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Literally Reruns – Are We Both Broken by Adam Kluger

Leila Allison has chosen a  story by Adam Kluger with this rerun. Not only is Adam a regular contributor he is a delight to work with. This is Leila’s comment:

You know a thing is good if it’s the sort of thing that causes reviews wordier than the actual story itself,” said my Second Assistant Cat after she had a glance at the gushy and fangirl and adverb-heavy text I had first thrown at Mr. Kluger’s Are We Both Broken? Both my First and Second Assistant Cats have a way of passing comments that are designed to take a slice out of me on their way by, but on this account I must agree with Izzy’s review of my initial review of this story, which went the way of the contents of the litter box.

This micro-melancholy uses incremental repetition as to get across a seemingly simple yet profound idea: Are we both broken?  “Was it a broken life that killed my spirit, or was this seemingly fated existence born from my own misconceptions of happiness?”

You also get high quality artwork. All I know about art appreciation was once succinctly summed up by my hero C. Montgomery Burns: “I know what I hate, and I don’t hate this.”

There is nothing remotely like Are We Both Broken? In the LS archives. The readers who saw this comet come round the first time made a special note of it. Now that it’s time may be nigh again, I ask that you take a moment to have a look at it.

Leila Allison


Are We Both Broken

2 thoughts on “Literally Reruns – Are We Both Broken by Adam Kluger”

  1. Leila:
    Thank you so much for this incredible honor. So humbled and appreciative.
    To be singled out for a Literally Stories re-run by a writer I enjoy immensely makes it that much more of a special affirmation that I will always cherish. Thank you and love, Adam

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yet again another cracking story and excellent introduction.
    Great to see this back up Adam and Leila, you enhance everything you comment on!!


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