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Supply And Demand by Hugh Cron – Strong Adult Content

“Just keep following this road Donna, it’ll be about another ten minutes.”

Claire stared at her. She could see worry, apprehension and fear. Her younger sister had the same look when she had first told her what she did.

Claire’s thoughts went back to where this had began.

…Most life changing reveals were during bereavement or money worries. Donna was paying for a life she once had but could never afford. Claire maybe shouldn’t have answered the observation of, ‘You’re never skint, you are only part time, it can’t pay that well.’

But she had seen how much Donna was struggling. She was working to pay bills and repay debt and she was too young to have no life. That was when she told her. She knew that she was giving her an opportunity, her conscience was clear, she was only stating facts. It was up to Donna to ask for more.

“Are you sure you want to do this. I mean, really want to do this?”

She nodded slowly, “I want to make money and I want to be as safe as possible.”

…’I’m a whore Donna. I get paid a lot of money for what I do. I’m not proud of what I do but I have pride in what I earn.’

‘Jesus Christ! Fucking hell Claire, why? Jesus! What about mum and dad? What if anyone finds out?

…I don’t know if I can look at you just now. Thanks…Fucking thanks, if, in fact, when, fucking when you’re found dead and I know, thanks for the guilt trip you selfish cow!’

‘I’ve worked at this for a while and there is very little danger.’

‘All dead whores thought that.’

‘…I don’t think so!’

“It is as safe as it can be, I told you that, but it’s your own demons that shaft you. What you see becomes your nightmares, if you can handle them, you’ll be fine. But never be complacent. I have found this little corner and no-one knows. If anyone found out they wouldn’t need to scare me, I’d be off. So don’t rely on it. Don’t plan ahead, make what you can but be ready to get out.”

…It had been four months before Donna she spoke to her again.

Donna sighed, “I will. How do you handle your thoughts?”

…’I’m sorry. I’m just scared for you, make me understand.’

‘You’ll just get angry again.’

‘I won’t. I’m interested in what’s going on with you.’

“Somebody told me once that we can all be bigoted, racist, sexist or inappropriate. We just had to know when and where we could do this. My place of ranting is in my head.”

“Have you ranted to anyone?”

“No. But I will tell you, I owe you that! I fuck spastics for money, we are off to fuck some right now.”

“Christ! Surely you don’t see them all like that?”

Donna shrugged, “I have to. Long before you knew about this, I had an article written about me.”

“…I thought you were trying to keep things quiet?”

…’Ok but this can only be between us. No-one can know, you need to keep your face shut.’

“I do, it’s a long story, let’s just say it was someone I could trust and I got a fair pay-day out of it. My face was blanked out, there was no mention of location and I was called Charmaine. Fuck me there’s no doubt that’s a hookers name! I came out of it very well. I was branded as someone who understood needs and was performing a service to those poor unfortunates. ‘Everyone needs some physical sexual contact’ I said, ‘I get so much pleasure out of helping’. It made me laugh when I read it back. I felt as if I was Mother Theresa with a sympathetic vagina for broken bodies.”

“But don’t you ever feel that way?”

“I suppose when I first started, I tried to. But I’ll be honest. One look or whiff of a colostomy bag is a real passion killer. So first tip, no matter how horny or easily turned on you are, bring plenty of KY. Trust me, you’ll need it.”

…Donna had listened as Claire told her. She saw the change in her expression from disgust and anger to hope.

‘Do you think I could do it?’

“I don’t know if I should ask about specific, emm, needs.”

Claire began to chuckle, “I won’t go into detail but to be fair, anyone, no matter who they are, if they use us, they only want their balls emptied. I think the thought process or lack of it is the same. With our lot, there may be a bit more drool and the mechanics need a bit of thought.”

She began to laugh, “Oh I know its not funny but make sure if you are on top, fucking a guy in a wheelchair, make sure it is either against a wall or the brakes work. I’ve fell off a few times.”

Donna smiled, Claire knew it was forced.

…’Anyone could as long as they didn’t get involved.’

“So none of them get attached?”

“…Well maybe I did generalise. Any that want to fuck in whatever form, you really have no need to worry about. Those were the ones I was talking about. But the talkers, tell them to sod off. You are there to fuck, not form a relationship. Give them a number for a fucking befriending society, let some do-gooder deal with them. They’ll only get a hardon with conversation not a glance of tit. I mean some of my guys will come after only a few strokes, so it’s quick money and a dry pussy! They don’t give a fuck if you leave. But do you really want to spend an hour listening to someone telling you how they feel trapped and ugly? Fuck that!”

…’How do I start?’

‘You don’t need to, they are already there and waiting.’

“What about new clients?”


“Well, what do you call them?”

“I told you, Spastics. I don’t know whether I want, or need the resentment.”

Donna took her eyes off the road and stared, “I can’t…I won’t call them that!”

“Fair enough. Give it a month.”

“And if I am asked about someone else wanting…”

“To fuck you?”

“I suppose.”

“Take any details you can get. Don’t question, just tell them that you will get back to them and let me know. Oh and that is when you tell them it is condom only. No cock without its shower cap! Rubber tastes like shit but it is still a hundred times better than a rancid cock.”

“I think all women know that!

“You never did tell me, how you got them in the first place”

“I was waiting until after your first time.”

…’I want to give it a go.’

“Look at me. I maybe shitting myself but I’m not for backing out! And even if I was, do you think I’d tell anyone?”

Claire thought for a second, “I suppose not. I didn’t want to say but we do have one overhead. We need to pay someone.”

“What? Like a pimp? I thought you said there was nothing like that!”

“Calm down, it’s nothing like that. We need information, we need names checking out. So I pay a flat fee every month. I’m sorry to say, you are now on the books!”

“Fuck sake Claire! I don’t want anything to do with anyone else.”

“Don’t get your crotchless knickers in a twist.”

“That’s not fucking funny!”

She leaned forward and squeezed Donna’s arm, “I’m sorry. I should’ve told you. We need her.”

“Her! It’s a woman?”

“Yes! That is what the term ‘her’ implies. She has more to lose than us so there’ll never be any come-back. I mean if everything did go tits up, we might get a fine but she would be hung out to dry.”

“Why, who is she?”

“No names, not yet, let’s see how you get on first.”

“I will want to know.”

“And I promise I will tell you, when we are all comfortable with how things are going.”

Claire pointed, “Pull in there. Never park directly outside the house. You may get noticed walking in but a car door slamming is an alarm call for nosy neighbours.

She stopped and took a deep breath.

…’When do you want to start?’

‘Before I change my mind!’

“Are you ready?”

“I feel as if I am going to shit myself.”

“You’ll be in good company.”

“Fuck off!”

Claire smiled, “I’m only kidding, trying to lighten the mood.”

“Well don’t!”

The women got out the car and Claire pointed, “That way, the complex is just around the corner. You are going to number twenty seven. His name is Sam.”

“Before we do anything, I want to know why she would be hung out to dry.”

“Well being subtly suggestive to see if they bite isn’t something a social worker should do.”


Hugh Cron

Banner Image: By Paul Hurst (Own work) [CC BY-SA 2.5 (, via Wikimedia Commons

8 thoughts on “Supply And Demand by Hugh Cron – Strong Adult Content”

  1. I have no doubt that Our Lady of Babylon is smiling. Neither is there doubt that everything we do for money (this goes for the rich spastics who suck the family titty, as well) requires a highly compartmentalized approach. I found it interesting and true the way inner thoughts got across unspoken. This shows a sensitivity between the ladies. I like what you do. Social mores are rotten to the marrow. And the “good men”are always looking for strange stuff. Maybe they feel guilty. I don’t think so.


    1. Thanks Leila,
      I suppose ‘Lady’ or ‘Whore’ depends more on the persons outlook, whether it be ‘customer’ or provider. I think their choice would say more about them.

      Thanks as always!
      You make me think and smile!!!


  2. Gritty and with quite a sting at the end. Some lines (“Mother Theresa with a sympathetic vagina for broken bodies.”) make the reader want to laugh, gag, and cry at the same time. Well done.


    1. Thanks so much for that!!
      Strangely enough, Gwen used the words ‘laugh’, ‘gag’ and ‘cry’ in her wedding vows!!

      I really do appreciate the comments, they make all this worth while.


  3. Your story came back to me when I was dealing with a misanthropic co-worker. He said, ” We’re both whores,” ( in reference to wage slaves). To which I replied, “Well, you’re half right.” I love being ambiguous. It keeps life’s mystery fresh.


  4. Hugh, you are as usual a brave writer! & I agree w/laugh & smile. My fave line was “Before I change my mind.”
    Very best


    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment.
      I liked your choice on a favourite line, its a subtle one. Life is all about timing, seconds to act or seconds to change.
      Many thanks once again.


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