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Week 168 – Prompts, Tangents And Afterlife Black Pudding.

Here we are at week 168. How time flies!

I’ve been asked millions of times how we decide on stories. It followed a billion questions about me literally exaggerating.

It all comes down to us discussing and being as fair and open minded as we can. We focus and are professional to a fault.

But sometimes our thoughts go off on tangents and my fellow editors end up giving me an idea that becomes something else.

With that in mind, which is me really explaining to Nik and Diane why they have read some of this before, I can tell you that both of them and Easter gave me the idea for this post.

I hate Easter. I feel sorry for all those poor souls who think they were Jesus in a past life. The nail aisle in any Hardware Store must give them the *heebie- jeebies!

We considered Jesus being the original Zombie in one of our submission discussions. Oh the submission had nothing to do with Jesus. I can’t even remember if it had anything to do with Zombies. I think it was a Historical Fiction Romance and we went off on a tangent. (No bloody wonder!!!) And what was written, I submit as an idea to anyone interested.

Jesus was the Gody Zombie and then we eventually came to Frankenstein’s Monster who was a Man-Made Zombie (I don’t know why I’ve capitalised these words.) They meet and fall in love. It is the Sit-Com that demands to be made. I’ve even thought of a catch phrase. At the end of every episode, they retire to bed for some Zombie fun and the love that dare not be mentioned and Jesus says, ‘Nail me Franky’.

Please let me know how you get on!

All this irrelevant nonsense has brought me to my point and that is ‘prompted writing’.

There was a site that we used to frequent and there were topics that were suggested for the authors to write about. We’ve never gone down that road. I know that this is a standard idea for many writing groups but in a way, I reckon that it’s missing the point and fucking with the process. Surely writing should all be about what you want to write? The initial idea from you as an individual is what makes you sit down and consider. Then, no matter what, at least the idea, whether it has been done before is still instigated as a single individual thought. Your thought!

So, leave the ‘Jesus And Franky’ story as an inspiration for a tangent and write that. It has therefore not been prompted directly and is all about you!

Onto this weeks stories. We have the usual eclectic mix. Our topics this week include; a unique nurse, a fantasy island, a murder mystery, a ghost pig and moving on.

We have two new writers this week and we extend both Sarah and Lucy a very warm welcome and we hope that they continue to send us their work and enjoy their time on the site.

As always our initial comments follow.


We started the week with the legendary Tom Sheehan. He continues to send in work of exceptional quality and ‘Deadly Robberies‘ was no exception.

‘An intriguing small town yarn.’

‘I enjoyed the sense of place.’

‘The mix of dialogue and description is spot on.’


On Tuesday, Jeff Blechle had his fourth story published. ‘Love Triage‘ was next up.

‘The writer shows a lot of skill with the construction and you are taken along for a helluva ride.’

‘Bonkers from start to finish.’

‘There are some hilarious lines throughout.’


L’Erin Ogle continues to send in work at a fair rate of knots. ‘The Leaving‘ broke the back of the week on Wednesday.

‘The voice is believable throughout.’

‘The disillusionment, sadness and feelings of betrayal were brilliantly done.’

‘The opening paragraph is superb. It grabs you and makes you want to read on.’


Lucy Caird had her debute story, ‘The Many Sad Faces Of The Family Jones‘ next up on Thursday.

‘Very cleverly constructed.’

‘This was a wonderful mix match of emotion.’

‘The thought of Clyde made me smile.’


And we finished off on Friday with our second first-timer.

Sarah Vestal completed the week with ‘The Long Way Home.’

‘I enjoyed the tone and style of this.’

‘A bit different and very interesting.’

‘This flowed like a conversation.’


So that’s us for another week folks.

Please continue to read and write and comment! We appreciate it all!!

For a last thought this week, I was wondering what Jesus’s last miracle was.

I tend to think it wasn’t so much unwrapping and eating his Easter Egg whilst he was nailed to the cross, it was more making sure that the egg hadn’t melted in the first place. I mean Tesco can’t manage it and their stores are air conditioned!




*How odd!! I thought I would have to explain the term heebie-jeebies as I believed it had originated in Scotland. But I found out it first came from our American friends!!


Banner Image – Well I toyed with a black pudding, had a passing thought about egg shaped chocolate but in the end the comment about the nail aisle won the day!! – thanks as ever to

10 thoughts on “Week 168 – Prompts, Tangents And Afterlife Black Pudding.”

  1. As a chronic sufferer of the heebie jeebies, I have delved into the history of the infliction, and through the eyes of Education and no small amount of Jack Daniels I have discovered that the first case was contracted by a certain P. Pilot. He didn’t give a rip about attaching people to crosses, but he had had a dream that one such attaching would lead to the invention of “Peeps.” I await the Nobel.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think the ‘heebie jeebies’ are the same as the ‘willies’. I think both of them are instigated by the ‘DTs”
      And it’s just a pity that private planes hadn’t been invented in biblical days and the flyer of one of those exercised whilst wearing questionable clothing. We could then have:
      Pontius Pilate’s pilot’s pilates poncho.
      Thanks as always Leila!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Tangent – several years ago I read “biographies” of Jesus and King Arthur. In both cases the claim was that they existed, but only faintly resembled what was said of them.

    Strictly personal opinion – no interest in prompts. Don’t want to write about a pink house with a family of five. However, I’d try my hand at a YA series about a bald accountant for a multi-million dollar (or pound) advance.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Doug,
      Yep, I would be a writing whore if it came to an advance, no doubts what-so-ever!!
      It’s always great to see you around!


  3. I should have thought of this earlier. Heebie Jeebies was a big hit for Little Richard in the 1950s (a time I remember better than anything after say 1980).


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