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Literally Reruns – Pandemic by Roger Ley

Leila Alllison has been rooting in the basement again and this time presented us with a Sci Fi story for another moment in the spotlight. This is what she said:

Whenever I’m asked if I have ever written Science Fiction, my standard reply is: “I am not smart enough to write Science Fiction.” But I only seem to be throwing myself under the starship there as a means to hide the hideous truth: I am smart enough to write Science Fiction, but I’m just too damn lazy to do it. A lot of fact checking, higher mathematics and roll-the-sleeves-up research goes into the proper creation of Science Fiction. I like my sleeves where they are, thank you, thus I settle for anything futuristic I may do labeled (sometimes sneeringly) as “Fantasy.” Unfortunately, the creators and readers of fantastic-fiction don’t like me hanging around, either. They say I don’t show sword and sorcery enough respect. I tell them that a genre which follows any guidelines cannot be accurately described as Fantasy, for I have it in my head that everything goes in fantasy; and if I want my elf to dress like a orc, then, goddammit, that’s just how it’s going to be.

With all that said, I admire Roger Ley’s way of changing What Isn’t into What May Come. Pandemic is a fitting example of his sturdy, scrupulous and yet highly imaginative work. Nobody minds it when Ley hangs around various genres because he has discovered that the best way of staying within the lines is to draw the lines yourself. Pandemic is a tidy and intelligent little thing which could have been titled “The Stand Versus AARP.” I like it a lot, and I encourage you to have a look.

Leila Allison



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