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Literally Reruns – I’ll Tell You Your History by L’Erin Ogle

Ms Allison has spirited herself, yet again, into the dark bowels of LS Towers and emerged holding aloft this excellent piece by one of our regular contributors.  This is what she said:

According to her CV, L’Erin Ogle lives in Lawrence, Kansas, the same city where William S. Burroughs died in 1997. Now, nobody’s saying anything, a coincidence for sure. Still, if a two- or three-year-old version of Ms. Ogle happened to be in that city on 2 August 1997, there is a scant possibility that the toddler she had been may have been experimenting with dark forces that needed a famous eighty-three-year-old writer to take back to darkforceland for dark purposes.

(Favorite Burroughs’ line: “When you want to bring down a man, light a cigarette during intercourse.”)

With or without hocus-pocus, Ms. Ogle is destined to be famous. She certainly has the talent, her own clear voice, and once in a while the stars line up right for that rare sort of person. She probably deserves the break, for her stories speak of a special type of pain that can be understood only at the personal level. Those who go there without experience come off shrill and noisy–two characteristics Ms. Ogle’s vast talent never displays. 

I’ll Tell You Your History is a lovely example of that special type of pain. It tells a personal story in the second person, which, like saffron, can be used only sparingly due to both its unique nature and price. Those who overuse the second person can get shrill and noisy, but never Ms. Ogle.

Now, if she did have anything to do with the summoning of the dark forces that claimed W.S. Burroughs, it’s all right. I believe that the old cat lover and perennial junkie (still on methadone at 83) would have approved. Darkforceland  is an interesting and happy place. Who’d have thought (other than Dorothy Gale) there’s a gate to it in Kansas?


I’ll Tell You Your History

3 thoughts on “Literally Reruns – I’ll Tell You Your History by L’Erin Ogle”

  1. Thank you so much!
    I’ve just now had a chance to get to this beautiful introduction because we’re recovering from flooding and a tornado in Kansas!
    But this means so much, to be understood. Thank you for taking my stories!

    Liked by 1 person

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