Week 156 – Our Return, Our Promise And Chin Covering Bacon Fat

Hello there folks!

In-case you had forgotten, we are now at week 156 and we’re back to business as usual!!

…Do you think a prostitute ever says, ‘It’s a business doing pleasure with you.’?

Anyhow…I have to admit, I got quite a kick out of seeing the old site creak into life on Monday. I was actually very relieved as I had nightmares about me having been mangled on Absinthe one night and thinking it would be a laugh to try and do something technical on the site. I’m happy to report that Diane is still talking to me, so apparently, I didn’t. Although the site is doing weird things to me. It is gradually rejecting me. There are a few things that it now doesn’t allow me to do. It is squeezing me out like a puss filled skelf. (Wood splinter) Strangely, I don’t judge it for this.

Anyhow, I hope that you all had a great break and life is looking promising. Although, lets be truthful, this time of the year is the most depressing and suicide is rife, but as I said, hope you are all well.

I actually think that January should be a bit like Easter but instead of hiding eggs that are meant to be found, hide the pills and the razor blades and make sure they can’t! We could call it, for example, ‘Save Your Virginal Middle Aged Aunt Month’

I’m quite sure Moonpig could do a drop down menu where you click on a host of relevant neurotic relatives.

I actually indulged in some pampering over the holiday period. I went to the doctor, the dentist and got a hair cut. Who needs to moisturise when you have a ten year yearly routine like that. Sadly it is for all of them, I don’t need many haircuts anymore because what I haven’t pulled out has been happy to fall out all by itself.

I do sometimes ‘wax’ my beard but maybe that should be ‘grease’ and that all depends on the bacon I’ve been eating.

We’ve all had a wee look back and forth and it has been brilliant to see so many submissions coming in over the holidays. But folks, come on, where is the depravity I asked for?

I hadn’t read for a while and no matter what, I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed last week-end gorge-reading. I had to read everything again on the Monday as I had two friends with me, they were twin bottles of Jura!

We have received a few crackers and a couple that even though they have been refusals, we know that have found some very encouraging writing and hopefully those writers will continue to submit.

So all in all, even though we’ve not been up and running, from our side of the fence, the year has started very well. But we will never be complacent. We will continue to interact, encourage and still publish work, that we believe is of the highest quality.


Onto this weeks stories. We had two new writers to start off the New Year and three well established and mega talented old friends. For our newsters, we welcome them all and we hope that they have nothing other than a positive experience on the site.

Our topics included a huge horse, religious differences, flowers, childhood and confusion. As always our initial comments follow.


Not to outdo all the other weeks we began on Monday with Bonny Veaner and her first story, ‘He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands.’

‘Yes! Especially for that last line.’

‘The sense of place and some of the incidents were brilliantly constructed and realistic.’

‘This story had a lot of value.’


Tony Parker was our next new person. We were so happy to showcase ‘The Mauritius Orchid‘ on Tuesday.

‘Well written and good construction.’

‘He kept the multiple characters unique to themselves. Some writers allow them to bleed into each other.’

‘This is a very satisfying read.’


On Wednesday, the very interesting David Lohery was next up with his fourth story for us. ‘Maximilian Or Maximum Security‘ broke the back of the week.

‘David is toying beautifully with the readers opinions.’

‘This was a fun read that I really enjoyed.’

‘All of this is observational, anything personal comes from the readers themselves.’


We had the tenacious Mr Fred Vogel on Thursday with his sixth story for us. ‘A Muddled Life‘ was that word that I dare not mention. You know what I mean, the one before the last type situation.

‘His disappointment and indecisiveness was done very well.’

‘If we had a melancholy category, this would fit perfectly.’

‘The character was very visible to the reader.’


And on Friday…Nearly there! The wonderful Tom Sheehan had his 49th story for us. ‘The Night Titanic Drowned‘ finished off the week.’ (This was a wee bit too sad for me!!)

‘A simple story where the telling is so beautiful.’

‘Tom is a marvellous story teller.’

‘What a brilliant picture he painted.’


That’s the first post of the year and here’s to many more.

We promise that if you keep sending, we will keep publishing!

What the hell guys, it is the New Year so I am going to pamper myself yet again…Or should I just grill the bacon?? (The Jura is a given!!)



Banner Image: (c) Diane

6 thoughts on “Week 156 – Our Return, Our Promise And Chin Covering Bacon Fat

  1. 2018 shows that you haven’t lost your step. Eating bacon is human and should be a birthright. Round here, however, a demented faction of the otherwise laudable Green Movement has come up with another use for the pig. They propose to develop a battery powered by porcine urine. Someday the LS site and the world will be lit by swine piss. Still, I’d rather not have any on my cheeseburger.


    • Hi Leila,
      Have you ever come across a book called ‘Meat’ by Joseph D’Lacey??
      I’m not really sure why that has come to me!
      Give it a look, I think you would get something out of it.

      As always, you being you makes me happy!!!!


      Liked by 1 person

      • I haven’t read that, but I always check out recommended items. I will find it and add it to the pile. I usually read three books at the same time (never watching TV allows this) and my in pile is at two, and a cat is sleeping on the out pile of only God knows how many. I think my cable bill is in that like as well. The cat can pay it.


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