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Week 171 – Candy-Floss, Carbolic And Diane’s Fertile Imagination – This Contains Adult Content.

Here we are at week 171. The site is healthy and any challenges we have had, have been interesting and caused much debate.

Our discussions this week included pubic hair turning into candy-floss, soap and loofahs.

If your story has been published next week can you guess who instigated what!!!??

Anyhow, all this made me think about stereotypes again. (I’ll tie this in eventually – Well maybe not the candy-floss unless we are talking about Unicorns. I’m quite sure that their pubic hair is candy-floss – So all the more reason to eat them. I just wonder what their horn tastes of?)

Yep, I know that we have mentioned this a thousand times, but it really is interesting and a problem. You see stereotypes are out there and need to be written about, but they are, well, stereotypes and need to be treated with a little bit of creativity and more in-depth consideration.

So we ask the questions, do all priests molest? And if they do, whose name do they call out if they are enjoying themselves?

Are all politicians lying bastards? The answer is obviously yes but which of their deranged personalities do we blame?

Do royal babies have to have a historical name? Who cares, but would Prince Cuntbubble do?

And are all gym teachers paedophiles? If they move onto a career in politics or the priesthood would this help or hinder their promotion chances depending on the answer to whether or not they are a paedophile?

These are examples of going that wee step further when thinking about using them as characters.

Diane opened this can of worms with some very worrying tangents regarding her fascination with loofahs.

You should see some of the images that that she has suggested for the stories that she has set up! The lady is a loose cannon who has a fascination with huge weaponry, many a storm, as well as loofahs.

But it got me thinking that she may have a point.

Our gym teacher used to enjoy watching us shower and that may have been a bit creepy. But to be fair, it stopped some of the mutants pissing on your leg. Or the really worrying mutants pissing on the back of your head.

The problem was when the teacher offered you his loofah with it’s own soap dispenser. We all avoided that except for one fellow. They ended up married. I suppose that there is a place for romance in this world. There is nothing more romantic than a boys shower room that reeks of piss and has at least one mutant with over-sized genitalia.

…Well that may only be outdone by the sweet notion that murder is not a nasty crime, it’s a necrophiliacs foreplay.

I prefer soap to shower gel. I think those shower days stayed with me. If I smell Carbolic or urine I want to wash my hair and buy a wedding present.

But when using soap, always wash your legs first, never your face as you never know what the person before you has washed last.

Needless to say, we will refuse any Gym teacher stories on the basis of them being stereotypical and non-fiction.

So onto this weeks stories. We had two new writers, one returning author, an old friend and me.

Our topics included; a snake tryst, bar workers, the world’s end party, race issues and a cowardly killer. As always our initial comments follow.


I began the week with ‘Curiosity‘ on Monday. I still get a kick out of being published on the site and I enjoy the whole writing process.

I am not getting as many ideas as I used to but at least doing this posting keeps me thinking in a writing sort of way.

As always I thank my fellow editors for their support and anyone who has shown any interest in my work.


On Tuesday we had our first new writer. We welcome Drew Johnston and hope he soon adds to his debute story, ‘Mr Sunshine And The Instant Dawn.’

‘I enjoyed the cynical humour.’

‘Quirky and nicely written.’

‘The scene was really well drawn.’


Roger Ley was our returning author. His second story for us was published on Wednesday. ‘Companeros‘ was next up.

‘Very well done.’

‘I enjoyed the atmosphere throughout.’

‘An odd little piece in a very good way!’


Fancy Any Shots‘ Mayzie Hopkins first story was published on Thursday. We extend the same welcome and hope both Mayzie and Drew have fun on the site.

‘The delivery was excellent.’

‘The way of life and its dramas were all played out matter-of-factly which worked so well.’

There’s a pervading sense of sadness, desperation and futility throughout.’


And we finished off the week with the wonderful Fred Foote.

The Talk Part Two.’ was published on Friday.

‘Once you realise who the characters are, you can understand their reaction.’

‘This is an important social commentary.’

‘There is undoubted skill, as always, in Fred’s delivery.’


That’s us for another week folks.

We have a few weeks in advance and that’s all good.

For the record, I was only mucking about regarding the lovely Mrs Dickson.

Diane is our go-to for World War One artillery advice and on what is the correct temperature to drink Talisker.

Her images are always perfect and it is only in her mind that you would find anything inappropriate!

Shame on all of you if you thought anything less of her!!!



Banner Image – Hugh – I hope you sleep with your eyes open! because a woman with a rampant loofah is not to be trifled with – oh – that doesn’t sound quite the way I meant it!   Anyway after looking at many a loofah both in the wild and tame! I now give you a nice communal shower courtesy of Pixabay just for you!!!!! Although in fairness this one does appear to be outside so possibly safer than some of them I saw and thought the very image would push you over the edge!!!

8 thoughts on “Week 171 – Candy-Floss, Carbolic And Diane’s Fertile Imagination – This Contains Adult Content.”

  1. First comment from the US left coast. You may be wrong about the last person using the loofah (never used one) being dirtier than my leg – you don’t know where my leg has been.

    Which members of congress have the longest caucuses?

    When will you do a “best of” like “Best Of Fiction On The Web”?

    I don’t really have anything, I’m just running my keyboard (by analogy to running my mouth).


    1. Hi Doug,
      Thanks so much for the comments.
      I must admit, I’m intrigued to where your leg has been and were you attached at the time?!
      ‘Best Of Fiction On The Web’ – I don’t think even Methuselah would have had the time to do the research!
      All the very best my friend.


  2. Damn – computer is really irritating me.
    Stereotypes – Which member of congress have the longest caucuses?
    My leg may be dirtier than the last person using the loofah – you don’t know where my leg has been.


  3. There is a building about a mile from my home that specializes in leasing to people who have bad business ideas. Once it sold fried chicken until the Health Department shut it down. It was a comedy club another time. While such, the marquee had boasted about a “clean comedy” night, at which “you’ll loofah your ass off.” And Hawley thought HE had nothing to say.


    1. Hi Leila,
      As always, you make me smile!
      I couldn’t invest in a bad business idea. I couldn’t get a loan from the bank due to my last ‘good’ idea!
      All the very best.


  4. All stereotypes are false. (Is that a true stereotype?)

    Glad to hear the site is healthy. It would be interesting if you could give us a peek behind the curtain with regard to “challenges we have had, have been interesting and caused much debate.”


    1. Hi David,
      That maybe an idea but we may need a team of ‘Philadelphia Lawyers’ to check through our revelations.
      Great to see you on site my friend.


  5. Hi Diane,
    I’m not sure if you allowed to expose your loofah in an out-door shower. I think that goes for both men and women.
    I always laugh when I see what you haven’t used as an image!!!
    Thanks as always!


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