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Literally Reruns – Falling Stars by James McEwan

A dusty and disheveled figure fought its way out of the basement – It was Leila Allison, back from another foraging expedition and this time clutched in her hot little hand was Falling Stars by James McEwan. This is what she said:

Where have you gone, Orville Wrong? I used to turn to you for an uplifting remark whenever I stumbled across a sad song sung deep inside the LS forest. Sadly, like Mrs. Robinson’s Joltin’ Joe and the McRib, Orville seems to have gone away, thus leaving me alone to listen to the melancholy melody played by James McEwan’s Falling Stars. 

That great philosopher, Rodney Dangerfield, summed up the human condition with this: “Life is a mother in-law who sucks, and a wife who won’t.” Hemingway said that all true stories end at death, and Mr. McEwan has written about one man’s fight for life, which begins at the discovery of an “infected walnut.” Whether your attitude toward the Great Equalizer is contrary, terse or poetic, it awaits all, unless, of course, you are a vampire or a zombie, or that eternal spirit known to us mortals as Orville Wrong.

Leila Allison


Falling Stars

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