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Week 213 – Wordcount, Liking Dick And Interestingly Placed Piercings

I never plan any of these weekly postings. I’m sure that you have noticed. Maybe if I said, I never plan any of these weakly postings, it may be more apt.

I normally just sit down and see where I will end up. Sometimes I may have a line or an irritation but mainly I just sit down and write some shit. (I promise – No more about my drug intake or skin complaint)

I read somewhere that Billy Connolly up until recently went on stage unrehearsed and with no script. He would then do a two hour routine totally off the cuff. And that is the wrong phrase as off the cuff would suggest something written down somewhere.

That amazing talent, perception and genius certainly puts my 900 words into perspective!!

I love comedians. I think they are clever, sharp, and their ability to work with what they have is amazing. Most of them are also very fucked up which is always interesting!

Their intellect and skill is underrated in the same way that pulp fiction, comic books and short stories are.

It’s very difficult to get any publisher interested in a collection of short stories and I don’t understand the snobbery that is against them.

When I think on it it’s like listening someone arguing a point. The long winded wankers (like politicians) simply bore and make you want to kill yourself or them – Fuck it go for them! Whereas someone who gives you a killer one line that rips the argument apart will always win in catching your interest.

I’ve always loved shorts but even at school when you started reading ‘real’ books, novels were the rock stars. If you said that you had read a collection of shorts, you got no street cred, but if you had read a Stephen King you were one of the crowd.

I stuck with horror writers. That had been since an unfortunate idea that I could be really interesting and go all Science Fiction. I told a young lady that I was trying to impress that I liked Dick. This caused a misunderstanding. And rumours, and flowers and some rather graphic drawings from my Geography Teacher.

Unless it was erotic stories and there were photographs in magazine form your fecking friends weren’t interested either. (You know you are getting old when you remember porn that didn’t move).

So if you are trying to get your collection of shorts published, I genuinely wish you all the best with it. Just remember it isn’t always about talent. You need a helluva lot of luck to ask the right person at the right time!!

If you do get a publisher, trust me, get your lottery numbers on as soon as you have received the acceptance letter because the luck Gods are in your corner.

OK onto this weeks stories.

Once again we have five new writers for you.

We welcome them all, hope they enjoy their time on the site and continue to send us many more examples of their work.

Our topics this week include; sweetness, a train journey, sacrifice, true love and a misunderstanding.

As always our initial comments follow.


We began the week on Monday when we published ‘Slipping Gears‘. This story was based on an actual historic event.

Meagan Noel Hart was our first writer of the week.

‘I like the idea of saving something to save yourself and when you put it into this scenario, it gives it even more substance.’

‘The characters were as real as the situation.’

‘The gentle nature suited the period in which it was set.’


Next up was Bethan Dee.

The Familiar Journey‘ was her offering on Tuesday.

‘This went into the spectrum of a few issues where familiarity was more comforting even with the understanding that others were being effected.’

‘Well written and it took you along.’


The Shroud Of Tulsa‘ was our story on Wednesday.

John B. Mahaffie was the author.

‘I enjoyed the tone and the story made me smile.’

‘This was charming and worked in a way that other light pieces don’t.’

‘If we look a bit deeper, it does point out the absurdness of belief and following signs.’


And on Thursday we had Louisa Owen with her story, ‘Short Straw‘.

‘For this to be turned into something so touching is bordering on brilliance!’

‘You thought he was losing his marbles and then you realised he’d lost something a lot more precious.’

‘I wanted us to publish this from the scattering the ashes scene!’


We finished off on Friday with Ruth Capasso and her short, ‘The Carnassa Sea.’

‘There is something beautiful about recognising somewhere you just feel well.’

‘This is a gentle hopeful story that I enjoyed very much.’

‘There is a wonderful piece of writing surrounding a lovely story.’


Well that’s us for another week folks.

Usual reminders. I’m hoping one of these days I won’t need to ask but we’re not quite there yet.

Keep those comments coming. We have noticed a few new folks and we can’t thank you enough.

And of course, our Sunday Re-Run feature. If you have a look back and there is a story that you have enjoyed and that you would like to introduce or critique, just send the suggestion and your spiel and we will do the rest.

You will have noticed that Leila has done many of these and she has suggested a few questions for the writer. So if you fancy doing that after your introduction, we will pass them on.

I’m now off to pause what I am watching on my computer as I want to reminisce about being a staple.



Banner Image: Couldn’t miss the opportunity to advertise our love collection of shorts. dd

4 thoughts on “Week 213 – Wordcount, Liking Dick And Interestingly Placed Piercings”

  1. Excellent insights, as always. I would also advise writers marketing collections to be wary of wolfish vanity publishers in sheepish attire.
    This SHOULD go without saying, but an amazing amount of smart people allow their egos to get the best of them there.


    1. Hi Leila,
      Wise words. I looked at Vanity Publishing a couple of lifetimes ago but there was no way that I could afford it. The pitfalls were also too pitfallish.
      And you are right about ego as I have to admit if I ever won the lottery I would self publish. I could look at my Hardbacks and not give a shit about the lack of sale figures!
      Thanks as always for all your input into the site!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Your commentary about short story collections motivates me to dig out and re-read one of my favorites, Winesburg, Ohio by Sherwood Anderson. Those stories are related, so I guess it’s a hybrid collection-novel. Good post as always, Hugh!


    1. Thanks Dave.
      I think I have said this before but I find it so difficult to read a novel now.
      Through this site I found my love of shorts again and I am happy with that.
      Thanks as always my fine friend!!


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