark.

But I will admit, I do swallow quite hard when I finish a bottle of Malt.




*If there is anyone out there who has never seen it, search for Archie Gemmill’s goal against Holland 1978.

That was probably the last time I was completely happy as I was a bit young to finish off a bottle of Talisker.

Ha – So now you may begin to understand, reader, why romance is such a hard sell around these parts 🙂 dd

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

4 thoughts on “Week 225 – Tears, Who Really Cares and Archie Gemmill Was Also In Trainspotting.”

  1. Was that the goal on the VHS Ewan McGregor’s character swapped out for the home porn in Trainspotting? Worst film with the Beautiful Game in it has to be Buster. All involved in its production (save for Geoff Hurst) should burn in hell before any junkie. Politicians are reptiles, makes sense that they should shed crocodile tears. Admire creepy header. Dolls have frightened me ever since I saw the “Talking Tina” episode of the Twilight Zone.


    1. Hi Leila,.
      Yep, that was the very goal. We had hope going into that World Cup and then the reality of our pishness kicked in. The football powerhouses of Peru and Iran ruined our dreams before the Holland game. ‘Dreams’ was all we’d ever had!
      And I thought Diane may have went with a crocodile but she found a very insincere looking doll!
      Thanks as always!!!


  2. “the last time I was completely happy”. Something to think about – sex, a movie, a song, a sport (I have about three good memories over 60+ years of incompetence), a feel good moment in the news or one’s life. It’s much easier for me to think of the last time I was truly miserable – the flu. When things look good there always seems to be a countervailing negative. Good friends, bad job. Good job (as if), rotten weather. Got published, got sick. Obama won, made hardly any difference.


    1. Hi Doug,
      I can relate to that.
      I honestly can’t remember when my overall happiness even slightly shaded my overall misery.
      The good thing is you end up expecting very little and that is when life gives you even less!!
      As the song goes ‘Count your blessings one by one…’
      I don’t know what comes after one!
      Thanks as always!!


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