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Literally Reruns – Margaret’s Mementos by June Griffin

Leila Allison has dug deep now into the archives and rooted out a gem from the early days with a story by June Griffin. This is what she said:

During the first three years of the LS experience, no one had posted more insightful and intelligent comments than June Griffin. Always encouraging, always a lady–even when forced to share space with some ill-thought attempt at humor by Yours Truly–Ms. Griffin lighted the site’s pages with her words and often times would be the only person to speak up within the silent bluescape that lies below the plane of the habitual likers. June Griffin has moved on from LS, but I think she ought to be remembered, and there is no better way to do that than by presenting one of her stories.

Margaret’s Mementos is built like an old-world music box. Within, little gears and springs move forebodingly and lay back until it is their time to sing. Creating such an unwholesome protagonist doubles the author’s workload (as such is the same in Diane Dickson’s Mercy). In this circumstance the story must be compelling enough to bring the reader along. Griffin satisfies that circumstance and then some. I say you have a look at Margaret’s Momentos and June’s CV and brief LS canon. Maybe someday she will find time to visit us. Regardless, we have been paid well in memories.

Leila Allison


Margaret’s Mementos

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