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Week 214 – YA, CF And A Serial Killers Skud Book.

Here we are at Week 214.

I have been thinking on genres that I don’t normally think on.

Let’s take YA for example. I think that should only be for young authors to write and not creepy guys over fifty.

You see we have given advice to quite a few kids and one of the standard is, write what you know, or if you don’t, make sure that your subject is well researched and you speak to someone who knows. It is all about actual experience and this always comes through in writing. So if a happy teenager with a well rounded family wants to write about depression in someone of say forty, they can’t wing it. They need experience of it. Mind you, is there such a thing as a happy teenager or a well rounded family? But you get my point. Realism and experience makes the writing. So a tip for YA writers, is write about masturbation and being fucking annoying and you will have a best seller!

The other genre that I really don’t know about or want to read is CF. When I saw CF as a genre my mind went elsewhere and I was quite interested until I realised that it was ‘Christian Fiction’.

The first time I read one of these was a novel I had been given for Christmas. It was a crime thriller and I had only read the back of the book which outlined the murder plot and I was happy to give it a go.

About a quarter way in I found that I was frowning while I read and wasn’t sure why. I felt uneasy and read a few pages more. I then began to swear spontaneously and again I couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong.

Then the revelation. Oh I didn’t feel enlightened or born again, I felt sullied and dirty. I was being fucking preached to! There was a message of hope and humanity and all things about letting goodness into your heart and following that path type of shit! It really did rip my knitting!

I looked at the inside cover of the book and there it was. It stated the authors name and that they were a Christian writer with a message. I had been ecclesiastically groomed!!

There should be more of a warning!

There’s only one thing worse than these genres and that would be them joining forces with a romance. You know the sort of thing, two teenagers from the wrong side of the track (You need a stereotype) who steal a beer and an aspirin from their parents house. They find a spot beside a railway track (You need as many metaphors as you can handle) And are just about to indulge in their drug and alcohol frenzy when they see it. It’s normally some form of light, (Symbolism is another given) so they see the sun peeking out from surrounding dark clouds and they just know that their drugs and alcohol are the dark clouds. (Metaphor and symbolism together must also be used) Their refusal is the light and that signifies them becoming better people. (Or being really disappointed at their shit drug and alcohol stash!)

So the two teenagers decide never to have sex until they are married, never to drink or do drugs and to attend the church every Sunday.

Reading realistic literature like that would surely keep you on the right path straight to the pub beating up missionaries as you went.

OK onto this weeks stories. I think this is a first as this is now the second week in a row where we have five new writers.

So the usual welcome to them all and we look forward to having a long association together and reading much more of their work.

Our topics this week include; a meeting, a choice, an accident, a relationship and a choir.

As always our initial comments follow.


First up was Jacob Wrich with ‘Fourth Of July

‘Gloomy but well done and rather moving.’

‘A very solid story.’

‘This does get into itself.’


On Tuesday we published ‘Darjeeling: The Hands Of The Daughter.’

This story was written by Lari Heino.

‘Quite uplifting because no matter what, the father only wanted what was best for his daughter.’

‘I enjoyed the description of the journey.’

‘The atmosphere was done very well.’


Next we had Carli Morgan with her short ‘Miss Hart Versus The State.’

‘This is maybe a familiar subject but I haven’t read anything like this before.’

‘The whole set-up is cleverly handled.’

‘Interesting! I was left with a shiver at the end.’


On Thursday, ‘Real Time‘ was published.

The author was Katie Nickas.

‘This certainly stays with you.’

‘Solid writing. Katie can craft a story.’

‘Weird but I like it.’


And we finished off on Friday with Victor Floyd’s ‘ Wednesday Night Lights.’

‘Excellent writing and some lovely description.’

‘The placing of the story seems accurate and consistent.’

‘Amusing and sad in equal measures.’


That’s another week come and gone.

So here’s the usual reminders.

Please get involved, have a comment! Go on, you know that you want to!

And if you have a suggestion and a spiel and a question for our Re-Run of a Sunday, have a go at that too!!!

I’m going to have a quick look through a bible to see if there are any pages stuck together. That would be the YACF section on Jesus’s teenage years. Or maybe it has just been previously owned by a serial killer.



Banner Image: Pixabay and the wonder that is nature. dd

6 thoughts on “Week 214 – YA, CF And A Serial Killers Skud Book.”

  1. Well my view is, as always simple. The genre you are looking for is psychological religious noir to descirbe any piece of religious history. You could write a romance about the Queen of Scots, but history prefers to chop her head off -yea Okay they did.


    1. Hi James,
      I like the idea of headless royals as a Scottish Romance, that could work.
      Do you think folks from other countries would understand that ‘No bad’ is a compliment when a partner asks how they look??
      Between that and giving your wife the froth off your Tennents just shows what a romantic race we are.
      Thanks as always for your comments.
      All the very best my friend.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hah!
      Do you think the geometry genre would always have a point?
      Thanks as always for your comments Dave!
      All the very best my friend.


  2. The most profitable genres do not win the Nobel prize for literature. But really, has anyone read a Nobel prize winner? Can anyone name one? Not I, but I am confident that Fabio wasn’t on the cover of any of the winners.


  3. Hi Leila,
    I think I read one. I forget the title but it was about an unclean campanologist who got a trophy for having no equipment.
    It was a humdinger!
    Thanks as always!


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